17 September 2014


Sukiya has finally made it to Jakarta and it's in Baywalk Mall! Hooray!

Almost every Saturday, me and some blogger friends went out in search of yummy foods, either it's an invitation or just looking for some new restaurants. This time we choose here cause Sukiya is a popular Japanese Gyudon chain restaurant in Japan. The concept of the place is kinda similar to other Japanese restaurant like Yoshinoya, so you choose a table, order and pay at the counter then your number will be called and you have to take your food from the counter. Easy!

Sukiya was unbelievably crowded that day! Either because the food is actually very nice or because Baywalk itself was crowded cause of the Korean event or something, even the owner, who is really Japanese, also helped in cleaning tables and sort. The place is totally FULL! Nevertheless, that didn't stop us from doing what we usually do, take pictures of the foods, which also made us the center of attention (whoops?). Satisfied with our pictures, we started to dig in and a few minutes after that, something TERRIBLE happened!

Since there're no more space on the table for our bags cause it was full with foods, we had to put our bags either on our lap or on the floor and the space between tables're really close, which made it easy for thievery and my fellow foodie, Verdi (The Hungry Doctor), whose camera bag was on the floor, got his whole camera bag stolen! While we were searching for it in panic, a witness said that he saw some guy beside our table took it, the witness thought it was his own. In the end, we didn't manage to find the person who stole it, so this is a lesson to be learnt for everyone! Be careful!

So I apologize  for not taking any interior picture, it was a really hectic situation.
Okay, chow time!

GYUDON (BEEF BOWL) IDR 26,3K (R) / 32,7K (L)
This is the most standard dish here, typical rice bowl with slices of beef and onion. Tender and juicy beef with the perfect texture of a Japanese rice, so it's a bit sticky and chewy. Love how the beef is well seasoned and slightly smoked. Portion wise, I think regular is more than enough for me, but large might be a bit more suitable for guys. Fyi, this is the basic of all the beef bowl here, so the other menus are just an additional to this.

I know it said BEEF croquette and I don't know if there's something wrong with my taste buds but I didn't taste any beef in it, should probably add more beef. Everything else is okay though, tasty with good crispy texture! Fyi, if you add IDR 10K to all the à la carte menu, you'll get 2 Beef Croquettes, Miso Soup and Drink; Ocha (Japanese green tea), Pepsi, Strawberry Mirinda, 7up or Mineral Water.

There are also other side dishes like this half boiled egg that you can order separately. Here, they make perfect half boiled eggs, if you like creamy egg yolks, then this will amaze you!

Like I said, this menu is just the basic beef bowl with an additional half boiled egg. Whether you choose to order the beef bowl and egg separately or not, it doesn't matter and the price is still the same, so you don't have to worry. I recommend adding half boiled egg to any of your rice bowl dish cause it just gives you a nice creamy texture when you mix it up. Yum!

You can also add chili powder for spiciness. Anyway, look at those perfect egg yolk!

All the curry here is chicken and this is practically the same beef bowl with less beef and additional chicken curry. Just imagine that delicious beef bowl then ADD rich curry into it! Perfect for those who wants a creamy texture but doesn't like egg yolks!

Nothing really special about it, tasted a bit burnt which is still okay, just wished it was more juicy, but at least it's not under seasoned, so that's good! There's also a chicken karaage set for every à la carte with just IDR 16,3K, you'll get additional Chicken Karaage, Miso Soup and Drink; Ocha (Japanese green tea), Pepsi, Strawberry Mirinda, 7up or Mineral Water.

Well seasoned miso with soft Japanese tofu is always good to relieve all those oil from your dish and this one is good!

Even though there's an unexpected incident, doesn't change the fact that the food is enjoyable and I hope that the same doesn't happen to anyone else. I also wish that Sukiya could improve on their security system. Anyway, don't worry cause Verdi has already bought a new camera! Wow!

Sukiya Gyudon
Baywalk Mall
4th floor
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu B1 Utara
Jakarta Utara 14450

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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