22 November 2014


Hi hi! How's everybody today? Good I hope! Today is about an amazing place and home to some! It's the famous Regatta Apartment at Pantai Mutiara!!

Warning; there's gonna be a LOT of interior here, since this is probably the first time I'm more attracted to the interiors than the food! Who wouldn't in a place like this?!

So when you first arrive at the cafe, Dubai cafe, you'll find two sides of the room, each with different decor! This is what the left side looks like;

On this side, everything is more classy and elegant yet comfy cause of all the sofas!

The tables here have also been set up, like how a proper hotel restaurant would be!

You can also find the bar here!

Super long table that is fit for conference or something!

On the contrary, here is the right side! It totally has more beach house vibe!

This is probably more suitable for those who'd bring their kids, since it has more 'vacation' feel than the left side!

Love all the cute beach decorations!

And last, the breath-taking outdoor!!

No words can describe how beautiful the view is!

I could definitely picture myself enjoying a nice refreshing beverage with a good book on my hands!

I love the beach, the ocean, the smell of salt-water, and the sound of waves! Everything felt peaceful here!

Now before you get your hopes up, I'd like to just give you a heads up that the F&B here was pretty disappointing!

All I can say about these is; BLAND! I even had to ask for sugar syrup to at least let it have some taste in it! Can you imagine having to add sugar to a milkshake?

Don't laugh yet! This was actually a decent drink! I'm guessing that they're good on their juices! Remember to order their juices if you dine here!

Crab stick, tobico and kyuri

Guess that this was okay considering there's nothing that could go wrong with ingredients they used and just adding mayo on top! It was refreshing and light though! Anyway, I'm so sorry that I forgot the price!

With french fries.

The chicken wings were a bit scary, the color of the meat was kinda pinkish purple! I asked the waiter about it but after taking it back into the kitchen, the waiter came back and said that this was how it supposed to be! Okay, I'm totally eating with fear and the taste was not even good! They should probably find another chicken supply!

They have 3 basic options for the ice cream; vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. This was really plain waffle that you could probably make your own at home, you could even make a better one! They could at least drizzle a bit of honey into it!

The pool really makes you want to just jump into it!

Amazing view, Regatta, but they should do something about the foods, guess you can't really expect anything considering the reasonable price! I totally recommend that you come here and enjoy the view, order some drinks or something, you just have to see how crazy this place is!

Dubai Cafe
Regatta Apartment
Dubai Tower
Jalan Raya Pantai Mutiara TG-1D
Jakarta Utara 14450



  1. It’s so lovely apartment. Very clean, well maintained and gorgeous. I hope to stay in this apartment every time. Really I like Dubai apartment .saw one another that is PLATINUM 1 - Real Estate in Colombo it provides like this type of apartment.

  2. OMG! I live just 15 mins away and I have no idea this place exist. What a great view to relax in. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this. But judging at your review, I think I should bring my own food? Haha


  3. Dont even consider to come. Service are too bad for you to even imagine. Wait staffs are rude, and cocky. Food tasted soo bad.. They shut down the AC at exactly 8.30pm. Let's see how long this cafe will survive.

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