29 May 2014


It was a peaceful Sunday and we decided to go out for a little adventure with some friends! First stop is this cool place called Double Bay, located at the lobby of IBIS Budget hotel Plaza Menteng, we had a great brunch in this little getaway. Not really new, but it is certainly interesting of a place.

You can see from the first glance that this place speaks of a good, classic bar. Good drink, good company, and pizza with a close-call ball game! Unfortunately this time, we were here for brunch. No alcohol, but we managed to get our hands to some good pizza! (Yum, it is always a good timing to order pizza!)

We were lucky to get enough sunlight here! In some corners, the place was a bit dimmed, but if you're looking for a quiet drinking hideout, this is just the perfect fit!

Whether taking the sofa for a good get-together time or drinking out the Monday blues on the bar stool, have no worries! They've got friendly bartenders and waitresses!

When we arrived, the place was absolutely empty, maybe since it's more of a bar, it'll get more crowded later on. Well, good news for me, cause I can freely take all the interior photos!

Look at this beautiful wine cellar! There are lots of many other selections, from wine, cognac, whisky, and etc. Perhaps this is not a proper way to put wine bottles, but we are not much of a wine connoisseur either, so who are we to judge.

If we have indulged you enough visually by introducing the atmosphere of the interior, now here goes the main thing! food tasting! We ordered a lot, seriously, LOTS of food this time!

Delicious beef patties, red onion, beef bacon, cheese, potato wedges, egg.

The description of the patty totally depicts how the patty worked out for us: de-li-cious. Combined in a perfect harmony with egg and cheddar cheese, the sauce goes really well to blend them all! One and only shortcoming to this dish is that the bun was not that perfect. Perhaps we were just unlucky in getting the bad batch of buns, because the rest was just excellent, including the side dish, where a bed of lettuce and slices of red onions are topped with beef bacon slices! Yum!

John Dory fish, mashed potato, bacon butter sauce.

This is my personal favorite! If the presentation doesn't make you convinced enough, just let me remind you that this plain looking butter sauce is, THE bacon butter sauce. Tastes like heaven, even tough some of you must be imagining that it might be too overly fatty, since it's bacon AND butter..but no, I can assure you that this dish goes smoothly down your throat, only leaving you wanting another bite.

Great texture and taste from the mashed potato goes really well with the lettuce's crispiness; and as you know, the dory is lightly breaded and fried, which give you the perfect balance of taste and texture.

Ciabatta bread, Gruyere cheese, beef ham, mornay sauce, sunny side up, fries, salad.

This is a bit unconventional to me. Firstly when they said they are using ciabatta as the bread choice, I am imagining an overpowering texture just from the bread itself. What I imagined come true, though it was in a rather good way! The tough and chewy ciabatta surprisingly went well with the beef ham, as they used a rather salty ones. A bit rant of disappointment to one of the sunnies though: the yolk didn't explode when I cut it with my fork :( Another highlight is that I didn't really know what mornay sauce really is: didn't really matter as well because the overall taste was: salty! A bit too salty, even though I still give credits to it since I am a fan of salty food, but gourmet wise: not quite.

Grilled chicken breast, Cajun potato wedges, red wine sauce.

As a person who always orders chicken thigh, I find this really relieving: it was soft in texture for a chicken breast, well as soft as a chicken breast can be (it's still a bit too tough for me though) and the sauce goes really well with the meat. Good way in cooking the vegetables as well: you might find that the sides in this restaurant are taken seriously. Even the wedges are great! 

Beef ragu, poached egg, mozzarella cheese.

We have to plead guilty on this dish's judgment. Just somehow we took too long in taking a good picture of this dish that, when we finally tasted it, the best taste was already gone.

Apart of the food temperature, though, we still think that this dish is under-seasoned. The taste was a bit bland and the egg was just a bit overcooked. Perhaps it just wasn't a good day for pasta.

Bbq chicken, onion, pineapple, mozzarella cheese.

Fulfilling my promise! This is the bomb, I'm telling you. For some of you who aren't a fan of pineapple, this goes really, really well together. Some places might have tainted the idea of "Hawaiian" pizza since it's a bit tough to make pineapple shine as a pizza topping. Compliments to the chef! Tender chicken, great sauce that goes in good balance with the pineapple: perfect harmony of sweet and sour.


Banana, almond crumble, strawberry, honey, Parmesan cheese, chocolate sauce.

We obviously haven't had enough pizza! So with dessert in mind, we want something sweet..in the form of a pizza. Banana themed pizza with the sweetness of honey and almond crumble. Backed up with a little saltiness from the parmesan cheese and sour strawberry, this dessert pizza is a perfect closure to the entire course! They use a good amount of chocolate sauce and honey, so that all the tastes didn't overpower each other.

Told ya it was a big meal! Overall? you can tell! We were very delighted with the taste and we hope that you will too! It's a shame we couldn't give a review about the drink, since this might also be a good bar if they could provide food in such level, but... definitely worth a shot.

Double Bay

Lobby Hotel IBIS Budget Plaza Menteng
Lt. Dasar Unit GF 09-10
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 79
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :

Everyday : 8:00 am - 3:00 am



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