15 March 2014


Hello, welcome back everybody!

Okay, today I wanna tell you about this adorable little patisserie located at Menteng, near Taman Lawang. It's called Chicory European Patisserie and it was the last stop on my eat marathon so I didn't order much here. Did you know that Chicory is actually a name of a plant and is also used as a coffee substitute? I didn't. The icon here is a bird *I think it's European*.

This place is much suitable for a tea-time because the sweets are in a very small portion. The desserts are all within the showcase, so you can just choose your treats from there. Well, let's start scrolling downwards

The place is very simple and small but very homey and comfortable. They used mostly the color white with a touch of green and red, which just oozes relaxation and cozy. But if you come here in the afternoon it's gonna be very hot, because of the glass windows.

You will feel like you're eating in a dinning room of a European house, really nice. When you first step inside, you will see this gorgeous window.

This beautiful dessert is just okay. The mousse is soft and fluffy and the chocolate is good *must be Belgian! Or not?* There's some kind of fruit at the top, but I still don't know the name.

The caramel is what catches my attention. Most of the caramels here are not the usual glaze kind, but the crystallized candy-like caramel. I can almost just taste the sweetness just by looking at it. The cream is a bit bland though, as to even out the sweet caramel. The choux dough is perfect, not too soggy and not too stiff.

Just look at this cute little door stopper!

I think this is a bit too pricey for a small portion, but I guess the taste makes it up to that. The staff here are so kind and friendly as well, they only have one staff here by the way. Overall, I had a pretty good time enjoying my dessert. A little fun fact, the soap in the bathroom smells amazing! Really loved it..

Chicory European Patisserie

Jln. Sumenep no. 9, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday : 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Closed on Sundays



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