19 June 2014


We are feeling Korean! Just to fulfill our severe craving to Korean food, we came to this place, Arang 22, located at Senopati, in the heart of the city. Roughly located beside the black sugar Taiwanese dessert, this authentic Korean restaurant beats my curiosity!

Well, what did I tell you about authentic? The interior is just like any other Korean traditional restaurant: neat, plain, with a calm ambiance. I'm not gonna give much comment regarding the furniture though; it's just classic, traditional, and comfy, just like home!

On 2nd thought, the seemingly classic and authentic vibe on interior wasn't that simple! Despite the seemingly normal properties, it was really neatly arranged, clean, and classy. The kind of place you'd see in an eastern noble's house. Unique ornaments combined with some tatami tables.

As I did in Kimchi Grandma, it is crucial to try the Kimchi of a Korean Restaurant to judge its overall taste. Still not a big fan of kimchi, but this one tastes great for one! Good texture and seasoning.

And as usual, Korean restaurants always provides many variations of yummy side dishes!


As you can see, it's simple mix of iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, with a bit of thousand island sauce. Refreshing and crunchy, the vegetables are in great condition!


This Jabche Bab, as mentioned on its name in Korean, is a portion of jabchae WITH RICE (bab). If you moved a bit of the glass noodles, you'll find a serious amount of rice!
Taste-wise, it was great; you can see from its presentation that the texture was great: chewy and smooth in texture with a balanced topping: slices of beef, paprika, and carrot.

The best (or could be bad) part of the dish is that it is so filling that you might not be able to finish it alone! We needed 4 ladies to be able to finish it, might be because of the overwhelming amount of carbohydrates.

What shocked me the most is that how good this dish is: We all know how good slices of heavenly Sam Gyup Sal taste, Slices of pork tenderloin with a fair amount of fat, rich in flavor, and everything..But seeing the price above, how much are you expecting?

Take a good, close look: 3 pieces of sam gyup sal. I am shocked, and when I saw it coming, I kept saying in my mind "this better be worth it!"

It was great. Still, too little to be eaten alone.


Time for a sweet pick of BBQ: the daeji galbi. sweet in taste, and we recommend you to dunk the beef slices to the honey sauce. Delicious! The savory flavor of the meet blends well in harmony with the sweetness of the sauce. As I'm a big fan of Korean BBQ, this is one of my favorites.

Okay... So it wasn't the most affordable Korean dishes that I've been to, but the taste is actually good and very authentic. You might want to at least try it once, it's worth it. Good news about Korean restaurants, even though the price is expensive, you can always order one or two dishes and still be satisfied because of the many side dishes. Lol!

Arang 22
Jl Tulodong Bawah 1-A
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110

Opening Hours :

Everyday : 11:30 am - 10:30 pm

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