21 May 2014


Coffee, the best word to describe love. I might sound subjective to you but my love for coffee goes beyond any other nutritional substance in the world!

Upon entering the premises, you are suddenly....in classic Europe. British red telephone box, erotic red scooter, and autumn background atmosphere. See and get immersed in it for yourself.

Behold, the charm of an old bicycle that hangs under the ceiling. This place has a unique combination of putting Europe altogether in one place: while the name speaks German, the interior also includes British and other countries' elements in it.

At this point, I think we can already deduce that the owner of this place is an antique enthusiast. Apparently he is, thanks to Ms. Hannah's information. It's such an honor to know such a beautiful, kind woman who works here as the marketing manager and representative! Anyway, for the next few photos I'm gonna show you some of the owner's collections.

So much fun! Some of you might think that all these decorations could be too much, but for me, it is a creative mix of all the owner's soul being poured in one room, there's even some of his child's toys put in as decorations here. Mr. owner, Lee So Wang, almost shares the same passion with me as Ms. Hannah explained how he was captivated with the love of European coffee lifestyle right after his visit to Germany.

Derived from the word "flower", BLUMCHEN is Mr. Lee's proof of ever-blooming love towards local Indonesian coffee with European influence.


Blumchen special house sandwiches are made with organic, high quality ingredients and served fresh throughout the day.

Perfect for a healthy breakfast with brown toast filled with fresh lettuce and tomato, plus yummy tuna~ Simple, fresh and healthy  Though it needs more tuna, but the rest of it is perfectly fine.


Our delicious breads and pastries are made fresh each day, using the finest artisan techniques and ingredients.

No doubt that their croissant is superb! If you're looking for an easy take-out breakfast, this might be a great choice. The taste is almost similar with the croissants at Convivium, a restaurant at Panglima Polim. Blumchen have varieties of toppings which is all yummy and a perfect companion for your morning coffee.. Here are some choices that I recommend;


Just looking at the photo you can see how generously loaded this croissant is with the green veggies and beef!

Perfect blending of sweet and savory!!

Okay, I have a thing for chocolate croissant, I just think that it's the best combination ever created.. Seriously..

Okay, first of all, I'm gonna tell you straight up that my knowledge about coffee is very VERY limited, so I'm just gonna tell you whether or not I liked it. Sorry, but as for now, that's all I could do... I'll try to learn more about it though.

Our "house branded", chocolate and caramel.

Rolo Way, the mysterious (because I don't know what Rolo means) and intriguing cup that blows my mind and also my favorite out of Blumchen's coffee specials. Why? Simply because it's the sweetest! The combination of chocolate and caramel flavor brings extra sweetness to compliment the coffee's strong flavor. Psstt, I also like to scoop out the caramel topped whipped cream with my straw 


Our "house branded" with hazelnut and caramel.

Blumchen offers a number of coffee selections in a fun, playful way. Look at this cup of True Love (yes, they literally named it that). A cup of coffee in hazelnut and caramel flavor; such is the taste of a true love. Don't you agree? Have a sip and find out!


Our "house branded" combined with milk and vanilla-choco syrup, whipped cream on top.

Another naughty one is to have a French Kiss on a cup; you heard it right! This sexy combination of milk in vanilla-chocolate syrup with the fluffy whipped cream on top will bring you the sensation of one. Try and see for yourself! By the way, sorry for the ugly whipped cream, guess I took too long in taking the photo the once beautifully made cream sank...


Our Frappe is a combination of the "Espresso Special" combined with ice cream, biscuit, and served with whipped cream on top.

Blumchen has 4 choices of flavors for their Frappe and we get to try 2 (Caramel and Oreo Blend) out of 4! I love both of their sweet Frappes, but my favorite would be the Oreo Blend, I mean, come on... It's Oreo people!




It's the one with chocolate sauce on top of it! For those who doesn't like to have coffee in the mornings can have this special sweet treat instead. Iced chocolate for breakfast? Don't mind if I do~


Our classic signature of "house branded" and fresh milk makes our cappuccino irresistible and unforgettable.

While there are these creative selections of modern coffee, do not fret, for the classical ladies and gentlemen are offered the timeless, inspiring cappuccino! With or without sugar, you know how you'd like to have it!

They also have some Korean snacks and other treats to go with your coffee.

You won't find any main course here unlike some other coffee shops cause this coffee shop is made mainly for business people who needs to freshen up before work, which is also why they always open early at 7 am. This is a perfect place for you to have a casual meeting or to just chilax for a coffee break. A bit of inside information, Blumchen roasted their coffee beans almost daily so that their customer can enjoy the best coffee quality everyday!

I want to specially thank the owner, Mr. Lee So Wang for having us and manager, Ms. Hannah Felicia for inviting us.

Blumchen Coffee
Fairground Plaza, Ground Floor.
SCBD lot 14.
Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53.
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Opening Hours :

Sunday - Thursday : 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 7:00 am - 12:00 am



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