08 March 2014


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Today is gonna be about a really interesting place called Fitzroy Gastrobar, located in the heart of South Jakarta and near SCBD. This place accentuate in Eclectic Bohemian decor, which made it very unique and their icon is a fox. See the photos below and you will understand what I mean.

The eclectic bohemian style was inspired by the 19th century trend in France of living the life of a starving artist.
The decor mixes old with new, rustic with exotic, for a laid-back style with a dramatic flair.
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The coffee here is not bad, well it's like normal coffee. But we guess it's worth the try. Was hoping for a more unique latte art though, considering the place is a masterpiece.


Slightly stewed spiced tomato, mushroom, and sausage.
Topped with two eggs cooked over easy style.
Served with toasted baguette bread.
Now, we recommend this to those who likes- no, not eggs, but tomatoes. The tomato literally dominates the whole dish. The eggs is still there though, and it's half-fried so it still has that creamy beautiful taste of eggs, so it's not recommended for those who doesn't like slightly raw eggs.


3 pieces of Spanish doughnuts with 3 flavours of melted chocolate
The churros was not as what I expected. They're a bit hard rather than chewy and the 3 flavored chocolate was like 1 with different colors. Well, it's nothing that can't be fixed.

Talking about their decor is fun and all, but the taste level is actually mediocre, and their presentation needs just a little bit more improvements, especially for the churros, cause the ones we ordered, one of the churros was broken in half :( I mean, it's such a downfall to waste such an outstanding ambiance with mediocre foods, right? The service here is okay, but no harm in improving it as well though.

They have divided the place nicely, there's the outside (the front of the restaurant), the inside, and the terrace which was the outdoor. All with different yet same atmosphere.

Your bill will be placed on this cute little tea box? (Maybe?) and they come in different flavors. So, which tea box did you get when you visit here?

Fitzroy Gastrobar
Jl. Gunawarman No.30
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110



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