31 August 2014


Let me introduce you to my favorite dessert spot so far! Alright, as the title suggests, this is also my first ever post about place outside Jakarta. Bandung everyone!!! It's located at Paskal Hypersquare, ask some of the locals as the place is quite well known. The place isn't that wide but it has 2 floors, so no worries! Like some other dessert shop, the system here is you order your heavenly delicacies, pay, THEN be shown to your table. The photo below is the 1st floor;

So unfortunate that I didn't try these ones, just look at how tempting it is! I'm definitely gonna order these on my next visit!

Now this is one of their all time favorite! I've seen almost everyone on Instagram that came here ordered this (yes, I DID do some stalking) and when I arrived, they have just restocked it. Lucky!

Such a cute painting, don't you think? Love how they use cartoons rather than some photos or something, since it gives of a feeling of a little child, and that is exactly how I feel every time I have my desserts!

First thing you'll see when you went upstairs is THIS. Remember it well! :p

As you can see, the 2nd floor is has more space, cause there's a cashier and the dessert display on the 1st floor.

I can only take photos here after it started to get dark since it was so full before!

I love how there's a small pot of flower on every table and it's a real actual flower too.

They also offers yummy main courses too;

The best rice bowl I've ever had! The portion is filling too, though not that well-balanced, since most of it is rice, but I guess the meat is just enough and you can really smell the sesame oil which made you really want to just dig in right away! Too bad it's hot and had to wait longer than usual, even after I finished taking photos of it, cause they used a clay-pot.

Just your typical fish and chips, not bad but also nothing special. I normally don't order fish and chips cause until now, there's no fish and chips that is better than the ones at Fish n Co.

Banh mi is actually just Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread. Anyway, for such high quality sandwich, this is really affordable! I mean, the taste is delicious, the patty is perfect and huge, they use a crispy croissant for buns, and to add into it's perfection, a beautifully made potato wedges. Yum!

Peruvian.. Hmm, never tried anything Peruvian before and I like saying Peruvian, sounds exotic.. Lol! Anyway, I've waited for this dish for an hour even though the waiter said it'll just be 35 minutes.. A bit disappointing, but at least the chicken is super tender, the mash potato is a bit bland though, maybe it's supposed to be eaten with the sauce. Too bad there's nothing special about this dish.

And the moment we've all been waiting for..... DESSERTS!

Your everyday blueberry cheesecake got a look upgrade. It's taste just like a normal yummy blueberry cheesecake but just look at how cute and unique it is! Well, it taste and has all the definition of a cheesecake; blueberry on top, cheesy goodness on the middle, cookie crumbs on the bottom, but Fromage Blanc actually means white cheese, which is virtually fat free, but cream is frequently added to improve the flavor, which also increases the fat content, frequently to as high as eight percent of total weight, also can be served either as a dessert similar to yogurt, frequently with added fruit, or in savory dishes.

Pretty much taste like tiramisu, BUT they add baileys into it and unlike others who just uses the name baileys yet you can't taste any of it, they actually use a good amount of baileys that you can actually taste it and that's what made it so good and different. Yummy macaron for the final touch. Perfect!

Our queen of dessert for today! This is also one of the popular dessert on Instagram and I can understand why. Ain't it pretty?? Not only is it photogenic, it's also heaven to my taste buds! Sweet strawberry and cream sandwiched by a not too sweet macaron, the perfect combination. Inside this castle lies a ball of white chocolate with liquor in it.

If Marquess is the queen then this is the king! Never seen such cute presentation, have you? Gianduja is a sweet chocolate spread containing about 30% hazelnut paste and latte is milk, so I guess they're trying to shape it into a cup of latte. The Gianduja is the cup shaped soft chocolate cake and vanilla milk cream is the latte. Love the uniqueness, good job!

A glass of lemonade made into cake, why not? It's really similar to the Fromage Blanc, the only difference is that instead of blueberry filling, it's lemon cream. I don't need to tell you how it taste, all I can say is that from all of the desserts I've tried here, none is disappointing. Seriously!

"Enjoy the taste of a good life." - Sukha Delights
You've done a good job in giving me a the ability to do to exactly that with you awesome desserts. Well done, Sukha Delights! This is definitely on my top list of dessert heaven in Bandung. Thank you for the amazing experience.

Sukha Delights
Paskal Hypersquare D-11

30 August 2014


I bet you've also realized that this blog is flooded with Korean and Japanese restaurants, well my adoration for them is infinite, can you blame me? This one is located at Senopati, right beside Maestro Meat Market, near Bornga (another one of the best Korean restaurant), super easy to find.

There's 2 floors with normal table seating on the 1st floor and Korean styled on the 2nd, where you seat on a cushion on the floor with low tables.

The toilet is behind the kitchen for some reason, there's also a wide window that allows us to peek into their kitchen and teases us with the smell of their yummy dishes.

Enjoy the beautiful lighting that creates some kind of an oriental vibe while walking up the stairs.

When I was taking pictures of the 1st floor, the waiter invited me upstairs which I happily accepted, of course. The 2nd floor is only used when the 1st floor is full, though I don't really mind, since the upstairs is too hot cause it's semi-outdoor.

Though I did say that the 2nd floor is Korean styled seating, this one is not cause it's the garden area but still on the 2nd floor.

Now, THIS is the Korean styled seating plus some authentic decorations.


This place is loaded with banchan (side dishes) and I'm not gonna mention each and every one of them..

As you know, the good news about Korean restaurant is that they provide all these banchan that you'll be full even if you only ordered a few main dishes. Here, they have over 10 banchan (depending on their availability) and since I came early, all of the banchan are still available. Yay!


They have 2 types of Kimchi here; Indonesian modified, which is less spicy or pure Korean's, which is really spicy. Guess Korean's love their spicy foods..


You'll get this delicious steamed egg, 1 portion per 4 people. Psst, this is my favorite out of all the other banchan.

Don't really know what this is but it tastes like caramelized potato.. Interesting.


Korean's also have dry salted anchovies.

Even with the many banchan, they still managed to keep their fresh qualities. They always make fresh homemade banchan every single day, so no using leftovers.

Forgot what this is, either lemonade or lime squash, I'm guessing it's a lime squash.. All I know is that it's super sour and not really compatible to the foods. Don't blame me, I'm not the one who ordered this one..

Other than their barbecued meat, Korean is also famous for their soups and stews and mostly served with rice. Don't remember the name of this one either, but it has rice noodle and beef in it, also you'll get free rice to go with it. The broth is milky white with deep and soothing flavor, you'll feel refreshed afterwards.

Jjim means steamed and galbi means short rib, generally made with beef or pork short ribs. Not all Korean restaurants in Jakarta has this, this authentic stew is served with rice. The sweet taste is somewhat similar to Indonesian food semur or Chinese food ayam kecap. You have to eat this while it's hot or the sweetness will be too overwhelming, since the stew is really thick and sweet and comes with tender galbi, potato, carrot, and shitake.

As you all might have realized, in every Korean restaurant I'd almost always try their Japchae, and after all the Japchae I've tried, I can still say that my favorite is still Arang22's. This sweet potato noodles stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables at Wu Jang Gun is okay, though not better and more expensive, so Arang22 still has my heart when it comes to Japchae.

For those who doesn't know, Yukhoe is a variety of hoe (raw dishes in Korean cuisine), which are usually made from raw ground beef seasoned with various spices or sauces. Usually the most tender part of beef will be used. I was betting my health for this dish, since normally, regular Korean Yukhoe customers often patronize trusted restaurants or butcher's shops which have well-known, high-quality beef distributors. Mix the egg yolk with the raw meat and it's ready to eat. Yeap! It's eaten raw. At first, I was also unwilling to try it, since it's raw and cold and slimy, but it wasn't so bad after all.

Marinated short ribs, their special and I can see why. Delicious well marinated tender Galbi that just melt in your mouth, might be the best Galbi I've ever tasted! The BEST, no more explanation needed.

Forgive my clumsiness and forgetfulness cause once again, I forgot the name of this menu.. I'm guessing it's a Deungshim or something like that, almost similar to Galbi without the bones. Cooked to a medium is best for this type of meat or it becomes too tough and they cooked it perfectly here!


Okay, don't freak out! This is ox tongue, but for those who doesn't like tongue, don't worry cause this taste just like regular meat. The only difference is that it's really thin and tender, so it's like a thin sheet of meat. Though I don't really know how an actual ox tongue is supposed to taste like.

One thing that somehow bothered me is the table.. For a restaurant that offers 8-12 Banchan, they sure did not really prepared the space for it, I almost went Padang style by stacking up the plates. Price wise, Korean restaurant is always expensive, I kinda made a delusional theory that it's expensive cause we actually paid for the Banchan as well, it's a TRICK, everybody! Nah, I'm just kidding, it's most probably because of the heavenly meat and in Korea meat IS expensive. Nevertheless, the foods were satisfying and I wouldn't mind coming back here.

Wu Jang Gun Korean Grill & BBQ
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.34
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12180
(021) 7256181

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm