27 May 2014


Holla to the new Korean craze in town! Presenting Kimchi Grandma, a Korean restaurant we found when traveling up north; yes, it's in the popular culinary center, Pantai Indah Kapuk area.
Located next to La Creperie, which is really close to the highway entrance, it was totally crowded upon our arrival. It was so packed that we unfortunately couldn't take any good interior pics for you, sorry! :(

Anyway, let's just move on straight to the food tasting! enjoy drooling all over the goods we have!


All of you must have known that Kimchi is complimentary in almost every Korean restaurant. However, we must review this as it speaks the name of the place: kimchi!

Crispy and balanced in its aroma, this kimchi is the kind of sides we love! If you haven't tried before, this is a bowl of fermented Korean cabbage infused with its traditional spicy sauce. They usually tastes sour and spicy, with a little hint of sweetness. I must admit though, I'm not big fans of kimchi so this didn't catch much of my attention!

Korean Pork BBQ served with Kimchi base hotplate and topped with Fried DokBokKi, Crispy Fried Potato, Crispy Fried Garlic, and melted Cheese.

Well this one DOES get our attention! If the description hasn't made you drooled yet, just see the picture and let it flow :p

DokBokKi is best when fried! This rice cake is fried to a perfect golden color, so that it's crispy on the outside and chewy inside. Same goes with the potato, but don't forget that you eat this plate in a combination. How well the ingredients go together is hard to explain! You know how fragrant grilled cheese and garlic are, and you are about to taste such seasonings to top a BBQ pork with such perfect sides!



Stir-fried Korean potato noodle w/ Odeng (Korean Fishcake).

As a big fan of japchae, traditional korean potato glass noodle, this is not the best we have tasted. However, an all-time favorite is still a favorite! Cooked well enough to give the necessary texture of the glass noodle: chewy and bouncy inside your mouth. Usually, korean restaurants serve this dish along with sliced beef. I don't know why they replace the beef with korean fishcake though. Minus point.


Korean traditional wrapped pork belly.

When this plate came to our table, we are utterly shocked by the amount of fat served in one plate. Oh-my-God.

Then we gave it a taste with fear that we would become what we eat. It was such a pleasant surprise though, it was SO good! The melting fat, while eaten hot, serves a good sensation to the tongue and goes well to compliment the pork loin's taste. Worth the try!

Beef spare ribs.

As simple as it is, the beef spare ribs is just a classic goodness of ribs cooked in Korean traditional way. The galbi sauce tastes a bit like japanese teriyaki: sweet and a bit salty, with a different kick to its taste of course. Tastes really good with rice.

Final verdict? yumm. Taste wise, it was satisfactory. However... it is a bit too overpriced for such taste and amount of food, to be frank, even for a restaurant that is imported from Melbourne. Nowadays there are many good Korean restaurants that can match this place's quality.

We were also told that soon it will be a BBQ section upstairs. Meanwhile, on the third floor that are also CSC skin care and Biwon Sky Bar on the rooftop level. Exciting project! Might come again to see what's yet to come!

Kimchi Grandma Indonesia

Rukan Crown Golf
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470



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