30 June 2014


It's time to try the newest place opening in Senayan City and luckily we got invited to their grand opening! Called the G.B. Bistro, it's located at the lower ground level, where all the new and exciting gourmet destinations in Senayan City are located. Originally, the place was named "Gelato Bar". However, they made over the brand and turned it into such an exciting bistro concept, where they also offer you a line of scrumptious main dishes and stylish dining experience!

They have an outdoor and indoor and the indoor is way bigger than the outdoor, as usual.

The desserts are set and presented in a proper high-tea display. Look at how beautiful each of them are set! By the way, unfortunately this high tea set is not really available for public, it's exclusively for owners and VIPs. Yeah, my heart cracked a little as well, at least I got to try it once...

My eyes were absolutely captivated by the wonderful appearance of the head chef and brand ambassador! The press conference by the business owners and leaders were so informative, covering aspects such as the business concept, taste, and vision regarding their role to enrich the quality of Indonesia's culinary experience.

Here's the display of their legendary gelato! If you look at its texture, you can see how a proper gelato is made: chewy and creamy that its richness is beyond comparison to your everyday ice cream!

Can you guess what flavors they have by seeing it? I can see bubblegum, strawberry, tiramisu...hmm... what else are there?? What I can think of is that I wanna try them all!!!

Now you know what I'm talking about: I love how they put them into display as they put a significant element of the flavor; choco-mint, vanilla, mango, tiramisu, etc.. *drools*

Looking at the interior now! Starting with a pot of fresh flower on each tables!

The interior itself is quite simple: Accents of wood and metallic chairs are really popular these days. However, they also have a mix of rustic brick wall and vintage couches as well!

From the looks of it, you can see a perfectly cooked medium-rare meat! It's said that the best way of cooking steak is medium-rare. Juicy inside with a bit of crispy texture just on the outer-most side, unfortunately, these are a bit of a disappointment. There's no sauce, so I at least thought that the meat has been well marinated to the point where it doesn't need any extra sauce. Reality check, the meat is tasteless and also hard to chew even in medium-rare. Hmm...


Now this is quite a unique combination: lime pesto! You usually recognize a pesto-based pasta to be in green color, but this one is olive oil based with infused aroma of both lime and pesto! Plus look at the perfectly grilled salmon! It's just a perfect harmony of savory and freshness of sour lime!


Another disappointment, they wrote the menu as 'chicken tenders', yet it was anything but tender. To justify them, it was chicken breast, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not tender. The top side of it also tastes weird, like somehow, smeared with wasabi.

Moving on to the beverages tasting! It's a not-so-classic chamomile tea with infused apple flavor in it! To my surprise, the soft flavor and aroma of chamomile tastes so good with fruity apple flavor, that it actually compliments each other!


This one is just another most popular beverage choice in almost every contemporary bistro nowadays: lychee iced tea! Might sound boring to you, but if you've actually never tried it before, I recommend you to do so! There's just a reason why this menu is so popular! Sweet and fresh, you'd never get bored of it!


As for this one, they're taking chocolate to another level! Topped with their very own original chocolate gelato, you'll go to a chocolate-y heaven! However, this is a type of sweet chocolate, so don't expect a bitter, cocoa-ish taste too much.

Comments? Maybe since this place was originally a gelato bar, I'm guessing that their specialty is about gelato and desserts, cause the main course was absolutely not what I was expecting. The worse part, we didn't even get to taste their dessert. On the bright side, the interior is much better now then before, so nevertheless congratulations for the opening!! I do hoped that they'll improve their main courses.

G.B Bistro & Dessert

Senayan City Low Ground Unit 18
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Selatan 10270

Opening Hours :

Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm



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