27 August 2014


Time for a proper sushi lunch! Mikura Sushi & Sake is a small sushi bar located just beside Bakerzin at Plaza Indonesia. The entrance isn't really big so you might actually miss the place if you don't pay attention. But I have high expectation for such places: the harder to find, the better (hopefully)!

Now you've seen the extravagant cabinet of their sake collection. Luxurious. The gallery of vases also speaks class.

 Look at what they have on the bar! You can look into these fishes' eyes to see how fresh they are. No kidding. Top class! Also, you can witness how they're being prepared, on the spot.

These are called Noh masks; usually used in Japanese classic theatricals, this is used as a decoration to signify their deep values in appreciation to Japanese culture.

I must say that this place is not a place to have a big group reunion. It's a bit private and cramped. I saw that most people who come here are adult business men.

Here's the only section of the place that could provide seats for a bigger group. Only separated to the main room with a curtain, I'm not sure if this is somewhat a VIP section or not.

Look what I found when I got into the room! A giant chunk of tuna!! Totally fresh looking and appetizing, I wish I could just bite it straight like a bear would!

Elegant looking utensils!

My personal favorite is this chopsticks holder :p

Look at how cute it is! As if it's staring straight into our eyes :p

Here's where we dined: a good table for 2.

Yet another cute little thing!

OCHA (refillable)
I rarely comment about the ocha I drink from any Japanese restaurant, but if you take a look at the glass, you'll know that this one's the real deal. For a refillable ocha, they provide thick ocha that tastes so proper and fresh.

CHAWAN MUSHI (part of chirashi sushi set) IDR 27k

Here it is! It's delicious actually, but since I've had a major love for Katsura 's chawan mushi, this one still has yet to steal my heart. A good one though!

Additionally, I also get this bowl of miso soup as part of the set!

assorted sashimi on rice
This one totally blows my mind. Too fresh as if they were just alive a minute ago. A mix of so many seafood goodness that you can see: ebi, tuna, salmon, ika, etc. Put on some shoyu and wasabi and you're done! So gooddd!!!

Well, this contains pretty much similar ingredients with the chirashi sushi, except that this one comes without the rice. Beautiful display that made me hesitant to eat it!

Snapper. Tastes so good despite it not being my personal favorite of fish choice.

The most commonly eaten sashimi. What more can I say? They're so good with such fresh ingredients. Sublime.

fresh, chewy, not smelly at all. Perfect cut of chewy heaven!

Happy cat, happy me :3

Grilled to perfection while still a little bit pink inside. The best part is how tender and soft the salmon is, and marinated well with the teriyaki sauce. Perfectly executed.

By the way, the portion size is quite good and the sauce also didn't overpower the taste of the fish. Thumbs up!

Here's the final part of the chirashi sushi package. It's just basic mochi (Japanese rice cake) with peanut powder. Tastes simply good and sweet.

Wow! I'm amazed with the quality of the food, and it's been two months straight since I've started to get great Japanese meals, starting from Takumi to Katsura. I might be a Japanese food connoisseur someday (I wish! Just kidding!).

Mall Plaza Indonesia Lt. 1
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 28 - 30,
Jakarta Pusat 10270
(021) 29923670

Opening Hours:
11:00 am – 10:00 pm


  1. Bagus banget foto2nya, Minta Tips ... pake camera apa ?

  2. thank you for your commentary about our restaurant..wish you came again :)

    -mikura's waitress-