29 September 2014


Such a strange name for a restaurant but don't worry, there're no blue monkeys on the loose here, just some cute stuffed monkey toys hanging all over the place with a hint of blue in the interior. Fyi, that newspaper look-a-like is actually the cover of their menu, which I think is awesome! They're more of a bar to hang out, drink and stuff rather than a restaurant, since even the food they offer is not much, just pasta, pizza, from the sea and land, and that's it!

Blue Monkey is located at the 2nd floor, above Kei Sushi, which is a new sushi place that I'm looking forward to visit next! Here, they open at 5 pm, but allow me to suggest coming here later than that, since the sunlight will be directed exactly to this place and because they're all glass, it's gonna be a bit warmer than usual. I mean, come on, this place is a bar, of course it's built for the nightlife!

From their table setting, it's somewhat obvious that this place is a semi-fine dining. Classy yet casual, nice!

These are the stuffed monkeys I was talking about, they're hanged on every tree in this place. Ain't it cute?? Told ya!

The place has a multi-concept for their interior, you'll feel like you're in a different place with each section!

Monkeys everywhere!!

See what I mean, in this area looks Asian oriental or something. Lol!

This one feels more bar-like, with the highchair and all, right?

Our 'must have' refreshment, that has become somewhat of a traditional beverage!

Which is actually an iced cafe latte, since it's coffee plus milk!

Pineapple muddled, orange juice, passion fruit with ginger ale.

Very refreshing! I love the fresh taste of the sweet & sour pineapple and orange with a hint of ginger, the only thing that is bothering me is the disturbing passion fruits that kept clogging my straw, it seriously needs a bigger straw. Nevertheless, it's gooddd!!!

It's always good to have some! Simply eaten with balsamic dressing or butter and your hunger will disappear!

Wagyu beef burger, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, pink sauce, home made bun bread and belgian fries.
add cheese 16k
add bacon 29k
add sauteed mushroom 15k

A perk of DIY menu that I personally don't really like; before you know it, you've added every single ingredients they offer (why? Because the burger will turn EPIC of course!) and you end up paying too much :( However! I'm very satisfied with the wagyu: thick, tender, perfect! The irony though, is having buns that couldn't match the quality of the meat. Fries was also too ordinary. Not that I'm too perfectionist, but after paying more than IDR 100k for a burger, you'd expect nothing less than perfection!

Assortment of several home made desserts to share for 4-6 people.

THIS IS IT! The majestic blue monkey dessert specialty! Desserts for 1 meter long, such a heavenly view to me as I loveeee them so much! As the most expensive desserts menu I've ever ordered, this came at an appropriate portion! You can order the half meter one for IDR 159k though, but I didn't hesitate to pick this one!

First off, beautiful plating. Starting from the simplest: vanilla gelato. There are so many kinds of desserts on this board which I can't name one by one. This one's quite good despite its not-so-extraordinary taste.

The next one is this cute strawberry pannacotta! Again, the taste isn't any bit extraordinary. The bad thing about having too great of an expectation is that the disappointment on tasting. Great display though! Not that everything here is bad, it's just the taste was too predictable unlike their presentation.

Chocolate butter cookies is coming up. They offer quite a ride of different dessert textures, which are good, but again; little improvisation on recipes and taste.

This one is some king of vanilla raspberry mousse. I'm a lover of this kind of texture so this one quite left me an impression!

The most ordinary of the bunch. What I tasted was just a pair of butter cookies. One you'd have with coffee. Oh well, sometimes it's difficult to plate a meter of dreams that you wake up to an unimpressive reality.

Yet another pannacotta? Packaged with different container, it certainly is beautiful for the eyes, but the lack of creativity disrupts my palate a little bit.

This one is what intrigued me the most! It's attractive with that mini pot shape, which is actually some kind of chocolate mousse with crumbles on top. Starting to think this as a food presentation rather than tasting experience.

When I came here, they opened at 5 pm but on the website, it says that it's supposed to open at 3 pm, so that's a bit confusing, hope they can fix that. Guess you can say that I came here for that unique 1 meter dessert, which is very cute yet taste very ordinary. I'd say this place needs to step up the taste cause people are gonna come here for that and if you can provide a spectacular taste to go with the presentation, I think you'd go a long way!

Blue Monkey
Foundry 8
Kawasan Niaga Terpadu Sudirman, SCBD Lot. 8
Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
(021) 5150533

Opening Hours :
Monday - Saturday : 05:00 pm - 01:00 am
Closed on Sunday


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