26 August 2014


Yet another Japanese delicacy! Located at the hip and happening Pantai Indah Kapuk's Ruko Crown Golf, it's in a joint building where you can find Fish&Co at the first floor, this one's at the third! Elevator is provided for those in need. No worries!

The place isn't that spacious, it's only half as big as the Fish&Co. downstairs. From the inside, it totally looks like a yakiniku specialty restaurant: Place for grills on each table with its own exhaust!

The interior looks really simple, but I actually like it! The geisha-looking woman on the picture takes a significant place to the elegance of the room in overall.

As an authentic yakiniku place, the concept is really similar to the usual Korean BBQ place; except that instead of having seasalt & sesame oil as the main sauce, you have wasabi and shoyu sauce here.

I particularly love this corner! I like how they did the wall construction; simple idea that brings forth luxury and class. The chair looks a little bit off though.

Before I begin, let me first tell you that for halal food seekers, this is where we bid farewell. They serve pork here, where you can also choose whether to have sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, or yakiniku. I chose to have more grilled dishes!

The moment I skimmed through the menu, I was thinking that it's not as pricey compared to Korean BBQ restaurants. I had high expectations and excitement as I start ordering a lot of them! But well, there's a reason they set a lower price: less portion. I should've known better! See more below...

KARUBI (Australian Beef) IDR 78k
All meat here are marinated in sauce for a long period already. Imagine how flavorful it'd be! Grill it to perfection and eat it with rice. Heaven and Earth collide.

Yeap! As the price suggests, you won't expect a big portion of meat here. Note to you guys out there, don't expect to get your tummy filled. Here, you go for quality. They do superb job in it! These 3 thin slices of meat proved to be totally delicious and mind blowing! It's killing me because it stimulates my appetite to order more! 

Another 3 thin slices. Another superb taste. However, compared to Gomawo, their neighboring Korean BBQ, they're still a bit inferior in this part. Small portion has become their main shortcoming. If you love to eat elegantly, this might be good enough for you, but unfortunately I eat like a savage!

I almost forgot! Don't forget that grilling this thing is quite tricky since the meat is fatty. I almost made them burn because it gets burnt pretty easily due to the oily surface of the meat.

HARAMI {USA beef (outside skirt)} IDR 88k
As beautiful as it looks, despite the hurting small portion I must admit that my saliva glands as well as my tongue speak a different language. So delicious and tender. 

I'm out of words. Every single thing I ordered tasted totally great. Perfect! Except for the portion.

It came this way to my table: wrapped in aluminum foil. It's pre-cooked and had to be grilled (see picture below). When the foil expands, it means it's finished cooking.

I must say that the taste is totally unique! Can't accurately guess what ingredients did they have in the broth. Perfect mix of taste, great texture of fish with melted cheese on top! One of the best baked dishes I've ever tried! CRAZY!

I think there isn't any need to actually conclude the whole experience. It's all written! Go for it!

Rukan Crown Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk
Blok D no. 25-27, 3rd floor
Jl. Marina Indah Golf
(021) 2942 4980

Opening Hours:
11:30 am - 10:00 pm


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