22 July 2014


"There is always a way to open any door."

I was astounded upon my arrival to this place! A small, yellow door with a unique handle (look at that lever-like thing on the left?) and a mind-blowing quote. As I'm a sucker for philosophy, I actually stopped for a split second just to get back to myself and remembered what I came here for:

a good cup of coffee.

Look what I found just right after entering! I just had a thinking, thanks to that philosophical welcome sign and I'm about to have some coffee. Man I'm starting to expect a great idea to really come up. In both writing and design, idea is the breath of life! I came here exactly to finish some work, and just after entering it already felt like this is the right place.

At the center of stage (no, really, this cashier and bar is located at the very center of this place) is where the main performers are: a mini team of a handful coffee experts that would pump up motivation and new ideas! Ordering with high hopes!

A dog is a man's true friend. What do you do when your true friend welcomes you?

Throughout all my posts yet I have never been so fascinated by an interior concept before. So many things to comment as they always put hilarious, yet smart, quotes.

Like this one, for example. Antique paired with prevention to any accidental breakdown

Gosh, if you were nearer to my neighborhood you might be my newest hideout to just camp out and work. This totally made my day: keeping one's dream and passion alive could sometimes make you worn out, so keep it alive with the right nutrition!

Cute cup sets, cute quotes, might look like it's crashing here and there BUT I was completely astonished that they blend actually quite well! I've never seen such execution firsthand before in my life: one that is actually to pull of a playful concept without sacrificing the artistic taste and fundamentals.

If you saw its brand logo, it'll show a traffic light replacing the letter "I". This is what it represents:

Another masterful art piece at the center of a space! I wonder if all of these are original works? Is this place toying with my mind? Am I still a food blogger? All I can say is these place has a bunch of stuffs you'd stare for minutes just to enjoy and comprehend! (Or maybe it's just me, I'm a real sucker for beauty!)

Beauty in symmetry. I love how they put all of these in one scene: Majestic.

There're lots of stuffs left but fortunately I'm still aware that this is still a food blog after all (should I write lifestyle blog some other time?), so let's move on to the tasting section...FIRST!

Named after a British overseas territory, I have absolute confidence in telling you that I have no idea why it was named that way (duh!). Sorry! Wasn't bothered to ask as well since other coffee shop (I only know Common Grounds to use this term) also use it for mini sized coffee cups of around 5 to 6 oz. (just a bit above piccolo!) and serve it with milk. This one's good! At least the hands of the makers were good although to my surprise they use single origin coffee (didn't even remember what it was! no sweat, it changes seasonally anyway so you have to always ask!) for milk-based drinks. Lack of richness in flavor is expected. In my opinion, an original house blend gives you a more complicated texture and taste. Hey, but who am I to judge? They just started! One of my daily coffee stops, Koultoura, also sucked when they just opened their store. Not anymore though, certainly not!


Now here comes my favorite!!! This dish might look really, really simple. Burnt-like loaf with a slice of butter. You might be asking why was I even interested in ordering this? But of course, the word nutella and banana did! This dynamic duo have been among my favorite ingredients ever and now they're fused into one and topped with silky salty butter! DELICIOUS!!! A bit crunchy in texture (yep, this bread is crunchy because they toasted it!) and full of flavor and aroma. They toasted it to get both the melting nutella and butter at the same time. Smart guys!


Are you on diet, but craving for sweets? You're just in luck, because they have this mini tiramisu cup to fill you up! One table spoonful leaves a hole as big as your ex does. But it is delicious though! Promising and decoratively beautiful, I love the plating and the texture.

All right, if you're not yet familiar with the term they use in coffee (except for Gibraltar, which I've rarely hear of), flatwhite is "usually" a term used for milk based coffee with really thin foam on top. Same flavor with Gibraltar though, only more milk, since they use around 6 to 8 oz. cup. I'm not sure which one is this, didn't really remember. Some shops in Jakarta use 10 oz. cup because of some "market demand" thingy. Why did I mention "usually"? Because some coffee shops "dare" to be different and try to make up flatwhite to their own original recipe, such as adding water (ouch! #nomention) to it, making it a 12 oz. cup of coffee. You might like it, I certainly don't. This cup was also quite promising, still with the single origin problem. Good, not extraordinary.

Their motto says "working space with coffee experience". So they main goal was to create a supportive working space. No wonder! If I ever lacked in motivation of work, this one, as I have already said, is on top of the list for me to regain my passion! Great design, wisdom hanging just anywhere on the walls...

I'm not sure if you have any spiritual faith, but yep, I say a big amen to each word on these list!

What are these guys? gatot kaca x buzz lightyear x E.T.? The key in understanding art is, you don't always need to understand.

Graphic, philosophy, coffee, and now music! Now we're already talking about culture!!!

...and talking about culture, just fyi, they have more to see IN the toilet (see it for yourself!)

I almost forgot about literature!! Here they are! See that red book of psychology on the top left side of the shelf? I have one copy of my own, that beautiful thing!

Clock's ticking and time's calling, fellas. Such a wonderful visit. This door, upon my leave, kinda reminds me of a ship's cabin. When you get out, it means you're ready to get to the deck and set sail once more, facing the storms ahead. Thank you for such an amazing experience, Trafique!

Jl. Hang Tuah Raya no. 9
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
+62 878 8984 8004

Opening Hours: 08:00 - 22:00



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