24 September 2014


Another new Japanese restaurant at SCBD!! They've been flooding with new restaurants here at this ever upcoming area, yes, it's South Jakarta. Well, let's welcome this newcomer, Sanjiken, that has just opened 2 months ago. I decided to visit here with some fellow foodies; Ivy, Daisy and Kato, and Hans.

Now, unlike my previous post, Tori-Ya, this one doesn't close in the middle of lunch and dinner, so you can rest assured that they'd still be open, even if you've missed lunch time.

The place holds up to 50 people! 

Amazingly beautiful and slightly historical artworks painted all over the walls! Love!

Like any other modern restaurants, this place also has a bar where all the cool 'Sake's are displayed!

When you look at the picture below, the place feels more Western rather than Japanese if it wasn't for those chopsticks, huh?

Love the super cozy atmosphere that gives you this serene feeling. The perfect place to take a break from the busy life of Jakarta!

Japanese essentials; Sashimi!

They also has a VIP room, which is covered by bamboo walls with a kotatsu-like table. Unfortunately, the lighting is too yellow, so I decided to seat elsewhere, which is really too bad, cause I bet you'll really get the Japanese feel if you dine in here!


Well, the price totally made me bulge my eyes out! 30K for ocha?? This has got to be the most pricey ocha I've ever had! At least, it tasted okay, like how a proper ocha should taste, so that's good!

Cold ocha.

Hot ocha, which is served in this cute china cup!

Noodle with boiled pork and soybean sauce soup, black pepper and black sesame.

I admit that the foods here are a bit pricey, considering their cheapest ramen cost like 88K, which is only 2K away from this one. Guess that quality really does come with a price, since the broth is crazy good with generous amount of tender, thick sliced, grilled pork plus a beautiful half boiled egg! Definitely worth every penny!

Drool worthy pork slice!

Noodle, boiled port loin, vegetables and boiled egg with special shoyu soup.

The difference between Sanjiken and this one is that the broth here is lighter and they didn't use grilled pork for this one, just the regular pork and strangely it's still incredibly good! Look they have narutomaki in this one, I rarely find ramens that uses any naruto, so this is unexpectedly satisfying!


This one's a recommendation from the waiter, I know it's expensive, but that's because it has unagi on top AND salmon inside, so it's like a double action! I immediately ordered this without any doubt and don't worry, it's not a scam, just look at how thick the unagi is! YUM!

Curry rice with deep fried pork katsu cutlet.

There's another one that is similar to this one on the menu, the other one is called Pork Curry Rice with the exact same description. Don't know what the difference is but the price is cheaper, only 65K and I realized it too late so I didn't get to ask the waiter. Anyway, unlike other curry dishes on other restaurants, this one separates the curry from the rice, so you can pour the curry yourself with preferred amount. The pork katsu is actually standard, but the curry is perfect!

This is the delicious curry!

Dice cut beef steak with vegetables.

Hmm, a bit too thin for dice cut meat in my opinion and the portion is a bit smaller than I expected, so I guess this one is expensive cause of the quality, not quantity. But the steak is super tender and juicy, it also has a very nice fragrance. Guess that I'll let this one off, cause of all the great foods they serve!

Assorted sashimi and chicken teriyaki (rice and soup included).

This one is really a great deal, for just 95K you'll get delicious teriyaki chicken and fresh sashimi, you'll also get rice and soup! Perfect! The teriyaki sauce is really something else, it's unlike the other usual teriyaki, really worth the try! The chicken is also tender and juicy with tasty crispy skin. Yum!

This is the assorted fresh sashimi that comes with the teriyaki. You don't only get 1 type of sashimi, but 3 types with 2 slice each; salmon, tuna, and red snapper. If that's not a good enough deal, I don't know what is!

Overall, if you're looking for quality on Japanese foods, this is the perfect place for you, though there's a certain price you have to pay. I won't really come back often but I definitely know where to go whenever I'm looking for a good Japanese foods!

Sanjiken Resto & Bar
Fairgrounds SCBD
Jl. Jendral Sudirman KAV 52-53 LOT 14
Jakarta Selatan 12190

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