06 April 2014


Is it just me or don't you think that Grand Indonesia has been flooding with new enticing foodie spots? Well, here's another one that just opened recently and it's still just the soft opening. Here's Mangia, located on the 5th floor. When we found this place last week, we decided to try it and from the past experience from the other one at Panglima Polim, I expect nothing less.

The whole room is beautifully decorated with floral designs, it looks like you've escaped to the serene countryside. It's so homey and pretty, I think it's cute how the chairs of each table doesn't match, it gives of this kind of laid back vibes like you're eating at home rather than at a restaurant, right?

Beef meatballs and creamy mashed potato top with gravy sauce and strawberry jam
To those who reads the description and like 'what the heck?' when they see 'strawberry jam', well, you're not the only ones, cause that's exactly what my reaction is. BUT don't you think less of it, cause the jam actually accentuates the whole dish! The savory of the gravy and the sweet and sour jam really mixes together well. The meat balls are so juicy and moist and the mashed potato is really soft and fluffy, I just can't have enough of it. This is a must try if you ever stop by Mangia and I order you to do so! :P

Sweet corn fritters with homemade mayo
Okay, first, I thought perkedels are made of potato? I guess I was wrong, cause this certainly is not a potato, and I thought that sweet corn fritters in Indonesian is called bakwan jagung, wrong again I guess? Somebody please explain this to me!! Oh well, back to the topic, I think the taste is okay, it'll be better if it was a bit more salty though but that doesn't really matter once you dip it in the mayo. The homemade mayo really helps, I wasn't a big fan of mayo, but this one is different! Too bad there's only a small cup of it, I need moreee...

Looking for a healthy yet yummy drink? Well, this is perfect for you! It's sweet, sour, and there's also a bit of spiciness in it. There's a strong taste of celery? I think it was celery, tell me if I'm wrong. I also heard from a fellow foodie that it wasn't suppose to have sugar in it, whereas this one had a bit too much of it, but I guess that's good news to me, since I love sweets!


You can guess from the name that this drink is gonna be sweet and sour, right? And it's exactly how you would've expect it. It's refreshing and satisfying, perfect for those who loves citrus-y drinks, although the lemon was slightly overpowering the other tastes. And the thing you see on the bottom of the glass, yeah that's a lychee fruit.

Since this is just the soft opening, there's not much on the menu but it's said that they'll add more soon to even the ones in Panglima Polim and more. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, the service is friendly and they answered any of our questions patiently, although it was a bit pricey but it speaks for the taste, quality does not come cheap. If you're looking for a relaxing family feast, be sure visit Mangia!

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, 5th Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

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