24 November 2014


I'm really excited to tell you about this cool place at Panglima Polim area! Even if they really lack parking space for there's only space for 1 car in front of the restaurant..but don't worry, they provide a basement parking lot as well!! Not a big fan of basement parking but I'll do anything for this amazing place! How they arrange the lights and cables are SUPER creative! 

The room is sooo neat and clean that just gives you a fresh feel!

Regretted that I didn't come here earlier, I bet the place would look better with sunlight coming through those giant glass windows!

Mini bars? Of course they've got one!

Notice the room inside the glass door? That's a long table for a large group of people to have a room all to themselves! I'm so gonna plan a reunion or something here!

Don't you just think that the place looks sooo comfy?

You've heard of a BengBeng cake, now there's BengBeng smoothies! It's amazing how innovative people nowadays are, to think that this childhood snack can make its comeback. Just feels really nostalgic, too bad the smoothies kinda lacked the bengbeng taste, but it still tasted good and it was saved with the bengbeng on top!

Fresh crisp romaine lettuce topped with grilled chicken, egg, homemade croutons, parmesan cheese and tossed with caesar dressing.

For me who's not a big salad fan, this was oke-ish, since there was a lot of chicken, eggs, cheese and croutons and finished off with a beautiful dressing! Fyi, the name is actually taken from an actual typology and if you look at the menu, it really is written with a Times New Roman font! Cool, huh?

Close-up view on this healthy and yummy appetizer!

Four colors of rice made of green chili, squid ink, turmeric, tomatoes, served with chicken satay, fried egg and vegetables.

If you think this was just a normal, typical fried rice, you're deeply mistaken!! There're 4 different fried rice, each with it's own delicious flavor! For 4 types of fried rice, you only need to spend IDR 45K!! You CAN'T miss this one, you just can't!

Even the egg was perfectly done! You just have to try it!

The chicken skewer was okay but with the others so perfect, you'll let this one of!

For a sweet finishing, I choose another bengbeng dish

Fried BengBeng powdered with chocolate powder.

This was an actual BengBeng wrapped in flour. Sounds simple but you won't be able to stop munching on it! The flour didn't destroy the BengBeng taste at all, in fact it kinda complimented it! You can call this a successful innovation!

The highlight of this place is their Asian main course, they also have a few western courses like pastas, but there's nothing special with the western, so I totally recommend their Asians! So happy to find an amazing place with decent foods! I will totally come back here again to just chill or something!

Fyi, they used to open from 4 pm on their soft opening days but the good news is, they now open from 10 am!

Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 5C
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12170

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am

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