26 April 2014


Beezy Kaffee is not really new cause it first opened like a year ago, so why did I decided to come here? Well, cause I just love the interior that has been 'buzzing' on the Instagram. By the way, this is a late post, I actually came here wayyy before we decided to make this blog, and it was also because I wanted to try Umabo as well, which was in a close distance. Beezy Kaffee has 2 floors but I don't think the first floor is used, when I arrived, the first floor was dark and creepy *not really* and they told me to just go upstairs, so I did and THAT is where the magic happens~

Just LOOK at these book shelves! Don't you think that it's adorable?? I also like that they used some wooden furniture, just feels so earthy. The knick-knacks they use are also pretty and neatly placed. Since most of it is wooden, they oozes yellow and brown shades that gives off this warm atmosphere. You'll want to just relax and enjoy it a little bit longer.

The place is sooo gorgeous! It's cute, fun, and beautiful, they use a beehive as the concept which leads us back to the name 'Bee'zy. From the outside, I thought that there aren't too many people here, which was wrong!

Boneless whole chicken leg, potato wedges, and choice of Mushroom Sauce or Hollandaise Sauce.
Truth be told, when I saw the menu, I was totally at lost and there really isn't anything that catches my eyes particularly. Clueless, I decided to ask the waiter to shed some light. They said that this Chicken Steak is their specialty with 2 sauce choices, which I chose the Hollandaise one. The plating is plain simple, not really an eye-candy here, but the taste is super good! The chicken is somewhat crispy and the sauce is oh-so-damn-good! Everything on that plate is just heavenly. Don't judge a book by it's cover, maybe? :p


As you all know, I'm a hardcore sweet tooth! So I just HAD to end my meals with sweets, but so unbelievably unfortunate of me, the desserts weren't ready yet cause I came here early and they just opened and all. When I asked whether it'll be ready soon or not, they said they weren't sure, so oh well. But on the bright side, there's a promo here actually. For the minimum purchase of IDR 150K you'll get a free cupcake! So with the help of some friends we got our free cupcakes but it was disappointing :( 
I was thinking of ordering it before I knew about the promo but I decided otherwise cause I'm not really interested but since it's free, why not? Too bad the cupcakes was almost criminal. The taste is plain, the texture's too thick and hard, like an overnight cake. Sorry, but the cupcakes just doesn't work for me. At least, it looks good?

By the way, about the minimum IDR 150K promo, we made it because there're also some drinks that we ordered, like hot chocolate, etc but didn't get to take the photos cause as I said, this was way before I thought I was gonna have my own blog. And I'm really thankful to everyone that supported this idea.

Vanilla ice cream with espresso.
My friends were also a sweet freak so they ordered this. It was plain ice cream + espresso, nothing more nothing less. Not a huge fan of coffee, but I like the ice cream. My friend said it was good though.

To sum it up, I guess the only dish I really like is the chicken steak, maybe they're specialty is the main course rather than desserts. The portion here is not much though, so if you're anything like me, you'd want to order 2 menus before you can call yourself full. There's actually an outdoor seat here, but when I came it was raining so I couldn't take the photos there.

Beezy Kaffee
Wisma EMHA
Jl. Wijaya 1 No.11a
Kebayoran Baru 
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday : 11:00 am - 2:00 am
Sunday : 11:00 am - 9:00 pm


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