31 May 2014


After getting brunch at Double Bay, we decided that our adventure can't end just yet, so we went for desserts at this artistic hotel, Artotel Jakarta, located at Thamrin. At first glance, my thought can only say WOW! This place, this art sanctuary is absolutely amazing!! I guess it's called 'Art'otel for something, huh?

The restaurant is called Roca Restaurant & Bar and it's located right at the hotel lobby. The lobby is not that big, so you'll see Roca just right in front of you after coming through the front door. There's an outdoor which is also the smoking area. I almost decided to seat outdoor because I was drawn to the crazy arts out there..

If you actually see the overall interior, the restaurant itself has its own accent of artistic taste. Although it has a slightly different art taste compared to the lobby and the mini gallery upstairs (yes, you can find more artworks upstairs, do check it out!), this one seems more playful!

Well, you can see for yourself! Interesting concept, isn't it? They play quirky songs as well, so if you are the artsy type of person, you'll absolutely love this place!

I know I said that we came here for desserts but you'll also see some main courses cause I came here twice and the main courses are from my first visit.

Now, onto the tasting! The second time we came here, we wanted to have desserts only, but I was so tempted to order this small bite once I got to find this one on the menu!


Here. I love mushroom and I absolutely have passion for cheese! Served on a piece of garlic ciabatta, the mushroom and melting Camembert's aroma work wonders to me!


There's only one thing I could say about this dish... Your whole perfect breakfast set on one plate! Everything you would have for a Western breakfast can be found here.


The portion was absolutely satisfying, that's for sure! It's ain't called Jumbo for nothing.. Soft texture and good flavor, it's also well-seasoned. The fries was totally generous as you can see for yourself in the photo. It also include the usual lemon and tartar sauce, there's also a green colored sauce which I don't really know what it is..


A non-alcohol version of Mojito. A classic mocktail, I'm not a big fan of this since soda is the strong point of this drink, but it was really refreshing for a hot day. The herb's taste was a bit too strong though.


For their mocktail, I prefer this one better. It's pretty and sweet! they say there's ginger ale in it but you can barely taste it, which is good news to me since I don't like ginger ale. Was a bit hesitant to order this because of the ginger, but so glad I did anyways..


The nutella fever has strike yet again!! I think it's starting to become too mainstream now... But I don't really mind actually.. Who can say no to nutella?? The croissant is unlike the usual crab-shaped, this one looks like it has been pressed down which made it less messy to eat. The downside of anything being pressed down is that it became less bouncy and more chewy.


I love chocolate melt, there's nothing I can say about it expect pure genius to whoever first discovered it and thank heavens to everyone who decided to produce it. This one is like any other chocolate melt I've seen, yummy without flaw.. Or maybe I was blinded by the love for it.. Oh well~


The classic banana foster with banana and ice cream has earned a wonderful twist with the addition of strawberries and bread on the bottom. I love how the bread thing, great innovation!! Even though the ice cream looked like it was destroyed but I think that's what made it look tempting. Who said everything has to be proper to look good??

Very well said, don't you think? A place that makes you feel excited just by looking at it, this is a perfect spot for your artistic side to bloom.. I just can't get enough of how incredible the masterpiece is. Good food with good service plus good ambiance is surely the perfect reason for me to keep coming back!

Roca Restaurant & Bar

ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta
Jl. Sunda No. 3
Jakarta Pusat 10350
021-3192 5888

Opening Hours :

Everyday : 24 Hours





I've been sooo excited since the opening of Puri Extension!! Why? First, it's close to home. Second, it's loaded with nothing but restaurants! All 3 floors of it are full with delightful restaurants and cafes!! Mostly are some of those that has already opened at PIK, but I'm still thankful... I decided to try something new, which is Mazeltov, located near Starbucks and Fish & Co.

There's an outdoor and indoor section here. The outdoor, which is the smoking area, has a small bar with 2 sofa tables and more small tables. The indoor lacks light but it has AC in it, so I guess both has their ups and downs.

It's a perfect spot to hang out or held a small casual meeting, there're also many who brought their laptops along. Since it's a wine house, of course there'll be nice rack of wines all over the place. The wines are also neatly organized, very classy.

I'm guessing that the owner is always around to supervise cause every time I came here, he's always around to keep things in order. I came here twice cause the first time I came, it's still new and only few of the dishes are available.


Flour tortilla filled with glazed BBQ chicken served with buttermilk dressing.

This is like a tortilla with bits of chicken in it. There's like 4 full slices of this heavenly goodness!! It's yummy and satisfying, complete with 4 dipping sauces you can choose to your liking. I personally prefer none though, it's good enough as it is..

Pan fried fillet of red snapper on a bed of spaghetti pasta with cream spinach served with creamy sauce and sauteed basillicum leaves.

This is simply a creamy madness!! They're really generous with the sauce considering there's some restaurants who just likes to keep the creamy sauce for themselves... The snapper is also big and soft! Everything is also well seasoned so I really liked it, I really do.

Creme fraiche and candy.

Dessert time!!! I was baffled with the presentation of this pannacotta! It was so cute and sweet that you just can't wait to dig in while admiring the beautiful creation. Too bad the cotton candy has shrink before I get a good photo of it.. Also the orange polka dots you see there is actually a popping candy! For texture, this treat is just full packed with surprises! Love!!

Thin crust pizza topped with nutella, banana, marshmallow fluff and a scoop of Baileys ice cream.

Everything with Nutella will always catch my attention. This one is no different, attracted to the name and the fact that it's pizza.. full of sweets... How can I resist?? There's also a beautiful Baileys ice cream to topped it all. One thing I find weird is that the banana has a weird greenish cucumber color..


Date flavored pudding, toffee sauce and ice cream.

I thought that this was gonna be another chocolate lava kind of dessert, but to my disappointment when I cut a slice and there's no melted chocolate dripping down... :( That doesn't mean it does not taste super awesome though! Served while still warm with a combination of cold toffee ice cream on top, it's bad for your dental but YUM for your taste buds! Calling all caramel lover, you'll definitely want to check this one out!

First time coming here, I just ordered a pizza, not the sweet pizza, the normal one. The taste is just like your everyday pizza and I didn't take any photos of it cause I know I'll come back for their desserts. I also sat on the outdoor, which I think was too stuffy and hot even in the afternoons. (The things I do for a good photo..) Second time here, the menu is finally completed! I bought a good deal from EatJkt for this, it contains 1 main course (Spaghetti) and 1 dessert (Pannacotta) for only 100K nett!! Unfortunately, it's just a 1 month event and it's in April so the offer is now closed..

Anyway, they also have high tea and I'll definitely be back for it! Just you wait!

Mazeltov Wine House & Lounge
Mall Puri Indah (Expansion)
Ground Floor, Unit E 007
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 12:00 am
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 2:00 am