27 October 2014


Hooray! A new dessert shop has landed on West Jakarta!! I'm always super psyched whenever a new restaurant opened near home and this was a dessert shop to top it off! Well, to start off, Mionette Cakes is located at Px Pavillion, which is a small building with just a few dining spot and others, across Lippo Mall Puri. Usually people just came here to get some reflexology at Nano or fitness in Golds Gym. The downside of this place is that it doesn't have a built in parking lot, so you have to park outside of the mall and walk across, the good news is it's free, which is awesome!

Mionette Cakes just opened like 2 months ago so it's relatively new. They're actually from an online shop that sells cakes for birthdays and stuff, but now they have opened a shop where I can enjoy their cakes! Yay!

The place is really small and since it's located like in an alley, it's divided into two sides, one of the sides is the one with the sofas in the photo below. Its really comfortable as long as it's not crowded or you'll probably have to fight over just for a place to sit.

Yeap! This is the other side, it's near the glass wall but don't expect anything cause there's really nothing below. The table's pretty though! There's only 4-5 tables and that's about it! See...told'ya it was small!

In the brand description, it's said that they specialize in teatimes. They made their tea without flavoring syrup but they actually infused the flavors when processing it and they really take pride in that! I didn't try their teas cause it was night time and tea does have caffeine in them, besides, they serve free water! I, of course, prefer the water, since after desserts, I need something neutralizing.

Their tea recommendations are; whole peppermint, chamomile, earl grey, morning dew, and wild cherry. Don't they just sound fascinating? I'm actually really interested in the morning dew and wild cherry!

A lot of cake choices can be found on the menu but there're only 4-5 cakes on display and they only have 1 pastry, which is very unfortunate cause the photogenic ones are the pastries. Cakes just look like this photo below, which I think is just ordinary. I need more pastries!

The pinnacle of southern heritage when it comes to cake. It has deep red-brown color, rich and moist texture with wild buttermilk and chocolate flavor offset by white savory cream cheese frosting.

Red velvet has been a very popular dessert nowadays. It's almost a must for a dessert shop to have one and Mionette, of course, provided one themselves and they did a superb job on it too! Very soft, very moist, the color's very nice, very rich in flavor, everything was perfect. There's one thing that kinda disturbed me though, the cream cheese was a bit sour, might be cause they're using lemon cheese? Other than that, it's all good!

As tribute to the most enjoyed classic cakes, we bring together traditional chocolate ganache cake and chocolate mousse cake into one delicious treat.

This was their top recommendation for cakes, which is very classic and most people love chocolate cakes and this one definitely did not disappoint! I can see why they excitedly recommend this chocolate cake! Like most of the cakes here, the texture's very moist and soft with rich chocolate, but not those kind of chocolate which is just a bit too much. The chocolate mousse really helped lightening the whole rich layered chocolate, very nice!

Mionette's version of the ever famous Lady M's Mille Crepes. Composed of twenty one layers of paper-thin crepe filled with light pastry cream enriched with Madagascar bourbon vanilla, topped with caramelized sugar.

For this particular dessert, it has 3 flavors; vanilla (35K), green tea (35K), and chocolate praline (38K). The one I chose is vanilla cause I'm in the mood for something original. The whole slice's texture is really soft and light with perfect sweetness of the vanilla cream, bad news is you can still smell the egg. Though I still prefer the ones from First Love, Mionette's was almost perfect!

Ta-da! The one and only pastry they had! See what I mean about pastries being photogenic? It's way prettier than cakes, right? Not only does this Lemon Tartelette looked good, it tasted amazing as well! The combination of the sweet meringue and tangy lemon was perfect, none of it was overpowering the other. It was a total harmony in every bite that you just can't get enough! Yum!

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful dessert time!

Still am super excited about the fact that there's a new delicious dessert shop near home, since West Jakarta didn't really often have yummy dessert shops. I really hope that many more would open here! I'll definitely come visit right away!

Mionette Cakes
PX Pavillion
Upper Ground Floor Unit #03
Jakarta, Indonesia

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 09:00 am - 08:00 pm
Saturday : 09:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sunday : 09:00 am - 08:00 pm


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