15 July 2014


The legend is here!!! Introducing Song Fa bak kut teh, one of the most famous culinary destination in Singapore! If you're a big fan of the sinful paradise in the delicacy of pork, you've just stumbled upon a very right place!

Bak-Kut-Teh (pronounced as bah-kut-tehChinese肉骨茶) Borrowing Wikipedia's definition, the name literally translates as "meat bone tea". It is a dish of Chinese origin where pork ribs is simmered in a broth of mixed herbs and spices (such as star anisecinnamonclovesdang guifennel seeds and garlic).

The word "teh" itself, though, does not refer to tea! But due to the bad fat of lard in the rich pork broth, bak kut teh is always served with a cup of strong Chinese Oolong tea, a fermented black tea that is said to be able to dissolve the fat in your digestion system (so this is how you prevent getting fat, noted!).

Expecting as-usual clear image of interior? No way! This place is always so crazily packed ever since its opening due to its overwhelming popularity! However, you can still see a well-designed contemporary Chinese interior here, a good combination of traditional Chinese ornaments luxuriously executed.

While trying to preserve the traditional Chinese ornaments and details, they use sturdy and neat materials to keep it tidy and sharp! Love how they put the concept altogether!

Here's another general viewing from another side! Comfy huh? Great natural lighting and ambiance! In just a moment we're going to have the awaited tasting course, so buckle up and expect the best!

As Indonesians call it: Cakwe! This classic side dish is freshly fried to a golden perfection and you won't miss any good thing from this. Maybe you've tasted a lot of good stuffs of these from elsewhere, but what makes it count is its special sauce! We only ordered the small portion though, but for those who want bigger sizes, it comes in other two bigger portions!

The legend comes in two sizes! I ordered the small portion of their renowned Bak-Kut-Teh, which everyone comes here for. As the definition above has stated, the soup consists of a complex mix of herbs and spices, with simmered pork ribs.
Tender, juicy pork ribs that has been marinated with herbs, it emanates such strong aroma. However, I despite the complex aroma of the broth, I could only sense a strong taste of pepper, which is good in terms of taste. Maybe they don't want to get their taste to be too "medicinal"? Nevertheless, thumbs up for this one!

This one is the bomb! With the same base for soup, it uses pork tenderloin instead. I prefer this one than the ribs since it's just much more convenient: No bones involved! But in terms of richness of taste, the ribs were supposed to have the upper hand.


Now let's talk about uniquely authentic taste. If you grow up in Indonesia, you might not be familiar with pig's intestine being used as a culinary ingredient, not even in your everyday family Chinese restaurant. To me, it didn't work out much, though. I didn't really like whatever inside the intestine as it gives a bitter taste (and aftertaste) to my palate.

One of my favorite! Again, this one speaks Chinese authenticity as chicken feet were involved. Despite being unconventional, I personally like chicken feet, as the taste of the meat is actually tender, but a bit difficult to eat since most of them are bones, so you have to suck on it to enjoy its taste! The bean curd skin is also great, the sauce makes all of it happens. Thumbs up!


Time for the promised fat "wash"! Through post-fermented black tea such as Chinese Oolong or Pu'er, it is said that it is able to cleanse your digestive system and therefore helps to eliminate ill substances such as toxic and fat. The taste itself is strong in aroma, bold, but great! Truly a good drink to have after such a fatty meal.

Here you go! Our lunch for the day!


What are you waiting for, then? Care to taste a living legacy? You'll get it here!

Song Fa Bak-Kut-Teh
Ozone Mall 1st fl. 05-5A (across Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital)
Jln. Pantai Indah Kapuk Utara 3
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14660
021- 29673670

Opening Hours: 11:30 – 21.30

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