06 December 2014


HEY HO!! I'm oddly giddy right now for today we're gonna talk about PORK!! Yeap, it's Baconerie and obviously their specialties are bacon! Located at Kemang, this pork heaven is right across the super cool art-space slash cafe, Dia.Lo.Gue!

Though the place is small, from what I saw, the people that came here were mostly foreign! Usually, customers just come, eat, and go, so even if the place looked empty, it doesn't mean that they're business is bad!

Mini bar-like-kitchen where you can have a glimpse of what they're making!

See the cookies on the photo below? You'll receive on of those as a complimentary after your meals! How thoughtful! The cookies aren't like those hard cookies but a soft chewy ones, like how a cookie is supposed to be, yum!

Would you like some sweet or savory scones?

Milk, cream, dark chocolate pieces.

IDR 40K for an ice chocolate is a bit overpriced for me! It'll be much better if the size was bigger or if it at least tasted heavenly but the fact is; it's not! Sure, the texture was nice and rich but it didn't taste rich and I don't really understand the dark chocolate pieces. I'm guessing that it was supposed to melt in a hot chocolate but it didn't because this was the ice chocolate, which might be why the taste wasn't rich at all! Maybe they should let the chocolate melt in a hot chocolate then add ice to make ice chocolate, that's what I'd suggest!

2 eggs, 2 meats, mushroom, tomato jam, house salad, flamed toast.

DELICIOUS! A bit confused about their pricing, since this complete breakfast necessity has the same price as 2 glasses of ice chocolate, which is why I think this was totally worth it's price! 2 choices of butter basted eggs; sunny side up or soft scrambled, you can also have both if you want to, and for the meats; bacon or breakfast sausage or ham, I went for the bacon and breakfast sausage! Everything in this plate was a mood booster!

Delicious crispy bacon!

Tender and juicy patty-like breakfast sausage!

Mapple bacon syrup / butterscotch syrup.

One word for this; weird! I admit the bacon was still uberly yummy but the maple syrup? Appreciate the innovative idea but if only they could make it taste better, maybe make it less sweet cause this was a bit too sweet even for me who loves desserts, so that's saying something!

You can get additional bacon for IDR 20K!

Freshly ground in-house 50/50 bacon and beef hamburger patty, bacon, special sauce, toasted brioche buns, side salad.
Add cheese IDR 25K
Add butter basted egg IDR 15K

Love how they used brioche instead of the usual buns cause it created this crispy outer and soft inside texture which was unexpectedly good! But what blew me away was the patty! 50/50 bacon and beef? You get both deliciousness of bacon and beef in one bite!! I don't even had to add anything to attain this gorgeous burst of flavors!

Bacon, greens, tomato jam, mayo and brioche, side salad.

When you have bacon this good, even the simplest menu will create happiness! This sandwich only consist of typical ingredients you'd see in any other sandwiches but it was probably the best sandwich I've ever tasted! All thanks to those perfect bacon!

Look at this bacon wonderland! Totally in love with this place!

Anyway, this might sound heartbreaking but they also sell rabbit meat! Yeap, those bunnies you see hopping about, you can try their meats here! Not many has this choice of meat, I've only seen this at Branche, so it's pretty rare!

Never been so happy about a restaurant before! Baconerie is definitely my favorite restaurant as of now and also the perfect place for me to fulfill my pork cravings! You can never have too much bacon, lol! Too bad they can't save my Monday, since they're also closed on that day!

Baconerie Kitchen & Bakery
The Grove Kemang
Jl. Benda Raya 1C
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12560

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday : 07:00 am - 07:00 pm


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