29 March 2014

H5 : Howdy Hello Holla HEY HO !

Howdy Hello Holla HEY HO! Okay, that's actually the name of the restaurant. A unique restaurant by OPCO located in Grand Indonesia that you definitely won't wanna miss!!!

We actually went here a few weeks ago but only got to post this now :( 
The first thing that attracts us is the catchy name and of course, the blinding sign. Who wouldn't be interested to neon lights? No one? Just us? Oh well... Howdy Hello Holla HEY HO! or H5 for short is on the 5th floor, which is the same floor as Koffie Warung Tinggi and Ron's Laboratory. It's hard to miss actually, trust me. By the way, their food style is actually an Asian fusion, so today's review is gonna be non-halal!

The concept of this place is like an underground pub or something like that. They made the place to look like an unfinished construction if you look at the ceiling and walls. It's so peculiar yet elegant.

Don't you think that the bar stool is just gorgeous? I love the retro-ness of it! The colorful spirit bottles and the hanging lights are such a piece of art. The lights really catches my attention! When I saw this, I could imagine music blaring in the background even though it's actually not.

Okay enough about all the interior stuffs, let's continue on with what might cause a bit of drooling!
The mouth-watering FOODS!!

This extremely delicious crispy pork belly is paired with a sweet watermelon. I usually don't go for salads and will just skip that page on a menu, but the waiter said that the recommendation is the salad and that this was different and I was attracted to the name 'Porkbelly'. At first, I thought that this combination is weird and doubted that it will suit each other but after 1 bite, I'm literally addicted! The crispy side is really crunchy, it's not hard at all. It's a bit sweet and salty, which I really like and the watermelon gives a refreshing touch to the dish. Also, you won't find pork belly this good with price that friendly anywhere else. Really recommend this one!


Roast knuckle, apple slaw, H5 sauce.
This giant portion of pork knuckle is really satisfying! It's enough for 3 people (though I think I could finish this alone) I was a bit afraid that the skin might be hard to chew when I first saw it, but let me tell you, THAT is something you don't need to worry about cause these here are perfect! The H5 sauce contains tamarinds so it's a bit sour, I personally am not a big fan of tamarinds but this is still bearable and you don't have to use it if you really don't want to. The salads and apple slaw are also so fresh, great quality control!

Recommended to all you mango lovers out there! Truthfully, I was a little bit disappointed with the presentation of the mango though, cause the one I saw in a photo on someone's instagram, it still has the skin and was cut in squares. But I guess they changed it cause it might be more complicated to eat with the skin unpeeled and everything, so I'm actually thankful of it. The mango creamy sorbet thingy is sweet with a hint of sour and very fragrant. The sticky rice goes really well with the mangoes and don't forget those salty crushed peanuts, I love it!!!


Hellow Mellow: Shaken fresh watermelon fruit, fresh passion fruit, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, basil leaves and markisa syrup.
This is a very refreshing mocktail. They literally used fresh fruits, you can see that there's an actual watermelon and passion fruit in there. Though I do think that the passion fruit overpowered the other tastes, but that's what makes it so refreshing. This definitely surpassed my expectation. Although I would recommend them to use bigger straw for this since it was a bit hard to drink from a normal straw cause of all the fruit chunks inside.

We actually arrived really early, I think they just opened cause when we went in some of the staffs were still preparing and stuff. But they were immediately ready to serve with all smiles even though it was still early, so 2 thumbs up for service! What I love the most might possibly be the somewhat graffiti like drawings, I think it's really cool, simple but means a lot like this one picture below, my favorite! It really suits today's generation cause I think that what the picture shows is like a ritual nowadays.

By the way, when I pass H5 today (29/03/14/) I saw that they were renovating the place! Can't wait to visit again after it's finished, I bet it's gonna be more fantastic!

H5 : Howdy Hello Holla HEY HO!

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, 5th Floor ED 2 - 03
Jl. MH. Thamrin
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :

Monday - Sunday : 11:00 am - 12:00 am



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