24 December 2014


Another post about Bandung!! Can't help to be so in love with this beautiful city and it's almost holiday week so I'm totally feeling the vacation mood! Just realized that the blog post I did about Bandung are both about desserts and one is a hotel! Wow! This city is probably full of dessert wonderlands! If last time was about Sukha, today we're gonna share about Kirbs. It's inside Paris Van Java, which in my opinion, the second best mall in Bandung after Trans Studio Mall!

Once stepping inside you'll have to go up the stairs, cause they're actually on the 2nd floor.

Enjoy a cute view on either side of you while going up the stairs! Look at those cute dancing tea leaves! They're not only for view but also explaining the tea leave's processing. Cute and informative!

On your other side, there's a lot of cute dolls and other knickknacks!

I especially love this tiny mummy doll! Can I bring it home, please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Though I love the super cute interior, they really need a bigger space! It's hard even just to pass through!

Even with the perfect concept, I still doubt that anyone would enjoy a nice teatime here. I mean, the place is not that comfortable with the small space and when I came, it was sooo crowded! Who would be able to enjoy anything when you know that there's a lot of people waiting for you to scram just so they could sit at your place?

Their mascot is just too adorable!!

You might be wondering how I got to a shot of the place empty. Trust me, I really waited for the perfect moment!

Cashier counter, where you can also see the displayed dessert and order it on the spot!

Tea leaves! Or in this case, tea flowers! Yeap, this is the flowers that you have to add to the pot of hot water, so you'll attain a wonderful cup of fragrant tea!

Okay, they're trying wayyy too hard to create a Japanese dessert! Do they really have to put azuki (red bean) and matcha together into 1 dessert? Alas, it turned out not quite to my liking. There's no matcha flavor whatsoever, just plain overly sweet macaroons, even the almonds were too hard! So disappointed. Could've been a great one if they properly managed the quality!

If you look carefully, there's a cookie on the bottom. I'd prefer that cookie over this macaroon!

What is it with them and bomb? Anyway, you might see that the presentation of this 'bomb' is perfect and the colors are good with those eye-catching giant strawberries. Too bad! Taste-wise, it's like a bomb! And I don't mean it in a good way! All of their macaroons're too hard and sweet! Strawberries were sweet cause it was caramelized and there's a ball of tangy mango sauce in the middle to even out the sweetness! Yet, I'd pretty much prefer the ones at Sukha Delight, though I love that tiny logo on top!

Cubes of matcha and earlgrey tea jelly in creamy cold evaporated vanilla tea milk.
Infusion: Marrakesh mint, Japanesse matcha, count earl grey.

For this specific treat, you have to order it from the menu, since it's not available on display. If you're wondering what the infusion is; it's for the vanilla tea milk. Personally, I think it's a bit sad that this was the only decent dish I had, and I'm supposedly a dessert lover! Guess that's exactly why I'm a bit demanding when it comes to it! Still, this tasted okay because it's like a grass jelly milk tea made fancy! :(

So excited that they at least have something that is interesting and unique! This baby bottle is filled with milk tea! Sounds simple? Wait till you try it! Thank goodness they're not only for show but tasted good too!

Cute teddy bear marshmallow on the side!

Bubble gum ice tea with candy fairy floss on top, created for our candy lover!

Is it just me or does it kinda looks like a woman with a pink afro? Lol! Anyways, description said that it's a bubble gum ice tea but I personally think it was something that has to do with strawberry! A strawberry gum flavor maybe? Tasted good though, despite the crazy appearance!

What's a tearoom without an afternoon tea? So here they also have an afternoon tea package from 3 - 5 pm only for IDR 98K, if I'm not mistaken! Would love to try it some other time!

In Kirbs Tearoom, all of the product contains tea, whether food or beverage, which is a good thing! If only they could fix the desserts, this innovation could be really awesome cause as of now, if the cakes stayed like this, I doubt I'd want to come back nor recommend them to anyone! The least I could do is recommend their drinks! Best of luck!

Kirbs Tearoom & Pastry
Paris Van Java Mall
Lv B 11E
Jawa Barat, Indonesia 40162

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm


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