18 July 2014


Let's have yet another Korean BBQ dinner in Senopati! Chunghae Soosan, located just near Harvest in Senopati. Whether you're up for meat, it doesn't matter having it as steak or as sizzled BBQ. This time we're up for an Asian approach!

We came at dinner time though, so the lighting wasn't that good. But we got a private room upstairs so we didn't mind! Round table and great company makes our visit a heartwarming experience with some best friends!

Air exhaust, classic black chairs, and brick pillars. Classic, if not traditional, Korean style of interior for you. Seeing such interior, at least I can expect an authentic Korean taste. Less is more, that's authenticity.

First off, let's taste its kimchi! Every Korean restaurant has its own kimchi and other various side dishes, but let me tell you one thing: this restaurant has taken the concept of side dishes to another level! You'll see lots of side dishes below that I wouldn't comment one by one! Just too many! Besides, more or less of them are the same of taste (a bit cold, but it's okay that they're cold since most of them are salads and greens or just sides)

Nothing much to comment on a pickled cucumber...let's carry on...

Look! they even have some deep fried fish served as a complimentary side dish! Amazing isn't it? Even though it was simply deep fried and salted, the fact that they are serving fish as a side is still astounding.

One of my favorite side dishes! If you're a lover of mushroom, you're gonna love this one! Simply seasoned and stir-fried, It was so juicy and rich in aroma and flavor! Chewy and fragrant that it actually leaves a great impression within your palate AND smelling senses. Cool stuff!

You're seeing it right: this menu is just one of their complimentary side dishes! I was surprised because at any other Korean restaurant, they'd usually charge you for this. Really. But this one doesn't and the taste is just as good as you would pay for! Soft and simple with tiny sliced carrots and onions inside


Well, since I love the taste of corns, having simply buttered and salted stir-fried corns are great. They also added some peas and tiny carrots just to enhance the aroma. Good one! Nothing much to comment though, you just need to love corns to order this; but if you asked if they could cook something this simple properly: they could!

So many free stuffs! This one is oden, which I have absolutely no idea if this were actually from Japan or Korea. I was introduced to this one in a Japanese restaurant long ago and there were actually menus from both countries which are so similar. If you're feeling cold, then oden is the best choice to keep you company!

Grilled Beef Short-Ribs
The main dish! In Korean BBQ, it's so popular to order Galbi or Samgyeopsal, but today it's just about the beef because apparently they don't serve pork here. Lucky though, because we didn't think the sides would be that much! As you probably know, Korean restaurants let you do your own BBQ, even though you could still ask the waiters to do it for you. So we could have it as we like, although it's been marinated before it was served, so all we need to do is to grill!

I was also told by the waiter that they didn't intend to focus their grilled menu, but on their sashimi.

This is how we love it: Medium! ...or maybe medium well, we were not that of an expert to know..

NAK JI BOK IDR 180k/230k

Stir-fried octopus with hot sauce
Here's one of those main courses we ordered: Simmered octopus in spicy and sour gravy with Korean side vegetables! Tastes typically like Korean kimchi taste, but since it's a cooked dish, you don't taste anything fermented and cold; it's freshly made and hot! The octopus itself were chewy and well cooked in my opinion, but would be a bit spicy for those who're not a big fan of chili!

This was the whole dinner! Looked so big huh? As I mentioned before, most of them were the side dishes. You'd be as full as I was, I bet!

We didn't order any dessert, but here you go: they give complimentary watermelons for desserts! Such hospitality from the restaurant that I appreciate so much. It's always good to have something simple and fresh to clear your taste buds after a heavy meal! Thanks for such a great dining experience, Chunghae Soosan!

Jl. Senopati no. 49
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours: 11:30 - 21.30

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