27 June 2014


Good evening! Just exactly last week's afternoon we went to an exquisite event held by none other than the Shangri-La Hotel for an afternoon high tea AFTER an exclusive cooking class by their very own executive pastry chef: Mr. Frederic Scailteur (see more of him on the link)! We would like to express our gratitude for the generous invitation as we were given such an exceptional experience last weekend!

Oops, my over excitement made me forget to even tell you about the place! The Shangri-La Hotel is located within the Sudirman area, just near the most distinctive landmark in Jakarta, Bunderan HI (Hotel Indonesia). The building itself is just beside the tallest office building in the city, Wisma BNI 46. So if you get lost, just look at the tallest blue building with a tall, single horn and you'll find it!

The location of the high tea event is just at their lobby lounge: much more than just an ordinary waiting lounge where you simply order whatever drink to wait for your company to come, Shangri-La is creating a small paradise here where you can enjoy an appropriate taste with class.

Look at what they have here! Solid rock sugars in brown and white. As I am a very big fan of culinary, I do appreciate places who care about the little details; and only the best places look after the very little of details and execute everything perfectly: services, cleanliness, atmosphere, and the very basic dishes.

First stop: look at what we have here! They didn't tell me exactly what each menu is called, but this one is a simple cranberry scone that tastes like heaven! As you can see the cranberry bits, it's served with whipped cream and cranberry jam.

...and look at this wonderful display! I'm gonna go through the details very soon as I take you on an interesting tour that will stimulate your palate, and of course, saliva gland!

Another one of my favorite goes to this meringue pie: made of simple meringue with a very crispy crust, you have a wonderful combination of crunchy and fluffy!

Hmm, let me try to remember what this gorgeous slice of cake is made of: I remember a mousse texture, bittersweet chocolate taste. Classy classic. Sublime.

Onto the savory galore! Starting with this "baked" roll (not your usual Asian spring roll) made of a wrapped dough with vegetable and steamed egg filling. It's a mix of east and west, very elegant and smooth inside your mouth.

Now this is what fusion is really about! French butter croissant with a fresh taste! Practically, the filling is everything you can find in a usual Asian salad: cabbage, carrot, black olive, egg whites. No meat was involved and all the ingredients are blended into one harmonious orchestra by a simple fruity salad dressing.

Ain't never get tired of the classic: French vanilla custard puff pastry! I always love how puff pastry works: a hint of salt, crispy texture with a sweet and elegant surprise of the custard filling. It's so comfortable as I always feel I'm drawn into a puffy dream world!

My personal favorite as a savory food fan: the mini burger canape. Perfect bun texture, medium grilled beef patty, fresh tomato slice, and melted cheddar cheese! Might look really simple, but you could never know how a perfect burger would change your whole day!

My overall verdict: Fantastic.

Exquisite menu, distinctive experience, graceful ambiance... Just perfect! This gave us the very feeling of what it's like to be a noble in just a simple, pampering tea time as we talk about everyday things with our closest company. Hats off for Shangri-La, once again!

Classic High Tea Set : IDR 185,000++/ set

Lobby Lounge Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta 10220

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 7:00 am - 1:00 am 
High Tea Buffet : 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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  1. We were here to attend an event, for dinner we had shrimp and prime rib. Everything by the party planning team was good and the service was extremely fast.