04 December 2014


IT'S DECEMBER PEOPLE!! You can't imagine how excited I am! I was even planning on posting something on the 1st day of this joyful month, yet it was delayed caused by tight schedule :( Anyways, I'm here now and today, I'm bringing you Gomawo!!
Who doesn't know Gomawo?! The first Korean restaurant ever to open at Pantai Indah Kapuk! Too bad that they had a bad reputation before, which is why I didn't want to come, but that is all in the past! Now that they reopened after some major renovation, they've made a comeback with a trump card! 8 kinds of Samgyeopsal with 50% discount to boot! There's no way people weren't tempted to try! Let's get started!

An outdoor and indoor is provided here but for the outdoors, no self-service is available, so everything is cooked at this small stall on the photo below!

Outdoors are smoking room as usual and not where I'm interested to spend my meal time at!

To the indoors! Pretty orange leaves decorates the entrance, LOVE!

Wonder why they only provide this grill table for the indoors considering they have ACs here? Even with the smoke vacuum, there's still gonna be a lot of smoke all over the room!

Though I do admit the smoke vacuum worked quite well!

Looks pretty spacey but maybe that's because it's not full of people yet!

Okay, first thing first in most Korean restaurants; BANCHAN!

Anyone else thought that the banchan here was a bit different than the usual ones? I was especially attracted to this rice balls, it's a cute way to eat rice! 

Sliced beef tongue.

Not the best beef tongue I've ever tasted, since for a grilled meat other than the quality of the meat, the other most important thing is their seasoning and this was totally under-seasoned! At least it didn't smell bad or anything, still they need to improve a bit more if they want to survive in this industry!

400gr (50gr each) IDR 179K.
800gr (100gr each) IDR 349K.

Now THIS is what we've all been waiting for!! 8 flavors of delicious samgyeopsal which consist of; garlic, curry, honey, wine, herbs, cheese, seaweed, gochujang. My personal favorite was the CHEESE and CURRY!! What interest me about this is the fact that not many has the same flavor which is what made them unique! So, what's your favorite flavor??

Try wrapping the meat with fresh veggies to balance out the nutrients!

Stir fried 'fire chicken' topped with melted mozzarella cheese.
Choose spicy level 1 - 10.

Love the chicken, love the cheese, not so much on the spiciness. You can also add some additional topping such as; sweet potato for IDR 10K, rice cake for IDR 12K, and sausage for IDR 15K. Would be perfect if it weren't so spicy! Even just their level 2 made my whole mouth numb! I don't even wanna imagine how spicy level 10 is, though those who could take their spicy foods just fine might like this, just not for me!

Young chicken soup with ginseng, sticky rice, garlic and nuts.

Koreans really value natural health care especially with healthy foods and exercise. Did you know that they're also famous for their ginseng? Samgyetang is also one of their special healthy foods that is well known in Korea! Not many Korean restaurants here provide this menu, so I was excited to be able to find it here! Anyway, since this is a healthy soup, not much seasoning was used so for me, who likes strong flavor, had to add more salt for taste. How do you like yours? Try it! You'll feel much healthier afterwards!

Rice topped with sauteed seasoned vegetables & meat mix with sauce.

A bit disappointing cause for their bibimbap they used a normal bowl instead of the hot stone, since it's gonna get cold after I finished taking photos, which is why those hot stone bowls are necessary for me! Various of meat selections are available here and I, of course, choose the pork! Taste-wise is okay-ish but little can go wrong with pork!

Beef spareribs soup with white radish, leek, garlic and ginger.

Confession; I have the tendency to order course if they have meat in it, whether it's soup, appetizer, amuse-bouche, or even in salads! This soup might be the result of that and I was satisfied enough to say that it tasted okay! The flavor leaned more to the sweet side, which is good, but I prefer the salty and savory ones!

Oyster, chives, pork belly.

You can choose either beef or pork and since I've had to much pork here, I decided to go with beef for this one. All I can say for this is that the beef was amazing but please get rid of those nasty oyster if you can't do something about it cause it reeked so bad that it destroyed the beautiful taste of the beef! Waaaay under my expectation and is really too bad, cause this could become a great dish if they were more careful and detailed when preparing the oyster!

Highlight of the day is definitely the 8 flavors of samgyeopsal! It's really too bad that the 50% discount is over now cause I'm seriously addicted to those 8 delicious flavors of perfect samgyeopsal and I would come back again and again just for it, which I still would, just not as many times as I want, lol! Fyi, the concept of Gomawo is that their foods are healthy and MSG-free but still tasty and flavorful!

Ruko Crown Golf Blok B No. 32A-33
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 05:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 11:30 am - 11:00 pm


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