30 April 2014


Right now's most popular place to grab some burgers, Three Buns! It's at Senopati, really easy to find, it's after Cacaote and Izakaya Issei. Anyways, like most restaurants on Senopati, the parking lot is really small and you'll probably decided to go valet. The good news is, you can pay as much as you're willing to, they don't name the price, you do. Even from outside you can see how different this place is.

Even from outside, you can tell that this place is gonna be eco-friendly.

They only have 6 types of burgers here :
Baby Huey, Four Floors, Burning Man (spicy) : Beefs
Rambo : Lamb
Honky-Tonk : Chicken
The Roots : Veggie

You see this van here? It's the only thing that separates the restaurant and the car park, it's also where you'll place your orders. It's self-service here, so you're gonna place your orders on the van, pay, and pick the foods up on your own. You'll be given a number and if your number flashes on the board, that means your patience is soon to be payed off, so go get your burger and dig in!

This is where you pick up your beverages, by the way, that's the number board on the left.

There are 2 floors here, I sat on the upper floor and from there I can amazingly see all of what's below you, but honestly, the stairs are a horror. I even saw one of the waitress slipped on those stairs. The furniture is really something! It's mostly wood and plants, how eco-friendly, don't you think? I felt like I was eating overseas, the only down side is that the thin roof made it super hot, even with the AC, which by the way, was powerless against the strong heat. Personally, I think it's not something suitable in Jakarta, I was seriously heat struck! I suggest coming here at 3 o'clock and up, when it's not that blazing hot. It was already very crowded when I came here and I arrived like half an hour after they opened, which was at 11 am, so you can just imagine how hot it was.

The tables and chairs here on the second floor is really simple yet unique.

This is where you get condiments: chili sauce and 2 other sauce which I think 1 is somewhat like grilled chicken sauce and 1 BBQ, and plastic cutleries, also tissue papers.

Before I destroyed it to take the photos the way I want :p

Spiced Bearnaise, beef chili, crisp shallots, Parmesan & sesame seeds.
This is the famous side dish here. After one bite, you'll understand why it's famous. The toppings and sauce made it sweet and sour, also a bit spicy (not so much though, still tolerable). I actually like the shallots, it's really crispy. The Parmesan just made everything perfect and well balanced. Add the beef and it's deliciously perfect! What's amazing is that, with all the sauce and melted parmesan, the fries stay crispy even after it was abandoned due to picture taking. Absolutely recommend this! It's just incomplete without this.

Prime 150g beef patty, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, pickles & spiced mayo.
Both burgers we ordered is beef, but if you want something else, they have chicken and lamb. It's halal, so no pork here. The meat is actually flavorless, but that's what the sauce is for. If you want more sauce, they provide the condiments that you can add to you burger. But I personally, is satisfied with the already over flowing sauce in the burger, so no extra needed for me. The spiced mayo really has a rich taste and the buns are incredibly soft! One bite and you'll forget about the heat and probably everything else.

Double prime 100g beef patties, double cheese, triple onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup & den miso mayo.
It tastes mostly the same as Baby Huey, the only difference is that Four Floors = Baby Huey x 2. If you don't like vegetables in your burgers, you can ask them for no veggies, and since it's big, you can ask them to cut your burgers into half or 4 to your convenience. This one is huge, it's enough for 2 of us and we weren't able to even finish it since we ordered 2 burgers and fries.

Secret botanical mix.
It's coke with lime in it, you'd probably have the impression of it being tangy and limey, but you're wrong. It was unexpectedly sweet and very refreshing. I'm really curious of what's in this secret mix, there's something different with the taste. You'll need this after a hot day, the soda and slight tanginess will freshen you up almost immediately!

Citrus sherbert lemonade.
I was planning on buying just 1 drink, but that certainly was not enough. So this lemonade is a perfect partner to keep me fresh. Too bad the drinks here are so small and filled with ice cubes, just a few slurps and it's gone. I'd recommend bigger cups, I mean, come on, we're dying from heat in here.

They covered the roof with some kind of nets, which made it soooo much cooler!! Thank God for that! You have to experience it to now how much this means to me.

I wanted to try their chicken wings but I was too full because of the 2 HUGE burgers plus fries. Definitely would come back to try it soon! We hanged out here until 3 pm and the sun was not as scorching as it was at 12. A little bit of advice, if you're planning to come here at noon, be warned that you're gonna be sweating a LOT, so as little make up as possible, and casual clothes. You can get dolled up if you came at night though, but the place is gonna be dimly lit. They opened until late but even before that sometimes the burgers are sold out and just some fries would be available, well that's what happened to my friend. I think Three Buns is really the best burger in town, it might be pricey but it's most definitely worth it!

Three Buns Burger and Heads
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 90
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
021-2930 7780

Opening Hours : 
Everyday : 11:00 am - 12:00 am


This beautiful place is called Jill In Marketbar. It's actually a Pastry & cocktail lounge but I came here last month only to try their desserts. They put their cakes on a display chiller and placed it outside, so whenever I pass this place, my eyes just went straight to those sweets and they just kept calling out saying "eat me!". I didn't try their main course because I was already so full from our feast at H5 which is just across here, also after trying a Martabak at Koffie Warung Tinggi. We always get too full when we try a diner cause we always went on a food-marathon.

The interior of this place is like a garden and very homey. 

There are wine bottles all over the place, used as an amazing decoration. 

The bar is very eye-catching cause of the huge collection of spirit bottles.

The desserts are all so pretty, colorful, unique and yummy looking.

The outer skin is like a thin jell-o, which I don't really like cause I think it's strange.. The taste is somewhat like chocolate cake with cream and has a tad caramel taste. I think the appearance is really cute. Out of the other, this one is the most eye catching for me.


Just like any other Opera and again the top layer has that thin jell-o texture as well. The taste of this and the caramel macchiato is very similar cause both has a bit of coffee taste with cream.

This cake really helped me get through with the other two cakes, cause of it's tangy taste. I was so overwhelmed with the sweetness and cream that this lemony taste is really refreshing. By the way there's no solo photo of this cause it was horrible. The lighting was so bad that I couldn't rescue the photos, even by editing. I'm really sorry, I did tried my best. 

We weren't able to fully enjoy our desserts because we were already wayyy too full. We didn't even get to finish it all. In my too full state, I can still say that these desserts are good enough, which means it might have been yummy. The service is amazing though, the staff is really patient with our wishy-washiness.

Jill In Marketbar
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, 5th Floor ED2 No. 15
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Yeap! I love Korean cuisine, cause there's gonna be lots of deliciously hand grilled meats!! Gojumong is a Korean traditional grill restaurant that is located at Panglima Polim. I didn't know at first that there's a Korean restaurant at PangPol, but I found this while searching aimlessly for "Korean cuisine, Pangpol", found "Gojumong", tap the address to my GPS, and hit the road!!
I have little to no sense of direction, so I go everywhere with my GPS. No sweat finding the place since it's located almost across of Mama Goose and there're sooo many cars parked there. I thought it was full by the looks of the car park, but when we got in, we were the only ones there. So, whose cars were those?! 

After seated, the waiter will ask you if you wanted to have your food cooked on display. 
I, of course, agreed, I need to catch it on camera!

The price here is actually reasonable and like most other Korean diner, your table will be filled with fancy side dishes. Here, the side dishes are not as many as usual though, but still enough.

Where there is pork, I'd absolutely side on it! It might be non-halal or whatever, but I still ultimately love it! All the dishes I ordered here contains pork. So without waiting long, the piggies finally arrived~

Stir-fried noodles with meat and vegetables.
Jap Chae literally means mixed vegetables, flavored with soy sauce and also sweetened with sugar. So you can imagine that this dish taste a bit sweet and with bits of pork in it. You can choose 1 portion or half if you just want to try it, but I was a group of 4 so half certainly won't be enough. I was expecting more of this, but the taste is really plain. It was too bad cause the other dishes tasted amazing.

IDR 98K/200G
Grilled pork neck meat.
Doesn't that just look sooo juicy and drool worthy? Perfect meat, perfect tenderness, perfect cooking process, what do you need more? They cut the meat to smaller pieces so it's easier to consume.


Grilled seasoned pork spare ribs.
Korean styled pork spare ribs? Yes, please! This grilled pork is perfectly marinated. It has strong flavor and really tender, even though it looked too little with just 2 bones, after it's cooked and cut to pieces, it became a big enough portion. Not too big actually, but just enough.

Saeng Sam Gyep Sal IDR 93K/180G
Whatever would I do without some good pork belly? This one is of course, my ultimatum! Even though it's a bit hard because they over-cooked it a little, it still tastes amazing and really thick, very satisfying.


Sizzling stone pot bibimbap.
They offer Bibimbap in 2 types; with hot stone or with normal bowl. I choose hot stone cause normal is too mainstream, right? :p There's also various choice for the toppings: Dolsot, Kimchi, Bulgogi. Bulgogi for me, cause it's meat!! No more explanation needed. The portion is enough for 2 people and the taste is really good, the balance between the toppings and rice is perfect. This dish did most of filling me up, after eating this, I was so full.

Did I say I was full? Well, there's always room for desserts! NYAHAHA!
They offered this desserts for free, there's ginger ale, coffee pudding, and coconut pudding. Because none of us likes ginger, we didn't pick that one.

The puddings aren't insanely sweet, so that's good. For the coffee pudding, if you don't like coffee that much, don't worry, the coffee is not too overwhelming.

The coconut pudding lacks coconut taste though, the red beans (or I think it was red beans) over powered the taste but it was still yummy. By the way, is it just me or do you think that the red beans looked like minced meats or mushrooms? Maybe I'm just drunk over meats..

The ocha here is also free and refill-able. So wow? The side dish's free, the dessert's free, even the drink's free, if that's not generous enough for you then I don't know anymore. The service's excellent too, the waiters're mostly women. I admit that the name was a bit unfamiliar to me unlike Chung Gi Wa, but seriously, you can't look down on this place. The meats are absolutely beautiful! They are cooked to perfection, incredibly tender, and properly marinated. I loved it, really would recommend this. I don't if me and my friends are being over the top, but we think that this could rival Chung Gi Wa, with better price too.

Gojumong Korean Traditional Grill

Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 7-9
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :

Everyday : 11:30 am - 10:00 pm