15 December 2014


Greetings on this joyous day! Hope that everyone is having a wonderful day whether for those who are preparing for a beautiful celebration or not! Have you entered your holiday week or perhaps you're still stuck with your routines? Have you had a nice cup of coffee or tea to accompany you? No? Well, here's a perfect place to do so! Yet again, another interesting coffee shop has appeared here in our beloved city, in Dharmawangsa area, the name's Chronicle, suited for something legendary, in which case, they are, considering that they're not only a coffee shop but also a cocktail bar!

Being a child of Wilshire and Common Grounds, the coffee beans here are all supplied by the well-known coffee shop and food worthy of the same level as Wilshire! That fact alone strikes a huge curiosity in me! Alas, the small shop wasn't made luxurious but a more down to earth atmosphere and since it's small, the parking lot is a bit of a maze fitted for only 5 to 6 car. The photo below is literally the whole place!

Look at this! No, it's not a table and chair but both are tables with different usage! The higher ones are for the main course and the little ones are suited just for cup of coffees or cocktails!

Strange that I wasn't feeling very comfortable in here, maybe cause it's a bit too crowded for a small space, which is just too bad! This place could be a perfect hangout spot!

Yes, yes, you can judge me, sue me, or anything but I'm in full aware that I just came to a coffee shop and cocktail bar for a nice glass of iced tea! It just wasn't a good day for me to have coffee nor cocktail, can't blame me for having different taste now, can you?

Now for something that is more suitable! Came a bit early and couldn't help but to enjoy some benedicts! Overall was a decent quality of benedict but surely wasn't the best I had, was expecting something more wow!

No benedict is complete without a beautiful bakery product!

Heard that everybody was talking about how good this was and I just had to try it! Result was; nothing really hit me except that there's actually a traditional dish in a coffee shop...though I did not say it was not good, just not as incredible as people said. The bowl of noodles couldn't stand alone as it needs the enhancement of the sambal and lime and how fascinating that they used spaghetti for the noodles, which somehow contradict the name 'traditional', but it's okay!

Can't have traditional noodles with no crackers!

Kind of tricked into ordering this by the name and was totally in high hopes of an extraordinary lobster dish! Nevertheless, you could say I'd change the name into Lobster Salad Roll if I had the authority to! The amount of lobster was totally overpowered by the tomato and avocado! Although it was a refreshing turn of event, I shouldn't have expected much, since it's just IDR 95K for a lobster! Guessing that they used french bread as buns, so be ready for a slightly hard and crunchy texture!

Simple and effortless presentation but this was the highlight of today's food journey! Glazed surface that was fulfilling enough for my eyes, completed with such tender chicken meat and savory yet sweet finish, this dish simply blew me away! Two thumbs up!

Spicy and sour sauce to add up the richness of flavor, though I think the chicken alone is rich enough!

Don't you just love the leisure of  having various foods decorating your table?

Smoking area outside, the least pleasant place for me, cause it'll be blazing hot in Jakarta's weather plus I'd probably be covered with smoke! Goodbye outdoor!

Will I come back? Definitely yes! Not once or twice but I could really picture myself being a regular here not only for the food but coffee and maybe cocktail as well! They're cocktails are IDR 98K and for me that is a great deal!

Chronicle Coffee & Cocktails
Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 73
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:30 am - 11:30 pm


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