09 November 2014


Another team player has joined the Senopati group! Branché; located across of Sake+, in line with Anomali Cafe. There's not a lot of parking space here, typical of Senopati.

Inside, there are 2 floors, both are super spacey! Like most restaurants in Senopati, the place looked very crowded by the full parking space, which only looked full cause of how small it is. After stepping inside, the place looked half empty, which is good news for me, since that means I can freely take pictures without those judging eyes!

Look at all this natural light coming from the glass windows! This is what makes my job a little bit easier, praise God for the wonderful nature we have!

You can also find a lot of wine in this place and it’s all neatly lined below the stairs to the second floor!

So many variants of wine and all in one place!

Where there’s wine, it’s almost a must to also have a bar to enjoy them and Branché, of course, provided one! The bar’s also placed on the first floor, don’t worry though cause the place is wide enough to have them, so you should be able to picture how spacey it is by now, right?

I was kinda afraid when stepping on the stairs cause as you can see below, the stairs are like just a thin piece of metal that can easily crack if I step on it! (I admit, I’m not that light).

May I present to you, the second floor!

Take a closer look to the picture below! See the large gap in the middle? You can take a peep into the bar on the first floor from there! Unleash your inner stalker! Lol!

I was enchanted by the beauty of their outdoors! If only Jakarta’s weather wasn’t so blazing hot, I’d happily take a seat here! When I went outside for just a few minutes to take some photos, it already felt as if I was in an oven! Yes, it's THAT hot!

Be advised that it’s better to come in the late afternoon if you wanna sit outdoors!

Still wanting to have a slight taste of the outdoor, I decided to sit on the second floor but indoors and even that, I was still sweating so much! The place is all glass windows, so the heat of sunlight can easily reach in. Can you imagine how hot that day was?

A perfect blending of chocolate and coffee! It’s perfect for a relaxed afternoon or a treat to enjoy with great companies or even just with a good book! Beautiful scenery, good coffee and a good book, the afternoon has never tasted so delightful!

Crabmeat mixed with paprika and tomato cherry confit on buttered toasted brioche.

Not that memorable, but it was okay. The toast wasn’t that crispy, maybe it wasn’t toasted or was it cause it has absorbed too much moisture from the confit and avocado? Anyways, the whole dish was saved by the delicious avocado puree and crab mixed confit!

Deep fried chicken breast with creamy spinach and roasted paprika filling accompanied by pomme puree and mixed salad.

For the huge portion, the price’s definitely worth it! The chicken breast was super tender (which is rare for a chicken breast) with a nice crispy outer! The chicken was stuffed with some spinach and paprika that kinda produce a different and unique taste and aroma! They pomme puree which is like a softer version of a mashed potato which is really good!

Pan seared salmon glazed with honey accompanied by creamy spinach.
Why the price is that high is probably caused by the large size of salmon they offer! Can’t deny this beautiful cooked salmon that was perfectly synced with the honey glaze! For this dish, they accompanied it with 3 scoops of mashed potato (by the way, is it just me or is the mash shaped like a ‘gyoza’?). I prefer the pomme puree though!

180 gr of homemade Angus beef patty served with mixed salad and poached egg.

You can see for yourselves, how big the patty was! To think that it’s Angus beef they used and suddenly the price doesn’t seem that threatening anymore PLUS the super tempting poached egg on top of it just makes you wanna bite into it right now! Though the problems of burger menu on high edge restaurants these days is that they probably didn’t expect us to eat the burger the way we usually eat burgers. Just how do they expect us to fit that size into one bite? Which I think kinda ruin the idea of a burger!

Bad news! They only had 2 dessert menus!! It’s not even ON the menu, which surprised me at first, but after asking the waiter, he said they have 2 desserts available, which were choco melt and panna cotta, 2 really standard, really simple treats. I chose this choco melt which was good, though the chocolate didn’t melt like expected. Too bad, but still good nevertheless! My apology, I forgot how much it cost!

Ta-da! There’s a hidden room that I found! In this photo below, it’s not 100% done, but just look at the sunlight!

The second time I came here the place was already used for an event though, so I guess it’s finished!

I just love a great dining experience, especially if I'm accompanied by good friends! Branché might just be the perfect place to have some nice quality time meal. It might be a bit pricey but you can't really put a price for quality!

Branché Bistro
Jl. Senopati No. 33
Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours :
Monday - Thursday : 11:00 am - 00:00 am 
Friday - Sunday : 11:00 am - 02:00 am

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