30 November 2014


Can't you believe that tomorrow is already December?? How time flies! Felt like just yesterday we were celebrating New Year and just another 31 days is left of this 2014! Okay, since tomorrow is gonna be a new month, today we're gonna share about something new as well! Though Pancious is not exactly a newcomer in this industry but they're opening a new branch at Central Park's Tribeca Park and serving new menu selections and we're so thankful for the chance to try it first hand!

'Marketplace' is what they're trying to picture in this new branch for their brand new image! Anyway, is hanging cables the new trend nowadays? Cause I've seen it like almost everywhere! Still, it does look good, so I approve of it! (Not that they need my approval anyways :p)

Since they're located at Tribeca with an outdoor equipped, the place was a bit too hot when I came, even their indoors! They said there was a problem with the mall's air con, the odds of being in a mall. Hoped that it's all fixed now, but looking at how crowded they were these past few days, I'm guessing it's fixed or it's not even a problem that'll affect their popularity!

Each menu that were gonna be prepared for us that day was displayed with these cute little jars! Big applause for the preparation!

Love that the earl grey aroma really comes out and also those cubes made from the milk tea as well, so even after they melt, the taste wasn't weakened at all! Prove that they do care about taste! One bottle of this was enough for 4 glass, which is recommended for 2 pax, since one glass of this won't be enough, trust me!

Was a bit of a disappointment, since the bad smell of the crab was too strong! Too bad, cause it could've been a delicious and refreshing salad with it's balsamic sauce and everything! Please do something with those crabs!

The same problem with the salad occurred here as well! What is wrong with the crabs?! Amazing pasta, bad smell! They really need to fix their crab supplier or something!

Guess it was okay, but I do admit it wasn't my favorite! I feel like the mushrooms kind of overpowered the beef and using it as a topping for a pancake and waffle was a bit too much for me! Might be because I was too full though!

The BEST dish I had that day! Totally fell for those tender wagyu and strong flavor! Well, looking at the price, a quality like this was expected, though I do think it was kinda overpriced! With those price, they could actually achieve higher quality and taste, nevertheless, can't deny how good it is!

After that amazing wagyu, this burger was kind of a let down as the patty was too dry and the buns was not the best buns I've had! You can even see how dry the patty was just by looking at the photo! Wonder what went wrong?

The exact definition of how desserts saved the day!! All I could say about this was; PERFECTION! Made me kind of regret eating the main dishes 'till I was too full to have seconds for this little hero! Just imagine a mellow mille crepes topped with fluffy cream and glazed with crispy caramel! Drool!! You can also choose pancake or waffle for only IDR 39,5K for this menu!

Even though there might be a few problems that should be fixed here, you can't deny that Pancious is well-known to produce delightful dishes! Just because they kinda lack in their new menu, doesn't mean they can't fix it! I bet their popularity will continue to burst up after they perfected these menus!
Thank you Erdona Pangsri for the generous opportunity to try this potential dishes! Wish Pancious the best of luck!

Central Park, Tribeca Park
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Tanjung Duren
Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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