11 October 2014


Kon'nichiwa! Why the Japanese? Well, cause today we're gonna introduce to you another Japanese restaurant which is located at Little Tokyo, the same place as Daitokyo Sakaba. This is also another one of those that opened only at lunch and dinner time, which is at 12 pm - 2 pm and open again at 6 pm.

Came here at 11, since I'm just an impatient person when it comes to good food and became their first customer of the day right after they opened at 12. Yay! To all otakus out there, this will probably be your top dining destination with all the manga they provide (all in Japanese)! Oh, and most of the customers here are also Japanese, when I came here, all of the customers were Japanese businessmen, must be authentic!

Since nowadays, many dining spot has offered interior more than taste, it's amazingly relieving and refreshing to find one that still has a nice simple interior with an ass-kicking food!

Of course, the typical window to you're magic maker view is almost always available in a Japanese restaurants.

OCHA (complimentary)
An essential beverage for a Japanese restaurant!

Going to several ramen places in town, sometimes you'd get this weird craving for donburi! Translating it as a rice bowl, it's for those who'd like to have some rice instead of noodles as their carb portion! This one is not-so-mini compared to other places (ring a bell?) but not as big as a normal bowl either. Perfect portion for ladies with perfect taste! Love the tenderness of the perfectly grilled pork and it's well seasoned as well. For all of you non-pork eaters, don't be disappointed! They also serve chicken for the very same menu!

Gyoza is probably a mandatory appetizer for me when it comes to Japanese dishes cause I think it's the best partner for ramen and this has got to be the BEST gyoza I've ever tasted! The authenticity of it is killing me, in a good way, I don't even mind that it's chicken meat instead of my all time favorite pork!

Yeap! This has got to be their signature dish, it has the same name, can't get more obvious than that! Anyway, this place serves super sized bowl of heavenly goodness for only 49,8K! Guess that Japanese people really love their ramen. This is perfect for those who likes vegetables cause it's complete with large amount of corn, wakame, carrot, and leek with only few chickens, the noodle is also fulfilling, I bet it's even enough for 2 people. You can also choose between shoyu and shio for the soup. 

Drum roll please, cause we're gonna welcome the champion here, Chasyumen! Ramen with PORK, sweet, juicy, fat slices of pork! With the generous amount of beautiful pork and ramen, you can rest assured that you're gonna go out this place with a stuffed belly!

This here is the fat, juicy pork! There's like 5 or 6 thick slices of these and I seriously can't get enough of it! Best ramen in town next to Hakata Ikkousha and it's only because the soup is not as rich as Hakata's, but other than that, PERFECT!

Now, I'm gonna show you just how big the portion of the ramen is compared to the donburi!

Did you see how big it is? The best ramen shop in town indeed! Fyi, all the noodles here are homemade. Wow! Big applause for that! I'm definitely gonna come back here to enjoy their amazing ramen with unbelievably reasonable price!

Echigoya Ramen 
Jl. Melawai 8 No. 2A
Blok M (Little Tokyo)
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday :
Lunch : 11:30 am - 02:00 pm
Dinner : 06.00 pm - 01:00 am

Saturday and Public Holidays :
Lunch : 11:30 am - 02:30 pm
Dinner : 05:00 pm - 12:00 am

Lunch : 11:30 am - 02:30 pm
Dinner : 05:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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