12 September 2014


Yeap! New restaurant, not so much of a surprise anymore, well, IT IS Jakarta. Red & Co. has just opened in August 2014 at Plaza Indonesia and fortunately it's near my workplace. Located near Ten Ten restaurant in LG floor.

By the way, the rose decorated flower is not the restaurants everyday concept, it's just a sample decoration for events here. So YES, they can decorate the place for you, if you're planning to hold an event at Red & Co.

Ain't it pretty? Roses everywhere, I can still remember how sweet they smell when I walk past this table. Wouldn't it just be the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary?

I just can't get enough of how beautiful and romantic this is!

Guessing that this place also sells those spirits and liquors cause you can see for yourselves that the prices are written there right on the shelves.

I think this place is almost similar to Corks n Screw, a perfect place for those who loves their alcohols. Just look at all those bottles, classy!

The space is ain't that big, might just be enough for only 20 - 30 people or so.

Lemon teas, nothing can go wrong with. It's refreshing and cheap, the perfect acceptable simple beverage.

It's the classic italian pizza served with tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese.

All the pizzas here range from IDR 55 - 75K and this is one of the simple ones. Pizza Margherita, was invented in 1889, the Queen of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte wanted a pie swathed in the colors of the Italian flag; red (tomato), green (basil), and white (mozzarella), which is why Margherita is so simple. The pizza's crust here is chewy, I prefer the crispy ones though. Since it is Margherita, the taste is really simple but with the generous amount of cheese offered, it became unbelievably good. Highly recommended for you cheese lovers out there!

Pasta sautéed with basil, parsley chili and garlic sauce.
Pasta: spaghetti / fettucini / penne / angel hair

For pasta at a restaurant like this one, the price is surprisingly reasonable, usually it'll probably hit 70K just for a simple Aglio Olio. The plating here is different, people mostly use tuna chunks or shredded ones, but here the tuna is still whole and at first glance, it really looks like chicken or other meat, don't you think? When you see the tuna this big, 49K is really worth it, the penne pasta also has a good texture, the only downside is the almost overpowering garlic. Be sure to have some breath mints ready or you'll probably scare even vampires away!

Sirloin, dory and king prawn served with barbeque fresh fries and mixed green salad.
Sauce: gravy / mushroom / black pepper / barbecue
Potato: french fries / potato wedges / mashed potato / baby potato

Seriously, who are they fooling? Sirloin + Dory + KING prawn only for 135K? Even I was a bit suspicious at first, but not wanting to be a pessimist, I decided to give it a try. My suspicion grew when they didn't even ask me how I'd like my steak. In the end, I was right, the portion was a bit small, the sirloin was well done and super hard to chew, the dory was bland, smelly even, and you can clearly see from the picture that that is NOT a king prawn, it doesn't even taste fresh. A big disappointment, but they've just opened so they should improve their taste immediately before people have bad first impression of the place.

I saw on Plaza Indonesia's website that Red & Co. is getting a renovation, hope that also means they'll improve their taste or they could just stick to selling spirits and liquors, which is a bit too bad cause they have such a great place. There's always time for improvements! Good luck Red & Co.!

Red & Co.
Plaza Indonesia
LG Floor, Unit LB #61
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
Jakarta 10350


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  1. Organized a holiday party here and what I hear was supposed to be a very stressful day ended up going very smoothly and it is all thanks to their amazing staff!