14 September 2014


Hello! Look at what I found! Another new dessert palace here at Kota Kasablanka called Baker's Gallery. Located really close to the lobby entrance, so it's easy to find. I heard about this place from a friend and has been craving to visit ever since, so after having lunch at ToGo with some foodies, we went straight to here for desserts!

It was at after lunch time when I came but there's almost no customer there, maybe cause it's still new, just opened a few months ago.

The place looks really simple and sweet with a hint of elegance, love how each tables are decorated with a single beautiful flower.

This place is well known for their croughnut so I thought, might as well try it. The thing about croughnut is that if it's not amazing then it's nothing, still acceptable, but that's just it; acceptable, and I don't really think this one is that outstanding compared to the other desserts they have here.

A bit disappointing, since I was expecting a burst of cream when I bit into it, but all I get is a frozen cream. Guess it was because they stored it in a chiller, but it was okay. Could've been better though, if only they could do something to the cream, the cream doesn't really taste like peanuts either.

This is my personal favorite out of all desserts I had here! How the chocolate just melts into your mouth is heaven! Inside it is a creamy chocolate that taste perfect, I'm guessing it's dark chocolate though it's almost too sweet to be dark and not that sweet to be milk, so I don't really know. Anyway, I recommended this to those who just love chocolates.

My 2nd favorite! Whenever I'm not in the mood for chocolate, I always went to cheese mode, so to say whether I like the chocolate or cheese more is like whether I choose my arms or legs. Fortunately, this place provides my favorite two with amazing taste, looks, and texture. Love the crunchy top mixed with the softness of the cream cheese!

This is the complimentary beverage from the owner after we chatted a bit with him. How kind of him!

There's also an outdoor which is really pretty, but with the hot weather that day, it wasn't tempting at all, even if I could get better pictures there. I thinks it's better if you come in the late afternoon if you're planning to sit outdoors.

The owner here is really friendly and kind, while I was taking pictures, he approached me and we had a little chat about the place then we exchanged name cards and he thanked me for coming. Baker's gallery is a new member of Ryst Group. The place is really pretty but they still need to improve the taste and quality of their desserts, looking forward to their new and improved ones! Good luck!

Baker's Gallery
Mall Kota Kasablanka
Food Society GF, FS 30
Jalan Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Kuningan, Jakarta 12860

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 07:00 am - 10:00 pm

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