12 October 2014


Look at this new happy place that has arrived in Jakarta!! Aranzi cafe is a dessert heaven with Aranzi Aronzo characters decorating the whole place. What's Aranzi Aronzo? They're only a company run by Mrs. Saito and Ms. Yomura that produces original goods with super cute characters, their catch phrase; cute, strange, cool, silly, a little bit horrible, stupid and comfortable ARANZI ARONZO!

This fascinating place has set its foot in the 1st floor of Central Park Mall, Jakarta since last week and it's getting popular really fast as time passes! Well, who wouldn't want to visit this kawaii headquarter? Even me, when I first found out about it, I immediately came here with my friends the next day! Fyi, we became the first visitor of that day! Yeah, we're that eager!

Even though the cafe is just a small booth in the middle of Hong Kong Cafe and The Duck King, it stands out like a sore thumb with all the Aranzi Aronzo character roaming around! Without knowing what this is, you'd surely be attracted to find out more about it!

Look! Look! They even incorporated the characters into their cakes! I'm dying from all these cuteness! Just some tips; come earlier cause the later, the less cake will be available and trust me when they say 'they'll restock', it won't be on the same day!

You can also buy some cute Aranzi Aronzo merchandises here!

I must admit, I did not enjoy their coffee at all. Well, I guess I shouldn't expect much, since this is not a coffee shop, the defect of enjoying good quality coffees too much is that your taste buds becomes more sensitive too less good ones. It's still super cute though, at least they still have that! Who wouldn't want a Panda on top of their coffee??

Okay, I put too much high expectation on this one... I was seriously eager to try it cause of its uniqueness! Turned out, it tasted weird, there's just a hint to almost none raspberry flavor, it's like they just put a drop of raspberry essence into normal latte. Big disappointment! Hope they'll do something about it, since it really is an interesting menu!

Probably the most decent coffee out of all the ones ordered! Well, you can't mess up with coffee plus chocolate, you just can't!

Most cafe with matcha and green tea latte doesn't really have coffee in it, so it's really refreshing to find one with actual espresso mixed into it. Even the name is not matcha 'latte' but matcha 'coffee'! Good job for the courage to do something different! Just some tip for those who'd like to catch this on frame, for the decoration of this one, I have to rush with the photo, since the matcha powder dissolves quite fast and all you'll get is a mess of green if you're too late, so be careful!


Love how they synchronizes the cups with the characters drawn on top of the beverage, shows how much they pay attention to details and how serious Japaneses can get into characters!

One thing that's obvious about this place is that, what their selling is really just their uniqueness. For looks they totally scored a perfect 100, but for cake types, most of it is just simple sponge cakes or mousse. Like this one for example, it really is just berry mousse with a layer of sponge on the bottom and cream to create the face. Taste wise, nothing extraordinary, but at least it's not bad, since most place that only sells looks usually have horrifying tastes!

My pink rabbit is flawed! Guess that there was an accident when they put the cake on the plate :(

For the chocolate fruit cake, there's two characters with this flavor, Panda and Black Rabbit. See what I mean by only selling characters? Tastes okay, the sponge's moist and the fruits're generous and fresh, as expected for Japanese pastries!

Calling banana lovers, this one's really perfect for you! The banana taste really pops out PLUS banana and caramel are simply a match made in heaven!! Banana mousse topped with caramel sauce, with chocolate sponge as the base. Really recommend this one as this is the only one that left a pretty good impression in my mouth! Did you notice the cakes are put on the exact same character plate? Too bad they didn't have the monkey's plate!

Darn! They also didn't have the horse's plate! Personally, this is my favorite. It's like a breeze compared to the other cakes, which have more heavy taste even though they're just mousse and sponge, but this vanilla mousse is really light and simple. Another perk is the cookie crumble on the bottom, similar to those on cheese cakes. There's also a layer of berry jam that adds a refreshing taste into the sweet treat. Perfect!

Going bananas over this one, literally! The banana taste was really strong so I don't recommend it to those who doesn't like banana flavored beverages. I'm guessing they mixed some nuts into it since they garnished it with nuts, even if they did, it probably got overwhelmed by the banana, cause it was all I could taste. I didn't try to much of it though, I'm not such a big fan of bananas, this was my friend's, but he said it's good, so it must've been perfect for banana lovers!

I know you guys might've been shocked with the price, I admit, 60K for a cake is a bit too much, no matter how cute they are, but the good news is, the cake is HUGE! Well, not a whole cake huge, but it's big enough for a piece of cake, so it was worth it! I suggest you to not get tempted to order all of the cakes by their cuteness, cause that was what happened to me. There were 5 of us to finish these 4 cakes, in the end, we couldn't do it. There was so much leftovers, that it was heartbreaking...but we just couldn't fit it into our stomach anymore! Consider yourself, warned!

Aranzi Cafe
Central Park
1st Floor
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Slipi Petamburan
Jakarta Barat 11470
021-2920 0489

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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