20 May 2014


This place is full of mouthwatering bread selection! Upon arrival to Kempi Deli, we are completely astounded by the atmosphere of this little paradise. Combined quality of the design's warmth, breathtaking aroma, and beautiful visual design have successfully stole our hearts.

Located at Grand Indonesia, right next to Paulaner and you can enter through Gramedia as well, this place is designed just like a classic European pastry or breakfast coffee shop. Kinda remind me of my vacation back then.. Kempideli is not exactly new, they just changed their interior design, which is why they closed down for a few months. Compliments go to the architect for being able to breathe new life to my memory as if it still was yesterday. I came here 3 days after their re-opening at 30 April 2014, well I couldn't have wait any longer.

There's only 1 long bar-like table and 4-5 round tables here since people usually just go and buy some take-away breads. You can buy lots of things here, like desserts, sandwich, jam, cheese, chocolate, main course et cetera et cetera... Well you get the point. By the way, since it's like a trend right now to sell detox drinks, it's also available here.

Just look at this. I am blown away, literally, by the aroma that envelopes the room alone. Fantastic display, don't you think? Even by seeing the visual scenery alone, it feels like I am taken to yet another realm. Classical beauty.

Do you get what I'm talking about by now? I admit how I was completely indulged in this place by the mouthwatering display and stimulating aroma of freshly made pastry.

But of course a loaf of bread is never complete without the best cured ham and selection of cheese. I'm talking real cheese here: gorgonzola, brie, emmenthal..Oh gosh, I was so tempted to just start tasting instead of taking pictures because this view was so majestic to me. I love eating pastry and cheese and ham all by itself. Imagining them to come together in one bite? I'm in paradise!

Moving on to the tasting, and let me set the bar up high with the first strike!

Smoked salmon wrapped with poached eggs, grilled green asparagus, avocado, Hollandaise sauce and salmon pearls, served on toasted brioche.

For the love of God. The photos I showed you before just couldn't compare to this beautiful creation. I set sail to the Norwegian sea on this whimsical vessel and let my mind wander. This beauty is somewhat like an egg benedict and absolutely SUPER delicious. Crispy brioche toast packed with half baked salmon, egg, asparagus, avocado, and fresh caviar, combined with a perfectly made Hollandaise sauce, I can't find any other words to say other than YUM! Garnished with a browned lemon, the plating became 5 star hotel worthy, don't you think? Even though I dislike asparagus and avocado, I loved it here! So I recommend this dish 100%!!

Just coincidentally, I'm listening to this cheerful-themed pop song by MKTO called "Classic" as I get to this point. The perfect definition for this pastry as well. A blend of classic danish pastry, slightly modified to fit the nowadays' pop culture with strawberry and fresh cream on top of it. Don't worry, the strawberries aren't so sour that it made you cringe, NOPE, it's the total opposite! The sweetness level of this danish is very well balanced.

Moving on to the next masterpiece, we have this dazzling symphony of pistachio cake. Sweet vanilla sponge cake with rich pistachio nut flavor and cream, it wasn't my best dessert but still okay. One more thing, the macaron on top is wayyyy too sweet...


The last thing that caught my eye was this raspberry chocolate mousse. I know, I know, apart of the Norwegian Sea, I settled for something classic and almost trivial. But let me remind you here, Kempi Deli operates under Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. What defines them, if not the word classic itself? Long lasting flavor made of perfection, honed within the last decade.

Look at this bright, glistening gelatin coated chocolate color that takes you aback. Inside it is chocolate sponge cake with raspberry sauce, chocolate mousse and cream. If you're looking for a sweet tangy treat, this is your cup of tea!

There goes my post today for Kempi Deli. By the way, special thanks goes to Ms. Rebecca Lepard for the great hospitality. Great service, great food. I am pampered and absolutely satisfied with the visit. Come pay a visit yourself soon!

Kempi Deli
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall, 2nd Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Everyday :  10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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