21 August 2014


Howdy! I was craving for a simple western delicacy as I got to this little steak house! Located across the Tribeca Park within the Central Park Mall, this place looks like a hidden paradise as it's located a bit at the corner. Since in my opinion there aren't many "great" culinary destinations in Central Park, this one quite intrigued me, so voila! Here we are!

Simple North American style interior with a steak house concept: friendly with some red color accent and tourist-friendly ornaments! Bar concept with wooden stools, brick walls and wooden ceilings as well as flooring.. Interesting start!

Actually, Hog's Breath is already an international brand as there are many other outlets in Australia and Singapore, ever since its founding in 1989. This is their first outlet in Indonesia!

The American signature stays at the neon light display though! Also with the intriguing statement: we'll see if they'll prove it true!

If you watch some American TV series like Friends or How I Met Your Mother, you'd be familiar with this scene. This is what they call 2nd home, where best buddies gather and have a lot of fun and create history!

This is what I'm telling you about "tourist friendly": I think directional ornaments with plate numbers that signifies car traffic are cute!

Tour posters with its best elements! Drawn with the best comical style, this place really speaks home for any traveler. A place that packs lots of memories altogether!

Good food, good friends, what else could we expect?

MINESTRONE SOUP (part of lunch set package)

Alright, let's start off with the basic first! Minestrone, a tomato based soup with a slice of grilled bread. Not so kick-ass but proper. Have to admit that I'm no big fan of tomato soup for its sour taste and despite the freshness of its taste, I can't bring myself to really love it.

CURLY FRIES (Part of Jumbo Combo)
I'm totally into curly fries rather than the regular french fries!! I don't really know what their main difference really is, but the base seasoning is already quite different. Love the texture as it's usually more crunchy and tasty.


Well, what must I say? Nothing's really new here, except that the whole plate are all well cooked. The killer's in the sauce though! Deep fried dishes everywhere would taste more or less the same and this is what they make up for: two sauces with two distinctive characters, one creamy, another spicy.


Starting off with this one. The good thing about this one is that it hardly ever fails! Chewy squid that's salty and crunchy, just don't forget to dip it into the creamy tartar sauce!

topped with melted cheese and stuffed with beans and ground meat. I didn't really like it since the potato skin wasn't crispy and there's still a quite thick portion of potato on the cut, making it more like just stuffed potato. Melted cheese is always good, but I think the beans didn't go well together.

Tastes more like fried prawns instead of fully filled spring rolls I expected to be. This one isn't one of my favorites on the whole plate, but still proved to be quite good.


Crispy skin with rich and salty flavor! This is the type of fried dish that I love. Might be borderline though, some of my friends think that it's too oily while for me it's still good.


This is just a classic favorite! I don't have any significant preferences between monterrey cheese and mozzarella, as I'm crazy about cheese! This one counts as well: crispy battered cheese is a blend of flavor and texture. Yum!

(set package: IDR 100k+ with minestrone and iced tea)
Traditional spaghetti tossed in a sliced garlic, sliced chilies, tomato, white wine infused olive oil topped with fresh grilled prawns

Okay okay, if you've been following my posts you're gonna see a lot of aglio olios! Yep, I'm such a big fan of it and it's been a habit to order one! This one is certainly not a disappointment, so flavorful! Cooked perfectly al dente, The uses of salt, chili flakes, and garlic are so great, making a beautiful plate of wonder. Fresh prawns, certainly, and also a good share of portion.

Prime rib steak seared on the char-grill and then topped with house blue cheese ranch dressing

Here is the main thing: The best a steak can get! I ordered a medium well cooked steak yet what I encountered was a really tender, juicy steak that made me drool all over! Great quality of meat and I totally love the blue cheese ranch dressing, only that the mushroom sauce was a bit ordinary and diluted. Other than that it's still a great quality steak!

Quite a pleasant lunch! I had a really good time here, too bad there weren't so many of us since we'd like to order more menus! However, the steak as its signature dish was great and so was the pasta. Might not be able to get anything grandiose with the fritters, but that's just how simple it goes with American steak house!

Central Park Mall
Tribeca Park GF #15
Jl. S.Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat


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