10 September 2014


Good news!! A popular restaurant from Singapore has finally reached Jakarta! Brewerkz has opened their first franchise here at Senayan City, located at Crystal Lagoon (near En Dining, Mamacita, Zhuma, etc). At first, I thought this was the one in Ancol, Brewworkz, sounds almost alike isn't it?? But nope! This is the Brewerkz from Riverside Point Singapore, yeap, the one that brews their own beer! They feature high quality American-style food and a full range of premium beers. Too bad I'm not a big fan of beers or this would've come on top of my hang-out spot list.

How I found this place was a bit unexpected though. I just came to see the bazaar from Go Girl that was held at Senayan City, alone and hungry, so while waiting for my friends to show up, I decided to browse for a place to have lunch and I found this. Though a bit hesitant at first, since there's almost nobody eating here, but I was seriously tempted by the large amount of meat that sounds yummy in the menu, so why not?

They gave me the large table because there's no other customer other than myself, which means; I get to take pictures of the interior in peace and did exactly that without ordering first, since my friends are almost here anyway. While I was going around the place for pictures, the manager approached me and so we talked, exchange name cards, and I went back to doing my business. Not long after that, the PR (Mba Prita) also came to me and asked where I came from and stuff, she also asked me what dish I want and she also gave some of their specialty dish for me to try. What an unexpected turn of event!

The place is HUGE, just look at how many tables there are, like it's enough for 100 people or more! Though it seems a bit underrated at lunch time, the manager said they usually hit a full house at night and weekends, well, the place DOES specialize on beers, so it was kind of expected.

This was the table they gave me, the sofa table for 6 people, thank you!

A sofa table near the kitchen to minimize the waiting time for your order.

Need a toilet? Don't worry, it's provided inside the restaurant and there's more than 1 room, so you won't have to wait a long queue for it, clean too!

You can clearly see that Brewerkz comes from Singapore from this painting.

The VIP room! You'll get a private room with a long table and a huge LCD television for the minimum of IDR 2,5 million, that's only IDR 250K per person for 10 pax!

Read the label carefully, okay? :p

With homemade peanut sauce.

DE-LICIOUS! Perfect juicy meat with yummy homemade peanut sauce. Seriously, both chicken and pork are really tender, but of course, I prefer the pork. I rarely find good satay in restaurants, so this is a definite plus for me.



Served with blue cheese sauce.

This is the chicken wings that they're so proud of and I can see why. Just look, it's practically shining! Dip it into the blue cheese and you'll get an amazing mix of taste in your mouth, PLUS the portion is filling, but trust me, you won't be able to stop munching on it that even 10 wings is not enough!

Mixed greens, grilled chicken, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes, sauteed onions, hard boiled egg, and avocado.

Don't really like salads, but this is actually pretty good. There's bacon and chicken and egg in it, which made it acceptable for me, and don't forget the blue cheese! Whoever said healthy food taste bad, simply never tried to find some good ones like this.

With Singaporean Bak Kwa.

The all-time favorite burger!! Soft buns with thick, tender and juicy patty and pork jerky (yes, so it's non-halal), it was love at first bite. As you can see, this burger is so big that it's enough for 2 people, plus fries. A quick info; you can choose the buns for all the sandwich and burger menu, so you can have either sandwich or burger for all the toppings in the menu, for example, you can have a Singapore BLT sandwich instead of burger.


Jim, Jack, John.
And A Baby, Lady, or Mexican.

First time drinking shots with milk ice cubes, what a unique way of mixing milk into your alcohol! And it's not just milk, see on the menu, there are 3 kinds of addition to the shots and this one's the Baby (milk). I don't really know what the others are, but I sure am curious! Tell me if you ever tried the other ones, kay? Just so you know, Jim is Jim Beam, Jack is Jack Daniel's, and John is Johnnie Walker.

They actually have 4 signature beers but since it hasn't arrive yet, they couldn't offer it to us, not that I mind, but they still gave us these ones. I don't really understand beers, so I'm just gonna call it how I see it.


All I can say is that there's a slight tang in the aftertaste.


Taste like the usual beer, I think? I'm really terrible at this, sorry, but I don't know anything about beers.

To me, beer for lunch does not match and well, I don't really like beer to begin with, but even though their specialty is beer, I still had a great time cause the foods were awesome.

Anyways, really thankful for this unexpected generous lunch, it's so kind of you! Will definitely be back to try their pork knuckle, can't wait! Fyi, their next branch is gonna open up at D'Breeze. Good luck and keep up on the good work, Brewerkz!

Senayan City
Crystal Lagoon Area
LG Floor
Jl. Asia-Afrika Lot.19
Jakarta Pusat 10270

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