30 June 2014


Yesterday we had a small get-together with fellow foodies at this cozy place, located at Panin Bank building. This place was once Tony Roma's, so you won't find it here anymore, instead, you'll see this beautiful place! We are very thankful for the generous invitation as we are served in a very well mannered service.

So, are you ready to embark on yet another culinary voyage? Aye aye, cap'n!

As a replacement for Tony Roma's, I'd say this place meets up the standard! High taste of interior design as they make a conceptual bistro. This contemporary concept is already a bit mainstream, but good design and good execution never fails!

Impressively, they have both bar stools and dining tables here! The bar was empty when we came though, because we came in the afternoon at lunch time. I wonder how the ambiance would shift once the sun sets and they also have two bars in this place!

They do have a great taste for greens. I love how they combine the earthy color of brick red, brown wooden pot and chairs, combined with the green plants!

Kinda looks like a greenhouse, don't you think? I love it when there are so many windows, as they let natural light comes into the room and makes a comfortable vibe inside the room! Furthermore, all the plants here are real plants! The sunlight that comes from the window makes all the plants live in good condition. Go nature!

See? The plants are so lively and beautiful! Good execution as they don't only design the place, but also in maintaining the living decorations!

Cute wall paintings! This is the first time I'm interested in interior as they have such a big space and many things that won't bore you out!

Looking at this Thai God statue, you should already be expecting some Thai heritage culinary, and yep, you're gonna get one soon!

Metallic chairs, bar stool, and now for a comfy sofa attack! You'd want to sit and chat here all day, wouldn't you?

And here's the 2nd bar I'm talking about! A bit different from the one above, isn't it?

This is a good gag! Sip happens, so just drink it off and be happy ;)

We can say that this place has truly good taste after seeing all of this: a good poet and good interior designer are what we think they do have. Motivational!

By the way, in case you're wondering, this is the VIP room. So yes, you can book this place for your special events with the loved ones, or for business purposes as well!


Dark choco powder and milk
This is a good glass of dark chocolate milkshake: creamy bittersweet chocolate in a chilled temperature! I love dark chocolate's taste, and having it in a milkshake doesn't make any difference. It's very rich in flavor!


Fresh orange juice, mango juice, almond, and grenadine
This is a signature punch of Locanda! The combination of sweet almond mango and sour orange-grenadine duo has such a perfectly refreshing balance!


Red apple fruit, fresh of mint leaves, lime, lemongrass, and soda
Another refreshing creation! We have a bomb of aroma to the palate as mint and lemongrass are involved! What happens if you taste it with a duo of apple and lime? But wait, they also put sparkling soda in it... Shocking. Surprising. Superb.

Fresh of mint leaves, lime, brown sugar, ginger, and ginger ale
Time for a change of wind in the voyage! Storm ahead! Twist of mixture in double ginger vs. cool mint and lime, blended in one harmonious orchestra with the role of brown sugar. What a fresh and interesting idea!


Combination of great taste coming from coconut
Coconut made into smoothies. If you're a big fan of the classic and fresh coconut, you gotta love this one!


Orange Sunkist fruit, cranberry juice, lime, and sprite
Sun-kist skin of a sweet cranberry dear! Get the taste of Hollywood's sparkling life of American dream in a glass of sweet orange and cranberry with a downturn of sparkling sprite and sour lime! Life is an exciting ride of roller coaster and you gotta agree with me!


Traditional "singkong" crackers, yellow cheddar sauce and truffle oil
Sin-chos! Sinful nachos, as I'd like to make a pun of it! Cassava is one of Indonesian's favorite, and imagine if it's served nachos style: spicy bell peppers with melted cheddar cheese and tomato sauce! Oh man, this is the true definition of a guilty pleasure!

With sweet sour chili
A true sailor smokes cigar, and if you're not a fan of tobacco, you might be interested in this! Rich taste of minced prawn dipped in sweet and sour chili sauce. Unique, I might say. But as a cigarette does to your blood: weird at first, addicting till the end.


Mozzarella, celery stick, wild mushroom and truffle oil
Oh, this is just so unfair. As I'm a big fan of the aromatic truffle oil and mushroom, my nose has led me to another positive judgement. What happens if a thin, crispy dough is eaten with rich, soft melted mozzarella in such a fragrant aroma? Out of this world.

Spicy and sour prawn soup
..and yet another classic dish of Thailand. I am a big fan of this one but at the same time have not much things to comment on. Only that this is made well and proper with a good mix of spice. Best eaten with rice, in my opinion!

Thai chicken black pepper and garlic
The main difference between thai chicken is that it's cooked with a good amount of spice that most of them are aromatic and tender! Plus black pepper and garlic, it's an aroma festival! This is my favorite dish by the way... Excluding the desserts of course..


With mashed potatoes and spiced tomato sauce
As a home-cooking enthusiast, I love this grilled chicken as it's a simply grilled chicken thigh with a spiced tomato sauce. Tender, sweet, sour, and spicy. Simplicity at its best. Too bad the mashed potato was so bland, though.

with tiger prawn, garlic, and chili olive oil
It's a classic aglio olio pasta using angel hair and topped with tiger prawns. Then again, who doesn't like a simple dish made perfect? Unfortunately, the indulging aroma of this dish didn't meet up to my expectation of taste. It was a little bit bland and under-spiced.


Japanese noodle, beef, vegetables in Javanese style
Directly translated as Javanese fried udon, it's Japanese big noodles made in Indonesian-Javanese style! It's stir-fried with sweet soy sauce and topped with bokchoy, beef, beansprouts, and eggs. If you're up for an oriental dining experience, you might love this one! However, the texture of Japanese udon is a bit different from traditional Indonesian noodles, but if you asked me about it; they still match!


Thai sweet mashed mung bean on "agar-agar"
Well, this one is a traditional Thai desserts made of gelatin with mung bean filling. It's chewy with sweet flavor, but you've got to like mung bean to love this one, because some people don't like them.


With wild berry and rum raisin ice cream
Now time for another popular dessert menu! Reintroducing the chocolate volcano mud pie: where a mountain-like chocolate cake is filled with hot, molten chocolate! It's a mix of hot and cold desserts where the bittersweet chocolate is combined with the unusual rum and raisin ice cream (instead of the commonly used vanilla flavor) and fresh strawberry. Sweet heaven!

Thai cassava cake with coconut milk
Now for a classic Thai desserts: it's boiled cassava simmered with coconut milk based sauce and sweet syrup. A warm type of desserts that is quite sinful as it contains both carbohydrates and coconut milk, not to mention the sweet syrup. But does it offer pleasure? Of course it does!


Mama's cookie crumbles on house special's cake
It's a yummy castangel cake that combines savory, crispy, and sweets! Topped with crunchy cookie crumbles as well as blueberry sauce and fresh strawberry, this is quite a lovely dish that combines a lot of texture and flavor!

Phew, what a delightful voyage that was! It's a tasty galore of flavor and we can't wait for another adventure in this vessel! Thank you Locanda for the fun and relaxing getaway!

Locanda Food Voyager
Panin Bank Building, Ground Floor 
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Selatan 10270

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 12:00 am
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 01:00 am

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