19 March 2014

Ron's Laboratory : MARCH'S NEW FLAVOR

Of course, many of you would've already known Ron's Laboratory that is located in the West Mall of Grand Indonesia, but what I want to tell you today is about the new flavor that just debuted this March 15th!! What makes Ron's unique to me is the fact that they kept updating their menu. They always try to come up with new crazy ideas to make an ice cream from and they also accept suggestions. The most requested flavor will actually be in their next menu, well what are you waiting for? Unleash your crazy ideas now!!

This whole place just look like a delicious lab full of every little bits of heaven! I love how the counter just keep oozing misty smoke. Looks like a sweet experiment is in the making!!

Green tea gelato topped with black sesame mochi.
This is not exactly a new flavor since it actually came out at February the 14th, but it's an all time favorite flavor of the month! We just had to try it! Don't ever, EVER mix this with the coffee injection! The matcha is not that sweet and the coffee is really bitter, so mixing them together is just a big NO! *said from expirience, we wanted to try something crazy and it was just too crazy for us.* This matcha gelato is perfect for those who doesn't like things too sweet. The black sesame mochi is soft and goes perfectly with the matcha, too bad it wasn't a red bean mochi, but I guess red bean and matcha is too mainstream.

Dark chocolate gelato with chocolate cookies inside topped with bittersweet chocolate sauce. 
*Improved with ROCK'R & LOACKER*
This one is also not a new flavor but another best seller. This is more universal since it's chocolate and I know there are lots of chocolate lovers out there! It's not just another chocolate though, it's dark chocolate. So don't expect it to be the typical sweet milk chocolate, this chocolate has a twisted flavor which is bittersweet. The Rock'R and Loacker wafer gives this treat a crunchy edge that is simply delicious! It's definitely my personal favorite.

Mango gelato with evaporated milk fla injection.
Que the drum roll!! Ta-da~ this is the new flavor and it was sooo yummy! Highly recommended to those that just loves mango and who doesn't? Ron's actually only have 4 injection flavors; chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and cream cheese, but special for this particular flavor, they purposely invented a new one; evaporated milk fla injection. Be sure to try this out guys! It's really refreshing. By the way, just a little quick info, this is a mango gelato, not a mango sorbet. The difference is that gelato is the sweeter version and sorbet is the fruity sour one.

Psstt... This is a hidden menu!! So you won't find it in the menu, but it's actually always available whenever you ask for it! Only few special people that knows about this, are you one of those people? The red velvet latte here is not as sweet as the others that I've tried, which is a good thing! It's suitable to accompany you on your sweet journey with the ice creams because I think after eating all those ice cream, what you want is a drink that is not sweet but refreshing, right? But you're also probably tempted not to miss this red velvet latte, no? Well, that was what happened to me so this is definitely the solution!
 The 4 injection; coffee, strawberry, chocolate, cream cheese.

Rock'R & Loacker

There's actually 2 new flavors this March : Mango Pudding Dimsum and M2NC3 (M&M Gelato with Cookies and Cream), but the M2NC3 is not ready to be published yet. They're still in the making process. Be sure to wait for it, cause it's supposedly gonna be delicious! So, what do you think about the new and not so new flavors? Do you think they should keep them or change them? What kind of flavor would you want them to experiment with? There's just too many possibilities. Imagination has no limitation! 

Lastly, we would like to humbly thank our dear friend, Yoko Nara Libby for the generous invitation! Overall I had an awesome time exploring new tastes here and I would definitely keep coming back to try more crazy flavors. Can't wait~

Ron's Laboratory
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, 5th Floor ED 2 - 12B
Jl. MH. Thamrin
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 12:00 am

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