30 March 2014


Need a coffee break?? Then you've come to the right *post of a* place!! Giyanti here is located in Menteng and I had finally found this place, after getting lost a few times, using GPS and asking some random people. What can I say, I'm not that good with directions. On the same day, me and my friends also went to another coffee shop and had 2 cups of coffee already, so I guess you can say that I was literally drunk on coffee. But I really wanted to try the coffees here in Giyanti which is owned by Hendrik Halianto. It's located behind a beauty clinic and when you first arrive, you'll find a cute hallway with beautiful potted plants surrounding the path leading to the shop.

The place is not really big and simple but it's really comfy and homey. There's an outdoor and indoor, we actually wanted to sit indoors but it was full so we had to sit outdoors, which was surprisingly not that hot like I had expected. The outdoor is decorated like a backyard garden which is really relaxing. There are a lot of adorable decorations all over the place that'll just lift up you mood. They also provides chess, darts and other games that you can actually play with!

They also have these small board with the WiFi password plugged on a small cactus pot, how convenient!. By the way, petroncini is the name of a coffee roaster.

I love how they used coffee beans that are actually produced by Indonesia; such as Toraja, Mandhailing, Flores, Kintamani, Papua and many more. For the cappuccino, they used Bali coffee beans and I think this is one of the BEST cappuccinos that I've ever tasted, seriously!


The balance of the coffee and milk is really admirable and with Indonesia's finest coffee beans, this is just plain perfection in a cup. You can really taste quality in this latte. Plus, the latte arts are just beautiful.

The indoors are decorated with elegant rustic design that is so unique. You can find antiques and arts that represents Indonesia, definitely felt the love for Indonesia.

You have to order and pay first on the counter, then you'll be seated and they will bring your orders to you. It's so kind of them to also give some mineral water that is not just a normal water, it has some kind of a nice aroma.

Mr. Hendrik sometimes even deals with the coffee order himself and he welcomes anyone to talk about coffees and shares his knowledge. You can just feel the passion for coffee here. They also offers some desserts to accompany your coffees. I love how this place just feels so earthy. There're so many plants, wooden furniture, and even the tables are made of tree trunks. I think the coffees are a bit pricey but that's the price you have to pay for quality coffee so it's really worth it. I'm definitely gonna come back here! And what are you coffee enthusiast waiting for? Visit now!

Giyanti Coffee Roastery
Jl. Surabaya no. 20
Jakarta Pusat

Operating Hours :
Wednesday - Saturday : 09:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday - Tuesday : Closed for roasting

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