16 October 2014


Hello!!! How's your week going? I'm having an awesome one with a special tasting session at Potato Head, Pacific Place! They're having an event of celebrating American comfort food for the whole month of October, called the 'Smoke it Up'. Sooo, we are hyper-excited to experience their collaboration with California and Texas natives, Justin and Zachary from ‘Up in Smoke Barbecue’ who have been kind enough to share their tasty, smoky recipes!

In this special month, they have the most tender and flavorful smoked meats in town, such as beef brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken, and even the classic chili beans!!

Lovely interior concept as we always know! Its concept is similar to the potato head in Bali, only that the space in Jakarta is more limited. But as still lovely as you see!

Homey, traditional looking furniture is combined with deformed concrete walls and wooden flooring. A seemingly humble concept taking the old culture into life, but it needs a special execution to get things done like this!

If what you saw didn't convince you enough, how about some modern art mural paintings?

Here's the overall ambiance of the place around the bar: with 2 stories and an open space, this place is so lively!

Awesome work on the 2nd level! Love the use of natural elements as it freshens our sight as well as their trademark recycled-wooden-panes

Jim Beam white bourbon whiskey, fresh lemon pieces with homemade vanilla icing sugar

Well this is certainly a refreshing opening! As an any-kind-of-whiskey lover, I love how they combined it with lemon and vanilla icings. It's so soothing once you take a sip, and they have it all, the strength, sweetness, and sour taste that kick up your day!

Made with chicken broth, fresh organic vegetables, pasta and our barrel-smoked chicken

Alright so the description was real: everything here tastes SMOKEY! As an opener, the broth was so tasty and the most interesting part is that you should not be tricked by its name! Their definition of noodle is on the farfalle pasta they're using as substitution (see the pictures below!) Nevertheless, nice first move!

Here's the "noodle"!


Two slider-sized sandwiches with slow smoked pork shoulder, dressed in a Georgia style, tomato sauce with coleslaw and served with house fries

So they have 2 options for this: whether you want the sliders or sandwich. The sandwich would price you IDR 125k. Different in size, the sandwich is served as one big piece while this one serves you these cute mini burgers. The fillings are more or less the same though, and remember, all smokey. I love smoked goods and it's a good change since we don't taste them as often in Jakarta!

Here's the filling! Well, there's lots of vegetables and that's where I think it's lacking a bit: despite its tastiness, it should have more pork inside, don't you think so?

Smoked daily with our special secret rub that would be worthy of an award at any barbecue competition and served with a tangy Alabama sauce

This super big, smokey half chicken is so tender! Looked a bit too big for me and scary (perhaps appealing for most boys!) at first, but I completely changed my mind after tasting. Perfectly seasoned, tender, and aromatic. Loved everything about it! Delish!

These are very hearty beans that are slow cooked for 8 hours. we use our own homemade barbecue sauce as a base and include brisket and pulled pork

Time for some American classic side dish! This barbecued beans are combined with more smoked meats that will never let you get off the smokey-ness of this October! Tasted great but might be a little weird if you're not familiar with this kind of dish. 


This is an old family recipe brought over from Germany. We use homemade ingredients and our own dill pickles to make this salad.

As the description suggests! The classic old family recipe brings the best tasting potato salad that's simple yet lovable! Good texture and well seasoned, I love that the overall taste. Enjoyable classic!


Slow smoking brisket is part science, part sorcery. Slow smoked for 14 hours and rubbed with our house blend of spices, we offer you a taste of real Texas barbecue served with coleslaw and potato wedges.

My personal favorite is here!! By the way if I haven't told you yet, their potato wedges are perfect! Tasty and perfectly cooked! The taste of this tender beef brisket? I think the menu description tells it all! It's magically tender and tasty, the slow smoking process makes it possible as it marinates the whole flavor into one wonderful dish.

Almost forgot to give my compliments to the killer sauce! As if the seasonings weren't enough, this one totally completes the dish as it goes superbly well with the beef!

That's it!! Thanking Potato Head for the great opportunity to have such a great dinner experience and hope you have a smokey October, people! I'm all smoked up!


Pacific Place Mall G51A
SCBD Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
(021) 57953322




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