30 October 2014


Who's up for a delicious all day long bus trip? Yeap, me and my blogger friends got invited to a ride with Locale 24 at Pantai Indah Kapuk for some molecular gastronomy. Located in line with BornGa, the place is really hard to miss with it's unique exterior of a bus, which has been a popular photo spot! By the way, they open 24 hours!!

A bar provided to do some mixology for a crazy cocktails and mocktails!

When you step inside, the first view around you is made to be like being inside a real bus with the painting of the driver the side of the wall! I find it cute that they're so passionate about their interiors, that they even have a turquoise colored AC!

This is not all, there's still plenty of room inside other than this bus themed one!

Don't get discourage by the name!! Cause at first, I was also a bit hesitant cause of the broccoli on top which really shows what's inside it, but my hesitation vanished after one sip! The honey really balanced out the whole drink and there's a broccoli scent but the taste was strangely sweet and knowing that it was a healthy drink made me feel better with each sip! Bye-bye guilty pleasure!

Instead of an old-fashioned lemon squash, this time it's strawberry! Very refreshing sour taste with a hint of sweetness cause it used strawberries, and there's also a lot of strawberry chunks in it too! This is one drink that's just calling out to all strawberry lovers!

As far as the healthy drinks in here goes, I still liked the Honey Brocoly better, though for something that's healthy, this wasn't half bad! At least, it was still enjoyable and it's 'Exotic Bok Choy', how often do you find one of these? Well, for me, this is my first time trying some beverages made out of bok choy and I had a great first impression of it, PLUS bok choy is the best vegetable sources of calcium that can be easily absorbed by the human body AND it's an anti-cancer, so let's enjoy this drink while staying healthy!

First thing that came to my mind was 'cool!!', I just love the pretty presentation with those 3 bright colors of citruses! Not only was it pretty, but also heavenly! In the hot days of Jakarta, this is the perfect drink to have! Everything just scream 'Refreshing', so go and get your dose of vitamin Cs!

Corn tortilla, potato wedges, chicken strips & crispy prawns in one plate.

Though the beverages were a great start, the appetizer was less satisfying. Shockingly, me and my friends were sure that something's wrong with the crispy prawns, it was no longer fresh! The others was relatively okay, tortillas like ones from Happy-tos, the chicken strips and potato wedges were nice, but there's nothing really special about it. Just hoped that they'll be more careful with handling seafood!

A unique pairing between our homemade spaghetti & well prepared eel to make your taste buds happy!

Loved it!! They weren't kidding when they said that the unagi is well prepared! The whole plate was generously smothered by Kabayaki sauce and the consistency of the spaghetti was perfect! Added that it was homemade just made it more impressive! My taste bud was definitely happy with this Japanese-Western fusion!

Dori w/ our Balinese styled sambal.

This one's actually pretty good! Don't judge it just because it looked very Indonesian! What made it so yummy was actually the Sambal Matah! Though it can be a bit spicy, I still liked how they mixed it with a little bit of Western and how well it goes with the dory, yet when you talk about sambal matah and fish, the ones in Fish n Co. is still better for me, but they did a good enough job on this, so thumbs up!

Crispy pork belly, pok choy, fried eggs w/ our special sweet soya sauce.

This time is something a bit Chinese and of course my favorite, pork belly! Everything was almost perfect for this dish, the only downside was that I think they need to lessen the soya sauce and add more of the crispy pork bellies. I need more pork!

Perfectly grilled beef served w/ potatoes, baby green beans & tomato salsa.

Was not that memorable and the so called 'perfectly' grilled beef was too tough for me. Could've been a great dish but a mistake of overcooking a meat is fatal for this dish! It was disappointing but there's still hope if they could fix it! I like how innovating they are with their menus!

Split a chicken in half & roast it with some baby green beans, potatoes, & BBQ sauce.

It's saddening to say that this was better than the ribeye, but it really was, since its harder to ruin the texture of a chicken rather than beef. Unfortunately, there was also a flaw here, the chicken was a bit too dry! Guess that they overcooked this one as well. They really need to fix their overcooking problem!

Here we are! This was the new innovation that they had prepared for us! Isn't it just beautiful? Molecular is a way to make things different then what it seems, for example that strawberry syrup for the base is not liquid but hard as candy! The glass bubble with the leaf is filled with peach liquor that pops in your mouth, so be warned for those who doesn't like alcohols, don't try the bubble, no matter how tempted you are!

A different form of a chocolate muffin! Yes, this is a chocolate muffin, a delicious one that is! Moist texture and very rich chocolate served with ice cream on the side. Nothing screams 'heavenly' like a perfect dessert to end a perfect day!

The minty caviar's sprinkled all over the vanilla ice cream! It's filled with green mint syrup and liquor; Absolute Blue!

It's always fun to have lunch with these great people! There might be some ups and downs but in the end it's the experience that counts! Thank you Locale 24 for having us and I wish you luck for there is always room for improvements!

Locale24 Diner & Bar
Rukan Garden House block B 10-11
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14450

Opening hours :
Everyday : 24 hours

28 October 2014


Annyeong! Let me introduce you to the newest Korean restaurant at PIK: Mapogalmaegi! I'm not even sure it's gonna be the newest for a long time because the growth of PIK is soo fast! If you're a frequent visitor who goes there once in a couple of months, you'll understand what I'm talking about! By the way, if you have a difficulty finding it among so many restaurants that are available in the area, you'll find Mapogalmaegi in line with Shirokuma!

You'll find 2 types of tables here, the round one, which is near the entrance and probably only fit for 2 people, and the square one, which is on the photos here and where me and some of my blogger friends sat, cause I find it disturbing to have people passing around while I'm eating.

They don't provide that many banchans here, which I think is why the tables are so small, cause even when the banchans are not that many, it's enough to fill the whole table. Lol!

It was okay, nothing out of the ordinary. Most Korean restaurants have these, a really simple and traditional Korean pancake!

At first, I thought this was made of eggs, turned out it was potatoes! 

Every Korean restaurant have to have one! I like the ones that has a slight tangy taste and this one did a pretty good job on it!

Don't really know what it's called but it's some kind of salad, with DRAGON FRUITS!!

Look! I'm doing high-tea, but with meats! :D

Delicious pork belly that is always on my menu! Can't never skip some pork bellies when a restaurant has one! Let me tell you, all of the meats here are super tender, super juicy, and all yummy! There's just something different with the texture of the meats here!

This is some eggs like those in Gomawo, but here, they mix it with kimchi and the texture's also different. The one in Gomawo's more like omelettes, on the other hand, the eggs here were a bit scrambled, so the texture's softer. I prefer Gomawo's though!

Welcome, the champion of pork bellies!! Love the tender and juiciness of it, and how it's not too oily! Usually, I love to dip my Korean meat into the sesame and oil but for this one, I prefer not to cause it's already beautiful just the way it is!

The portion's not actually this small, this was because we divided it into 2 portion, so don't worry!

These're 2 meats cooked together, maybe it was to save time. Guessing that they use the same marination on every meat, cause all of them taste the same, except for the spicy ones I guess?

Delicious tender pork jowls skinless! From what I know, pork jowls is pork cheeks; the slip of meat in the hollow of the cheek, underneath the animal's eye, but it's not as weird as it sounds! The meat is relatively lean and very moist, usually you'd need marbled fat to get the same degree of tenderness of this jowls. Try it and you'll be addicted!!

Special pork collar which was like small pieces of juicy tenderloins! Pork collar is from the neck area and it actually is a cheaper cut of meat, but this by no means implies that it is less delicious! The collar meat is slightly fatty so it won't dry out easily making it super tender and juicy! Yummy!

This mapo marinated prime short rib is the most recommended in this restaurant! I can see why it's recommended, the taste was different than the others, it leans more to the sweet side, which is good, but I prefer the savory ones better. Still, it was worth the try!

Somehow, I feel that this was really not photogenic cause one, it's cut meat and the another thing was the annoying burnt eggs on the sides!

Look at that shiny ribs everybody!

Mixed, stirred and sesame seasoned sweet potato noodles with various vegetables and seasonings.

Was slightly surprised that we got this Japchae for free, cause the owner somehow knew we were food bloggers (note that we took lots of photos and stuff). Well, nothing really special about it. just like any other Japchaes I've ever tasted, but still thankful though!

Spicy savory braised dish of sliced rice cake.

The smell and color of this Teokboki was really nice, but the taste was totally disappointing! I didn't enjoy it at all and it was way too spicy for me. This is also from the owner but it was a definite NO for me! Sorry, but maybe the cheese teokboki would've been a better choice!

I'd definitely recommend the meats here, though for the other dishes; not so much, but the meats is really worth the try! Seriously, two thumbs up for the meats, you have to try it!

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No.11
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00pm