14 June 2014


Hey June! We are welcomed to a new month by this newly opened bistro in West Jakarta, just near my neighborhood. Now open for business: the FCTRY Bistro & Bar, in the soon-to-be most exquisite building complex: the St. Moritz, on the same building with Electronic City. This place itself is a perfect combination of grunge and class. Here, let me give you a mini-tour:

This place is not so big; containing only around 10 tables in total, it gives a somewhat cozy atmosphere. Despite the size, I really love the concept of the interior! I gotta give it to the designer for the brilliant taste and execution: good material and choice of furniture.

This is what I'm talking about! My favorite is how they decorate their walls: pipes and valves in black! Combining the ideas of industrial and luxury, they come together really well. Love the metal chandelier as well! Since this is supposed to be a bistro with class, it is quite creative how they put together both elements that seem to contradict each other.

Now onto the tasting phase: we would like to tell you that in a proper western bistro, there's always this complimentary, simple, bread and butter. It comes differently in every restaurant, but here they use plain white buns. I'm pointing this out because you can actually measure a restaurant's level by judging the most simple dish. Right: fluffy, fragrant with a good quality butter. Great start!

Its presentation might be quite simple, but the taste is just perfect! I believe that the key of a good pasta lies on a combination of texture, sauce, and topping. This one has it all!

Cooked in a proper al dente texture, it has a good harmony with the tenderness of the pulled beef, and finally wed with a wonderfully precise amount of cream sauce with a little bit of parsley.

The only thing I dislike about "donburi" is that its lack of photogenic quality. But don't let this simple picture fool you: When this thing got into my mouth, it seemed like I went to heaven. Again : Heaven.

The tenderness of the ox tongue is just so overwhelming that it feels like it melts in your mouth! Along with the sauce (wasn't mentioned in the menu, but it tastes like teriyaki to me) and perfectly cooked rice, this simply breathtaking dish is totally gonna blow your mind!

As I always say, there's a reason a dish is called classic: Its taste is just simply timeless. Fried to a glistening golden color, both the chips and the fish fillet were great! You can see sprinkles of sea salt there, which enriches the overall taste greatly. Simple method that works best: dip it in the tartar sauce!

With Whipped Pomme, Consomme, and Dill Oil

I'm starting to love the idea of simple and classic of this place. The ingredients might be similar to what you usually meet in other bistros and restaurants; but the way each of them is cooked was so perfect: once you give it a taste, it's as if you're tasting an entirely different dish than what you've tried before!
Let me boast about how it tastes: crispy fried skin, yet tender on the inside. The sauce was a bit salty and sweet, which unites both the salmon and the pomme. 

Mmm.. I can't deny that my asian blood is boiling when this one came to our table. Pork, despite its unappealing nutritional facts, is always the best kind of guilty pleasure. As this is served in a western style, we eat it together with perfectly made mashed potatoes simmered with eastern gravy. Fantastic! 

The crispiness of the pork skin and chewiness of the fatty meat, eaten together with the soft mashed potatoes..It's so wonderful that I'm at a loss of words. Usually we can still point out any dish's shortcoming, like its side dish or its sauce. But we gotta take our hats off for this place!

Now! and I just talked about shortcoming. The menu said that it is for 4 people, but I think I could finish this one off myself! The taste though? Mesmerizing. Tender and perfectly medium grilled, nice side dish. Almost all of them are so good that I don't know what to say anymore. However, since this is a rib eye, There's a good portion of fat, which I'm not a big fan of.

I am regretful to tell that a perfect culinary place does not always serve the best coffee. This one is the same. Since I'm a very big fan of coffee, taste matters so much to me. However, if you're the type to put sugars on your coffee, this might still do.


Now to close it off! After trying so many main courses, we could only manage to fit one dessert menu into our tummy. We are certainly not disappointed by this one! With a good mixed taste of sweet, sour, and salty, it's so refreshing for a fully filled tummy. However, in my opinion, if they made the crust more crunchy and thick, it would make a perfect dessert!

Final comment? Despite the perfect taste and ambiance, we personally think that the place is quite overpriced for West Jakarta area. Knowing that the public prefers a full tummy rather than an elegant dinner, the lack of quantity in each serving portion could make this place less attractive.

Still, hands down for this place for its food quality, and congratulations for the opening!

The FCTRY Bistro & Bar

St. Moritz Puri Indah Gf no. 98
Jl. Puri Lingkar Luar Barat 
Puri Kembangan

  • Jakarta Barat 11610

Opening Hours :

Monday - Friday : 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 9:00 am - 12:00 am




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