22 August 2014


Yeap! You can guess how happy I am when I knew Chung Gi Wa has opened at Puri Indah Mall: just around my neighborhood! It's such a joy because I grew up in this place, from when the place has nothing much to see, but now they have a lot of places to choose from!

This place is located at the newest part of the mall extension, top floor, across Hot Star. It just opened July 31st, so the place's still pretty new! Imagine how crowded when I came. The place itself is big but the queue is just long enough to make some people wait outside despite its size! That's why, unfortunately, I'm not able to give you any interior shot. Sorry!

When I came here, they were short on staffs, even the owner does the waiting job herself. So this might be too early to judge on their service as they might get better in time.

As always, the complimentary side dish in a Korean BBQ restaurant always include kimchi. It's your usual good kimchi, and as I've been always commenting on countless kimchis in every Korean restaurant, I'm quite sure that their taste is similar. Will tell you if there's an extraordinarily good (or bad) kimchis in the future.

It's the Korean vegetable pancake, which is included at the banchan. Could be ordered on ala carte with more seafood fillings for IDR 75k, but I'm content with just this one! This banchan is refillable by the way!

I don't know what it's traditionally called, but it tastes similar to a sweet and sour chicken. Unfortunately not refillable, despite its really good taste! It's said that in the evening they're usually already out of these heavenly treat of goodness!

A bit below the standard in my opinion. Compared to Arang22 's jab chae, this one loses by a wide margin. It's kinda hard to chew. However, I've been to this place the other time and it was good. Maybe since the place is new they're still unable to keep their consistency to a certain level.

MOKDENGSIM (pork tenderloin) IDR 69k
It's a pork tenderloin slice from the neck part of the pig. Sounds a bit of a turn off but don't worry: this is actually the best part since it has the least fat: tender, thick, and delicious but also juicy.

cold buckwheat noodle / spicy noodle

Similar to the japchae, the texture is so hard to chew. Maybe the batch of the noodles are just bad that day. This one's a cold served noodle soup with eggs. A bit sour to the palate, but the taste only came from the soup as the noodles were a bit bland. Not really my kind of food though.

SAMGYEOPSAL (pork belly skin off) IDR 69k

Korean BBQ will never be complete without one! This is what everyone always orders (including me!): pork belly. The juiciest part of meat of a pork, which is also the most sinful. The taste? You don't have to ask! So good it melts inside your mouth! They have another version of this though, where they don't peel the skin off, it's called ogyeopsal.

Chewy pork cheek
It's so chewy and tender! A bit different to pork belly as that'd be more to the juicy part. The glorious part about cheek meat is that it's more to the mix of tender and juicy, in the middle between tenderloin and belly's level. So good!

Alright, that concludes the meal! It was actually a really great dinner experience despite a little bit of disappointments. However, it's still the most recommended Korean BBQ in Jakarta Barat area and we're expecting a better quality of food in the future! Cheers and congratulations for the opening!!

Puri Indah Mall Expansion
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
Lt. 2 (near Hotstar)
Kembangan Selatan, Jakarta Barat11610

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


  1. Cindy Lulaby ! You shared very useful information for all blog readers especially me. I am planning to go Jakarta after my washington bus tours. I must visit this restaurant and taste these dishes. I hope so I will enjoy the foods there.

    1. Thank you for visiting our blog! Hope you enjoyed the foods here in Jakarta! :)