24 March 2014


First of all, we want to thank Pullman Jakarta Indonesia for the generous invitation, we were so happy to be invited even though we're still a newbie in the blogging world.

By the way before starting, we'd like to apologize for the bad lighting in the photos, we wanted to sit near the window for a good lighting but it was booked for a wedding celebration. Well, moving along~

There's a new hotel buffet restaurant in Jakarta and it's called Sana Sini Restaurant by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. It's located at Thamrin and was previously known as Nikko Hotel. First time hearing the name, I think it was strangely cute, catchy, and unique! It's simple, it's memorable, it's not hard to pronounce for Indonesians nor foreigners, and it's in Indonesian (I mean, how many hotel restaurants in Indonesia that actually has an Indonesian name?). Not only that, the meaning of it also fits! The word 'sana sini' in Indonesian can be translated as here and there, and that mostly explains about this place. You can find food here and there once you stepped in.

The foods they offer here consists of dishes from 4 different regions; Western, Japanese, Chinese, and of course, Indonesian.

I love how they have various type of settings for the seats. They can almost always find the most suitable spot for you, whether your here for a date with a special someone, just a nice day to hang out with your friends, or a precious moment to spend with family. There's also a live acoustic when we came here for lunch.

Right after we sat down, they almost immediately gave this delicious bread to our table and mineral waters too. Talk about fast service! The bread was more like a round baguette, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. There's also a complimentary butter on the side and let me tell you, the butter has a very nice fragrance! Even after we had various foods on our table, we can still smell the butter. If you like cheese, there are also various type of cheese from all over the world which is located right beside the bakery's goods.

We sat right across the sushi bar and I'm a total sucker for sushi and sashimi. The Sushi was okay and the Sashimi here might be one of the most fresh ones I've ever tasted. There's also a station of various raw foods, like oysters. Now, I've never tried one of these before so why not try it now? Seeing the sashimi was really fresh, figured that the raw foods might just be as fresh, and I'm definitely not disappointed. The Oyster, with a little help of a slice of lemon, didn't smell fishy at all. I also recommend the Crabs! Seriously, it was really good, boiled crabs without any sort of sauce at all has never taste so good to me before! There are also other Japanese dishes; like Japanese Noodles, Tempura, and more which I think is worth the try.

Assorted Sushi

Assorted Sashimi 

Assorted of Kobachi

Teriaki Chicken

Salmon Nabe; The salmon really just melts in your mouth!
Assorted Japanese Noodle Soba, Udon, Ramen

Fresh Seafood

This is the crab I was talking about, the freshest crab I've ever eaten, I can even eat 5 pieces of this alone!

I like how they use different plates that symbolizes the different regions, did you notice that? I think that it's such a pity how little the love Indonesian foods get in it's own country. To be honest, as Indonesian, we unconsciously love Indonesian foods. Dishes like satay and pecel, I personally likes them, don't you? Back to the topic, here they have 3 common types of Satay which is really yummy. The meat is tender and the taste is strong enough. There's also this soup which at first I thought was an oxtail soup (sup buntut) but it's actually a Bebola Soup! Wow, I didn't even know such a soup exist before and it was so good too! I'm definitely ashamed of my knowledge about Indonesian culinary. Other things that you might also want to try is their Nasi Rames, Pelala Meat, and Ayam Pecel. Most of the meats are really tender and the spices really suits my taste.
Daging Pelala

Tumis Udang (Stir Fry Shrimp)

Ayam Pecel (Indonesian Style Fried Chicken)

Sup Bebola (Bebola Soup)

Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay), Sate Sapi (Beef Satay), Sate Kambing (Lamb Satay)

When it's about culinary, Chinese foods are one of those that can never be missed! The Dumplings was a must try, the fillings are just enough and they are full of flavors, considering some dumplings tend to be bland, well not these ones. They say that the noodles (La Mian) here is famous and I'm so devastated that I had to miss it cause I was so full already, will definitely come back to try this later. They also have one of the most famous Chinese dish; the Peking Duck (roasted duck), complete with the special sauce and also a Duck Pancake, which is actually duck meat that is put inside a soft Chinese bun that is either steamed or fried. Things you won't wanna miss here is the Cantonese Steamed Snapper, Sweet Corn with Crab Meat, and Wok Tossed Beef with Black Pepper Sauce.
Wok Tossed Beef with Black Pepper Sauce

Braised Chicken with Mushroom

Cantonese Steamed Snapper

Roasted Duck

Assorted Dumplings

Western dishes, who would want to ever miss these full of meat dishes? From Roasted Prime Ribs, Whole Turkey to creamy Pasta to deliciously Roasted Vegetables, you can NOT miss them! I love the Tuna Tatali, the tuna was so tender and the saltiness is just perfect. The Roasted Prime Ribs is still a bit raw but you can ask the chef to cook it more to suit your taste. I tasted most of the meats and I could say that all of the are really juicy and has a nice flavor with all those herbs that they used, they're all made to perfection! Don't forget the Roasted Potatoes and Spaetzle too! The Spaghetti Pomodoro with Lamb Sausage is also a recommendation, it's mostly like bolognaise. All the dishes in the western is a must try, I just can't choose.
Churrasco Beef Tenderloin; I think this tastes like the Roasted Prime Ribs on a plate, really can't tell the difference.

Tuna Tatali

Barbeque Chicken

Spaghetti Pomodoro with Lamb Sausage

Roasted Whole Turkey; it's my first time eating a Turkey, the color of the meat is actually a pale pinkish white and much more tender than a chicken, very nice.

Roasted Prime Ribs

The service here is ultra friendly. I love how they always smile even after hours and hours of hard work. The highlight was when they offer us some juice. They personally came to our table and offered various of juice which they didn't hesitate to elaborate. They also listened to our request patiently and kindly. Total thumbs up for the service.

Fresh Orange Juice

The moment that I've been waiting for, desserts!!! The desserts are actually from Makaron Bakery Shop, which is a small cake shop next to Sana Sini Restaurant. They have various a cakes and even traditional cakes, the ever-so-popular Macaroons, Crepes, Chocolate Fountain, Gelato and Sorbet, and also fresh fruits. I love all of the cakes here, especially the chocolate ones. The Macaroons are also my favorite, it's not too sweet like most macaroons. The sorbet is very refreshing, I think this is most suitable dessert to end this gluttonous adventure.
Don't you think that the one on the right is so cute? It tastes good too! It's like a cookie with a sweet meringue on top.

Chocolate fountain is most people's favorite but unfortunately not many hotels offer them. :(

Just look at that chocolate waterfall, heaven! Don't you just want to just jump in it? I know I do!

The flavors are Mango Sherbet, Raspberry Sherbet, Blueberry Sherbet, Black Sesame, and Vanilla Ice-Cream. Too bad I only tasted 2 of it, really wanted to try the Black Sesame some other time!

As you might know, we love desserts and the desserts that they offer has a wide variety that it didn't fit one large plate, so actually there was 2 large plate full with desserts but the other plate's photo turned out unusable.

I had a wonderful time enjoying the dishes here at Sana Sini Restaurant and I can't wait to come back here again. It surely made to my top list of buffet restaurants and I highly recommend this! If you're not looking for buffets, they also offer an a la carte menu.


Buffet Price :
Breakfast : IDR 180,000++/pax
Lunch : IDR 250,000++/pax
Dinner : IDR 280,000++/pax
Sunday Brunch : IDR 380,000++/pax (additional IDR 280,000++/pax with wine)

Sana Sini Restaurant
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Jakarta Pusat 10350

Opening Hours :
Everyday :
Breakfast : 5:30 am - 10:00 am
Lunch : 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Dinner : 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Sunday Brunch : 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
A La Carte : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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