22 December 2014


Hey yo! Just got back from a wonderful day and now I'm filled with a bright mood!! How's your day today? Hope that it's fantastic as well! Okay, who's up for some red meats?? I know I am! On a Sunday afternoon, we decided to try this meat galore for lunch with a couple of friends! The name is Kintan at Pacific Place near Ippudo, the rising star of ramen!

The whole interior was full of woody furniture and oriental too! So rural!

Going through an alley and you can also pretty much tell that it's a Japanese restaurant!

Ta-da!! Made it to our table! Don't know why but I felt a sense of elegance oozing out of this view below!

Ready your gear for your foodtastic adventure!

Starting off with some salads! Okay, just gonna go over this real quick cause I know that you didn't came here for salads, but for those juicy red meats! It was really refreshing and a good appetite booster with those fresh veggies drizzled with vinaigrette!

Now I know this is a Japanese restaurant, but it's also a yakiniku and I've explained before about what it is and why is there a Korean dish on a Japanese restaurant on Sumibian's post. There's not only kimchi but also other Korean side dishes put together in this plate and though it was not the best kimchi, considering their Japanese, this was okay-ish, guess that's pretty good!

Minimal 2 pax. 

Drum roll pleaseee!! Now, this is what we've been waiting for! Manpuku actually means 'filling the stomach' and that's exactly what this set is gonna do! Various type of meat ready to be devoured happily! The set only cost IDR 198K but you have to buy a minimal of 2 sets so the total is IDR 396K and what kinda shocked me was; THIS IS 2 SETS! Yeap, this photo you see below is 2 pax of Manpuku Set! I thought they're gonna come with another box of meat but nooo..they combined it into this box here, but you can clearly see that this doesn't look like 2 sets at all! Yet, I don't feel that ripped off, since IDR 198K also consists of the salad and kimchi you saw earlier and a bowl of rice plus a dessert of the day! Yeah!!

Since it IS high in fat and probably cholesterol and calories, this was one of the best part of meat! Yes, truly a high level of guilty pleasure! Nevertheless, I enjoyed it till the last bite and it wasn't even the best beef tongue I ate, yet simply tasty!

Yakishabu is a meat meant for shabu-shabu but instead cooked with yakiniku style! Grilled to perfection, this karubi will melt in your mouth! Lovely is all I could say!

Never tasted a bad jou karubi before and here is no different! It's also a commonly found meat parts in yakiniku and other restaurant, so I kind of expected the taste, no surprise here! Still, doesn't change the fact that it's good!

Now this I rarely see in any other place! Had to do a little research on what it was and the closest thing I found is that Rosu is a beef/ pork loin! In this case, I'd probably go with beef, since the whole box is full of beef! Pretty much similar to a tenderloin, so don't overcooked it! Medium well is best to get those juicy and tender perfection!

Another unfamiliar name and what I found is that Harami is a skirt steak or beef muscle and it's also known not for their tenderness but for flavor! That really explained why the strange texture but expect a very well seasoning! Can't say it was bad, just that I prefer the tender ones, not that this was like eating rubber cause for a meat that's not expected to be tender, this ones were surprisingly okay!

Dessert of the day.

Before you say anything, I'd like to remind everyone not to judge a book by it's cover! This simple white square of gelatin here was super yummy! It totally refreshed my throat after all those meat and oil that I ate! Too bad I can't have seconds!

So amazed with the quality and service, seeing as the waiter patiently grilled the whole box of meat without complaints! Not only that, each meat was grilled to their maximum potential as well! They really paid attention to every detail and quality! Total respect!

Kintan Yakiniku
Mall Pacific Place
5th Floor, Unit 5-33,36
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Opening Hours :
Lunch : 10:00 am - 03:00 pm
Dinner : 03:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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