18 July 2014



Yeahhh!!! Hungry and full of spirit, we had just arrived at this Korean buffet restaurant called Kogi-Kogi! Let me tell you something before starting: the lunch package price was at a whooping rate of IDR 99k++ per pax!! What a steal huh?!

I personally like the interior concept: neat. Nothing to complain about with such usage of simple furnishings and decorations. It's a great concept for a buffet restaurant in my opinion.

They use mainly wood materials and some brick accents. Rustic and kinda reminds you 

about having a country BBQ.

Here's where you take your ingredients! I love how they made it look like a traditional BBQ stall!

Dunno what these letters mean, the name of the ingredients below, perhaps? Nah, I'm not even sure...

BEFORE WE START!!! I had to unfortunately share a heartbreaking experience for all pork lovers here that: they can't serve pork during the Ramadhan month! Tolerance is virtue but for pork lovers, bummer! But yeah, this place serves free-flow pork on regular periods! NO WAY!!! I get to know such a beautiful fact that the juicy and tender pork meat was always here to be eaten and NOT present when I got here. Gimme a break! So it's gonna be a fully halal review for the day!

As the description suggests: seafood chives pancake! Nothing out of the ordinary though, it's simple, traditional Korean pancake with chives, carrot slices, and some squid and prawns inside, then pan-fried.

Korean Stir-fried Glass Noodle
It's just as plain as it looks: bland...wasn't that flavorful although it could still be eaten :( texture was okay, but the seasoning was just so under and what helped was that you could pour your own sesame oil and sea salt. You just had to come here hungry and go for quantity instead of quality.

Korean Mixed Rice in Hotpot
Yet another so-so dish. Buffet restaurant tendency? While I do agree that you can still eat all of these doesn't mean I want a so-so flavor. Huh? still asking me? alright, it was all just okay. In Bibimbap, you need the best ingredients AND the best sauce, because that's all there is to it. What happens when both of them don't work? Now you know.

Sweet Marinated Chicken
So there are two chicken menus here: the sweet one and the spicy one. This one was...nothing out of the ordinary. I don't know what actually happened with the chicken: it wasn't marinated long enough and the freshness of the meat wasn't at its prime. What did we have to do? Dunk it to more sauce after grilling!

Spicy Marinated Chicken
Now speaking about this one: same verdict as the last! It was nice in color and I was so convinced it would turn out good, but it turned out so-so. YEP. Perhaps I was too demanding, but to actually tell you the truth, paying only IDR 99k+ is still their edge. I'm full and most of them are okay to eat.

It's a leek wrapped with beef slices! As a lover of leeks, I absolutely had a serious YUM moment with this one. Unfortunately though, the restaurant was short in stock and this was the only batch we could get. Shame!

Here goes: the grilling process!

Marinated Beef
There's a menu in the restaurant that tells you its ala carte price, if you're not too keen on having a buffet, but to have free flow meat for 99k? who'd give it a pass? This is the best tasting dish so far though! Perhaps the fact that it's only a buffet restaurant can't make everything taste extraordinary. By the way, the bulgogi alone has successfully made me say the "delicious" word.

Rice Cake Skewer
Now talk about unique! You don't usually find chicken in your skewer..with rice! All-in-one-stick combination of vegetables, meat, and carbs. Quite interesting despite its, once again, mediocre ingredients quality.

Well if anything little and simple is decorated well, there you go: elegant canape pieces. Silly! But it was okay, not a big fan of kimchi but it's quite interesting in taste.

Korean Rice Wrap
Koreans call their "sushi" as "sambab". It's pretty much the same though, only they might use slightly different ingredients. Not sure about this one either as I'm no Korean ingredients expert (boo! I promise you I'll do some research about it later!) But they were simple in taste and in my opinion they used too much rice.

Just simple cuts of melons and watermelons to clean up your palate!

The only desserts we had were these rice puddings. They have 3 flavor selections: strawberry, chocolate, and pumpkin (unique, this one). Loved all three! YUM! But I personally pick the strawberry as my favorite. Unique texture as it feels like eating porridge, but it's cold and sweet. 

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