27 July 2014


Howdy! It was a sunny afternoon as I decided to have lunch at this exquisite restaurant located inside the Senayan National Golf Club. Throughout the windows: beautiful green pasture; while inside you have this exceptionally grandiose design. I love how they combine luxury by keeping its cultural authenticity! Robata(yaki) is a term used for grilling by having fresh ingredients on bamboo skewers put beside a fiery ember with sands around it, which can be seen just at the picture below!

You can see the sand hearth at the very center of the robata bar. It's important to know that it is not put there just for decoration purposes; they actually cook it the traditional way there! I really appreciate the combination of technology on interior design, which produces an elegant feature to the overall concept.

Look how fresh these ingredients are! They said that every fish they have is directly imported from Japan. No wonder they can preserve such authentic taste, since Japanese cuisine relies totally on the quality of ingredients they have. Superb!

Their lines of alcohol: they have sake, sochu, wine, etc. Didn't try any since it was still noon though!

APPETIZERS (Part of Takumi Gozen Package)

We only ordered a couple of menus but one of them is Takumi Gozen, their specialty menu package that covers pretty much one whole meal! Before everything came, they gave us these appetizers as part of it: chawan mushi, sweet chicken and mushroom bits, and some Japanese pickles (I dunno what these are, mushrooms?)

Beautiful presentation! What I love about a proper, upscale restaurant is how they pay attention to the smallest of details, not to mention their service excellence! Great speed and manner from the waitresses!

Their chawan mushi was good: A bit too much seasoning though, which made me wonder IF the taste in this restaurant has been localized, such nightmare business strategy! Don't get me wrong here, the way they seasoned the food was GREAT. However, I was totally expecting an elegant, authentic taste of real Japan!

About these.. *uhm* pickles. Sweet and a bit crunchy, I'm not really sure what this was (can anybody enlighten me? do put a comment below if you could!)

Also these! some pieces of chicken and mushroom in teriyaki sauce! Tastes good and letting us wonder for more! I love how these mini-dishes prepare us for a proper culinary course. It just feels proper.


This is undoubtedly the most eye-catching dish to my eyes when I was flipping through the menu book. I mean, come on! Grilled beef patty with teriyaki sauce AND perfectly poached egg yolk on top?? Such a fantastic combination I couldn't pass by! The beef was as you think it'd be: cooked to perfection that it was tender PLUS if you break open the half-poached yolk.. The richness flows over throughout the meat and gives you a majestic harmony. Ittadakimasu!


Craving for something simple with rice, I managed to order this one! Since it's a classic dish I'd have to say that despite it being cooked in such a flawless way, the curry flavor was so delightfully balanced. Though I must say that the beef was a bit too fatty, I'm not sure if this was intended for the curry or I was just unlucky since I'm not a big fan of fatty meat!


Since this was the most recommended sushi roll in the menu, we decided to go with it! I'm not sure if this was a perfect choice though: sushi rolls are not authentic Japanese restaurants' forte, since they usually have a simpler, more elegant taste rather than overflowing mentai and over-crispy-battered sushi rolls you could find in Japanese fusion food chain! Despite this roll's taste is so great, clearly it can't match how dirty Japanese fusion could get!


aaaannndddd *drumrolls* let the most awaited dish begins! When the first part came, there were a set of grilled salmon, kakiage tempura, and sauteed beef: of course the beef wasn't simply sauteed, it has this some kind of fragrant oil that kinda resembles sambal matah of Bali, but without the spicy part!

Here's what I'm talking about! You could see the glistening part of the beef to only prove that its fragrant is just extraordinary. it has a refreshing sour hint on it while the aroma is simply alluring! The tenderness of the meat was so perfect that it melts in your mouth. No exaggeration here, this is a little piece of heaven!

The grilled salmon! Yes I know, it looks reaaally simple, isn't it? However, this one's a real deal! Squeeze out the lime there, and there you go! I can't say any other word than flawless for this one.

What about the tempura, you say? I know well that visually, these dishes have been looking too simple and down-to-earth, BUT! That's what's so good in the word "authentic". Same ingredients, same technique: done with refined perfection. Something you won't ever get in contemporary restaurants!

Finally, it all comes down to this: saving the best for the last! Why am I saying so? These seemingly simple sushi pieces hold wonder more than what you could ever think. Serious! Rolled with a good amount of wasabi inside, all you need was to dunk it to the shoyu and enjoy, however! There's a special way of eating it! Just scroll down a bit and I'll show you how!

So, how you eat it is, to start with the left-most fish first: the white fish, then moving on to the ika, snapper, then finally salmon! It is to develop a taste progression as the taste gets stronger in each piece, so that your palate isn't affected and that you'll be able to enjoy each piece of them!

Gosh all of them were sooooo DELICIOUS!!! The ingredients used here are just top class!

Needless to say, this visit was totally worthwhile! I have no more words, if the pictures fail to convince you, let your taste bud do the job!


Senayan National Golf Club
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX
Jakarta Pusat, 10270
(021) 93807642 // (021) 5710181

OPENING HOURS: 11:30 - 15:00 (lunch) and 17:30 - 23:00 (dinner)



Buenos dias! It was a one fine day when we decided to visit the one of the new Mexican diner in town! Well it's not literally "new" but since there's still little competition of Mexican cuisines here in Jakarta, especially in shopping malls! So let's see if this one could really represent its origin! FYI, La Hoya is a member of Arena Gourmet : Penang Bistro, Seribu Rasa, Hong Kong Cafe, and Tatsuya.

Entrance with a mini fountain in the middle of a shopping mall has made me quite amazed! They have a quite luxurious taste in interior instead of rooting to a south american native idea of design. They have a wine rack as well as some glasses, which makes me a bit confused if they were for serving or decorating purposes.

Here's the interior! Looks cozy, enough lighting to work or have some professional meeting, so you can both work and chill out with friends here!

I love the leather's amber color as well as their functionality! Comfortable and spacious!

Little details always amaze me. I love the craftsmanship of everything: ceilings, walls, ornaments, it's got great execution and you can't help but be dazzled!

They also have this buffet table for events! There was an event when we arrived there, so take note that you might book this place for one!

For those of you who thirst for something with a kick of alcohol (hey, a bit won't hurt!) Here are some of them! They have little alcohol content so it's still perfect for you to unwind with these refreshing cocktails! Didn't drink though because I drove here alone, but here goes the pics!!




..or for some of you that would love to be refreshed in the same way WITHOUT the alcohol, there are these mocktails to liven your day: they usually replace the alcohol with soda to give a kick!





Crispy tortilla chips dressed with cheddar cheese sauce, home made beef chorizo, jalapeƱo pickles, sour cream, guacamole and fresh pico de gallo

Our compulsory appetizer (or snack) before starting any Mexican meal! Good for side dishes and to hangout with friends as you just always have something to munch with! In terms of taste, well nothing's new here: it's just as described, not so different than any other nachos you could find elsewhere. Only loved the cheddar cheese sauce since I'm such a cheese lover!

Mixture of green leaves, spinach, roasted bell pepper, crunchy cheddar cheese croutons, beef bacon, and creamy yellow dressing

The very thing I love about this bowl of salad is its dressing! The creamy yellow dressing was so fresh and it entirely liven up the whole bowl, taking our appetite up a notch to the main course! The beef bacons are underneath though so you might not see them in the picture! The harmony within this one salad bowl is almost perfect that it's so refreshing and appetizing at the same time!

Soft taco filled with cajun style shrimp, sauteed in butter, garnished with pico de gallo, crunchy cabbage, and lettuce

This one's a soft tortilla taco with shrimps inside. Nothing out of this space though. I've hardly been impressed by tacos, the meat amount is great but I think it's being overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables on top! Not that I don't like vegetables but I think the taste balance is a bit off, perhaps a better balancing would make this dish turn out great!

Flour tortilla, filled with a savory mixture of cheese, garnished with sour cream, guacamole and fresh Pico de Gallo

Againnn my personal favorite! Quesadillas (don't forget to read the double L with a "y" since it's Spanish) are made of tortilla flour, which makes the main difference, although similar to, French crepes. This has been one of my favorite dish ever (remember the delicious quesadilla at Bengawan? Although that one has meat inside and this one's just a basic, cheese quesadilla, it still tastes heavenly!), and this one certainly meets up my expectation! Best eaten warm as the cheese's still melting though: YUM!!!

 Melted cheese inside! Who doesn't love it?

Crispy taco filled with pulled beef, beef charizo, pico de gallo, cabbage, and lettuce. Dressed with mango chipotle sauce, served with guacamole, sour cream, and cheddar cheese

So I chose the crispy taco for this one! Well I gotta admit that I'm not a really big fan of taco overall. The reason being is that the tortilla wrap is overpowering the overall toppings PLUS the vegetables were a bit too much for me as well. They used a good amount of meat into it but it seemed that the overall taste wasn't too balanced. However! The pulled beef was really tender and juicy, so you might want to reduce the vegetables a little bit and see if it'd taste better.

ENCHILADAS GRINGAS // FRIED BURRITO IDR 60k (chicken) / 68k (beef)
Deep fried burrito filled with juicy beef or chicken grilled fajitas, savory Mexican red rice and sauteed mix of bell peppers, garnished with light green salad.

Choice of sauce:

Salsa Rosa - Savory roasted tomato and onion with a hint of smokey chipotle chili
Salsa Verde - Creamy green mexican tomatillo sauce with a delicious hint of serrano chili

For those of you who're not familiar of burritos, it's actually a deep fried tortilla wrap with Mexican red rice and toppings inside. Eating rice while grabbing it is common in Mexican tradition as it's practical. Taste wise was great, despite being too filling as you eat something deep fried, flour, rice, and cheese at the same time. Not that I don't like it, but my tongue was starving to try other dishes and I don't wanna stop here just yet!

Fettuccine with shrimps and creamy ajillo sauce

As you can see in the picture, it's a bit different from the usual Italian pasta as they only put a little bit of sauce to the pasta, resulting it to be more dry. To me it's still lacking a punch in matter of taste, still love the saucy feel of pasta and how the sauce blends all the ingredients into one. But hey, it's a Mexican restaurant so let's not be harsh in judging *ehm* Italian pasta.

Homemade churros served with chocolate dipping sauce

Now this is what I call nice! Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar beforehand, this churros have two dipping sauces: milk chocolate and caramel chocolate. Both are so YUMMY! Only shortcoming was that the dough got hard so quick (need more improver?) that the best taste expires before you know it. Still great to be eaten when fresh! 

Basil parfait served over cranberry and pistachio crumble, strawberries, and balsamic reduction

Alright, so this one is very interesting! I was totally astonished by its very existence itself and honestly I didn’t think it’d work out wonderfully (oh prejudices!). Amazingly though, they work out! The texture is creamy enough to be called ice cream with a pleasant basil aroma that is well complimented by the toppings and the balsamic sauce. Original!

A sweet mixture of three milks soaked this fluffy sponge cake, topped with mocha frosting and toasted coconut

Said to be soaked in 3 different kinds of milk, it's a soft, moist sponge cake whose texture I ADORE so much! Well it tastes really similar to tiramisu though. Since I'm in neutral stance with tiramisu, this didn't totally wow me in terms of flavor, but this one is so well made!

It was a pleasant visit overall! My verdict weighs totally in favor for my great love to quesadillas, but the rest are also great! Fulfills its role to be an upcoming competitor in Mexican cuisine market as well!



Mall Gandaria City
Mainstreet Dining Level G Unit MG 31-32
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240
(021) 29236458

Opening Hours: 
Weekdays 10:00 - 00:00 WIB
Weekend 10:00 - 02:00 WIB