07 December 2014


Hey! Guess what! There's a bunny headquarter at Thamrin Office Park and it's called Avec Moi! Did you know that this is owned by a relative of Ian from the famous JKTGO? Located in line with Tanamera coffee, Avec Moi is the first flat on that line, so after going through the entrance gate, it will be right at your right!

Nowadays, a restaurant with a strong concept is a must and Avec Moi definitely has that aspect with their super cute bunny design scattered all over the place! They actually have 3 floors but only the 1st and 2nd floor is ready, so let's explore starting from the 1st floor!

This is what the 1st floor looks like and I love it! Really amazed by the setting of the whole room, so neat and pretty! My favorite is those wooden protruding shelf!

Black tables filled the room but I think the quality of the tables are a bit lacking since it's easily scratched! Had an incident where I accidentally scratched it with my plate that caused a white streak to appear and when I thought I had damaged a masterpiece, turned out it was erasable! Still, it didn't prevented the mini heart-attack!

We're almost to the food paradise but I just wanna show you 1 thing; plate mat, ain't that the cutest plate mat you've ever seen?! And I do suggest using it, so that you won't see many white streaks on the table, lol!

Also, really impressed with the chef's note that was put on every table! It's always better to get to know who's cooking for you!

Received this complimentary garlic bread to start off and even though this just act as a starter, the taste was a great teaser of what was to come!

The garlic bread's dipping was chicken liver! Really thought that it was tuna or something but turned out to be liver mixed with eggs! I'm not a big fan of intestines but this actually made a good dipping for the bread! Don't ever try tasting it without the bread though, seriously, just don't!

Since this was not Avec Moi's grand opening, they're offering such a generous set menus!! 2 courses for IDR 120K nett and 3 courses for IDR 140K plus both includes ice or hot tea! That's literally stealing!! Well, maybe that's why it's not a permanent offer, after the grand opening, the price will go up. At least, that's what I heard and I wasn't informed about when the grand opening is, so I hope you'll be lucky enough to try this before it!

Fresh mesclun, roasted tomatoes, grilled chicken, sesame dressing.

BEST.SALAD.EVER!! I rarely like any fresh uncooked veggies but I finished this whole plate without hesitating! Can you imagine how delicious it was?! WOW! Yeah, I can't believe it either, but it's true! The tender chicken and fried shallot were also a big flavor booster, plus the incredible sesame dressing! Perfection!

Cappuccino mushroom soup with Tortellini pumpkin.

Never heard of a soup with cappuccino before! How interesting and unbelievably yummy as well! Not that amused with the tortellini though..but great innovation! Other than the tortellini, I'm highly satisfied with this new breakthrough!

Such an elegant and beautiful presentation worth for a fine-dining!

Roasted pork bacon, sous vide eggs, grated parmigiano, garlic, fresh ground Sarawak black pepper.

First thing that caught my appetite was the amazing aroma coming from such a simple plate! After the nose's stimulated, time to get my tongue pampered! They use creamy eggs instead of the usual fresh cream. Mix it while it's hot and see what it becomes, you'll be pleased with what you'll get! Do remember that they use half boiled eggs, so you need to finish it while it's still warm or else you'll be overwhelmed by the egg smell!

Roasted sous vide chicken breast, pommery mustard cream sauce, grilled sous vide vegetables.

You'll probably wondering what sous vide is..well, we're in the same boat! After searching, I now know that sous vide is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath or in a temperature-controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times! Always love how many knowledge I get on this food journey! Okay, back to topic. For the plating, love how that single carrot lighted up the whole dish! Taste was undeniably good, tender chicken poured with delicious sauce with nicely seasoned veggies! PERFECT!

Pan seared fillet seabass, grenobloise condiment, pilaf rice.

Now we finally arrived to my favorite!! Though the description said there's pilaf rice, I didn't see any of it but that doesn't mean I'm disappointed cause what I received in this plate was already so good that I didn't mind the rice! That yellow cubes you see was actually crutons! The whole simple dish was leveled up by the grenobloise! Thumbs up for the crazily good combination!

Now, we've arrived at their 2nd floor, where there's an open kitchen here! This is also my favorite floor!

Look at those trademark cute bunny chairs! You won't find it elsewhere!

Not only do they have trademark bunny chairs but the whole place is full with bunny decorations!

I feel like I'm in a white rabbit's wonderland!

Manjari chocolate souffle, chocolate ganache, candied orange.

Crepe filled with souffle drizzled with chocolate sauce and orange. Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of the souffles here cause it's really light, so light that it's almost as if you're eating foams! Not saying that it's bad, just not my type of desserts, I like the crepe skin though!

This was another generous complimentary from the kind chef, too bad it's the same souffle. I'm impressed by how they could make it so light though! I do recommend it for those who likes light souffles, this is a must try for you!

For someone who loves desserts, I'm a bit dejected cause the desserts I tried was not to my liking but all of the other courses was like a sunshine to a gloomy day! Each and every one of them is worthy of a gold medal! Good job Chef Romano!
Fyi, Avec Moi is one of those restaurants that only opens at LUNCH and DINNER for more information about their opening hours, check out below this photo!

Avec Moi Restaurant
Office Park Thamrin City Block AA-01
Jl. Thamrin Boulevard
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 11:30 am - 02:00 pm
Sunday - Thursday : 06:00 pm - 09:30 pm
Friday - Saturday : 06:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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  1. Phenomenal. My friends and I said throughout the meal that we would not only bring hot dates here, but we would have no issue coming to Boston restaurants again just the three of us. From the menu to the food to the ambiance to the service to the price, we had zero complaints.